Lidköping, Visingsö och Läckö slott – Gone Camping i området mellan Vänern och Vättern

Lidköping, Visingsö och Läckö slott – Gone Camping i området mellan Vänern och Vättern

Farm store Welcome to Gone Camping. This time, we’ll travel
between Sweden’s two largest lakes. In between Vänern and Vättern,
you’ll find Bitterna Lamm. I’ve bought some rack of lamb. I’ll stick them in the fridge
and we’ll head to Lidköping. KronoCamping is situated in the center
of Lidköping, right by Vänern- -and offers both entertainment
and relaxation. There are biking and walking trails
along the shore- -and you can challenge family
and friends at adventure golf. If you like camping, you likely
also like cars and motor racing. We rarely
get to put the pedal to the metal- -but that’s about to change now. I’ve invited fellow campers
to Lidköpings Motorsportarena- -just ten minutes from the campground. Welcome. We’ll run
what is called a standard race. We’ll start with practice
and a qualifying session. You want to get a fast lap time. Your lap time will decide your
starting position in the final race. We’re at Lidköpings Motorsportarena. It’s Sweden’s longest go-kart track. It’s 1,250 meters long- -and seen as one of
the world’s best tracks. Very challenging, lots of turns.
A very tough track. After the qualifier,
it was time for the final race. I’m in second place, behind Tony.
Any tips? Take it easy going into turns so you’ll
retain your speed coming out of them. Then you can overtake the person in
front of you at the end of the stretch. I gave it my all, but I couldn’t
get past my archrival Tony. But we all got to experience something
that got our adrenaline pumping- -and our horns to grow. The sun is setting as we drive past
the medieval Läckö Castle- -which is looking its best. Back at KronoCamping,
I have a sore body, a bruised ego- -but a smile on my lips
when I head to bed. This has been lots of fun. The next day, we head south
through a flowering western Götaland. I’m heading for Sweden’s
second largest lake – Vättern- -and Grännastrandens Camping. Hi. I’m checking in. This sprawling facility outside Gränna- -has 37 cabins
and 450 pitches for campers. All with private lawns. But best of all, it’s situated by the
water and has its own sandy beach. Things don’t get more summerlike
than this when camping in Sweden. And from the nearby ruins of Brahehus- -you get a spectacular view
of Vättern and Visingsö- -which awaits us tomorrow. But first it’s time for dinner. There, I think I’m all set
to offer rack of lamb- -with papas arrugadas
and homemade mojo sauce. I’ll boil the potatoes first. It’s important to use old potatoes,
not new ones with thin skins- -since they will boil with lots of salt. I’ll put the potatoes in the pot
with just enough water to cover them. This next part may shock some people. Add a fistful of salt
and let them boil for fifteen minutes. While they boil,
I’ll move on to the next step. Check this out. This is the lamb
we bought at the farm store in Bitterna. I’ll rub in oil, garlic,
thyme and rosemary. All done. It looks like a centipede
going to a party wearing silver pumps. Before it goes on the grill,
I’ll put in a meat thermometer. Then I’ll know exactly
what color the meat is. It’s your choice
if you want it well done or pink. I like it pink
and I’ll be aiming for 64-65 degrees. There, now all we can do is wait
and enjoy the wine and the view. All done. I’ll plate the potatoes. A nice frosted surface. Some mojo sauce. And some nice rack of lamb. There. A salad to go with that. And a nice glass of red wine. Cheers. You can find the recipe at From Grännastrandens Camping,
you can walk to the ferry- -that will take me to the
largest island in Vättern – Visingsö. It’s a 30-minute boat trip
and you can bring your own car- -but it’s best
to book a spot in advance. Most people
explore the island on a bike. You can rent one for SEK 90
at the Tourist Office. You can also ride in a remmalag,
an old-fashioned mode of transport. It’s not far between the sights- -and the Visingsborg Castle ruins are
just a stone’s throw from the harbor. Russian POWs burned it
in the 18th century. Heading south, I pass through
one of Sweden’s largest oak forests. Lumber from here was used for the
replica of the East Indiaman Götheborg- -and at the Vasa Museum. 30 minutes later, I’m at the ruins of
Näs Castle on the island’s southern tip. It doesn’t look like much, but this
was Sweden’s first royal castle. In the 12th and 13th century,
kings ruled Sweden from here. There are a handful of places
to buy lunch on the island. We head to the fish place in the harbor,
where they serve smoked whitefish- -in a delicious wrap. A sandwich and a view to my liking. The flat landscape
is perfect for biking- -but you sometimes want a better look. Kumblaby Church
offers a perfect vantage point. The way up
is not for claustrophobic people- -but the view is well worth the effort. You can see large parts
of the 14 km long and 3 km wide island. My final destination is the lighthouse
at the island’s northern tip. On my way there,
I pass by Visingsö’s Kinder Egg. Three things in one
may seem impossible- -but this is
a combined airfield and golf course. Both activities require
a well-maintained grass surface. And next to this green oasis,
you’ll find the island’s best beach. This is where Visingsö ends,
just like this show. I hope to see you again- -on this channel or out on the roads. We bought our meat at Bitterna Lamm- -and went go-karting
at Lidköpings Motorsportarena. You’ll find more information
about Visingsö on our web site. And we stayed
at KronoCamping in Lidköping- -and Grännastrandens Camping.

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