Lights, Camera… CAMPING! | Behind The Braids Ep.6

Lights, Camera… CAMPING! | Behind The Braids Ep.6

100 thoughts on “Lights, Camera… CAMPING! | Behind The Braids Ep.6

  1. I cant get over how many people still have their Great Grandpa alive! its really cool! unfortunately both of my grandmas are gone, :'( but my Grandpa is 92 and my other grandpa is 87! lol

  2. I love rewatching these sort of videos from you guys. such a beautiful family and such family goals! God bless all of you!

  3. If you guys have a idea for a intro then do 2 Dutch braided on the girls and then when they lift up the braids it says behind the braids and the Daxton will hold up the number of the episode

  4. OMGoodness yall are so lucky Ive always wanted to meet studio c Ive seen pretty much all of there clips they are the bomb just like yall!!!

  5. Where is Paisley and Dax during all of this – especially YouTube night. I hope they came on the trip. I'd be devastated if they had to stay home!!

  6. oh my gosh you guys are so good at jumping oh my gosh! jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jkj jk jk

  7. My face when all 24 kids came out 0-0 0_0
    Me:oh my gosh how do they fit that many kids into the car do you guys stack and sit on top of each other…..and omg so many kids!

  8. Are all those YouTubers living in Utah?! Or did they go there just for the campout? Super fun. I love the idea of grabbing the leftover wood. We'll try that when we camp.

  9. Studio C cast
    1.matt meese
    2.jason gray
    3.james perry
    4. Stephen meek
    5.Adam berg
    6.Stacey harkey
    7.Jeremy warner
    8.Natalie madsen
    9.Mallory everton
    10.Whitteny call- now meek,Stephen and whitteny are married

  10. i'm from Kenya can't stop watching Behind the Braids family ,
    your are the source of my happiness especially the kids and Kamri's videos

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