Lilly Singh Exposes 5 Seconds of Summer’s Dressing Room Rider

Lilly Singh Exposes 5 Seconds of Summer’s Dressing Room Rider

-Can we take a moment?
I’m so excited. [ Cheers and applause ]
I’m so excited. Thank you for being part of
my prime-time special. I’m so excited to have you here
for so many reasons. One of them, though,
is because you all started off recording videos
in your dorm rooms and uploading them onto YouTube.
Is that correct? -Mm.
-Almost. -Yeah, almost correct.
We were younger than that. Were about 15.
-There were no dorm rooms. -Yeah, we didn’t —
None of us made it to college. [ Laughter ]
-We’re 15 to 17, the age group, so it was more like at —
-Well, it was at — -Yeah, your house, right?
-Yeah, it was in my granny flat. That’s what we called it. -Which is where, yeah,
his granny lived. -But you uploaded them
to YouTube. -Yes.
-Team YouTube! Yes! Internet! Team Internet!
Where all good things come from. So, since then —
and I want to read this ’cause this is very impressive. Since then, you are now the only
Australian band in chart history to have three albums enter
Billboard 200 at number 1. Can we take a moment?
-Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] Incredible.
-Yeah. -So, I need to ask, whose rider has gone
from zero to 100 real quick? So, if you don’t know,
a rider is basically, when people come to perform
on the show, a rider indicates, like, all their needs,
like the food and the snacks and all the stuff
that they require. So what does
your rider look like? -Mike? You’re pretty good
with this stuff. -Uh, there were
some animal cookies. -Okay.
-They were wonderful. I haven’t seen them
in a very long time, so thank you so much
for getting them for us. -So, animal cookies.
-Animal cookies. -Pretty low maintenance.
-Yeah, obviously. Just the animal cookies.
-It’s so funny you say that, actually, ’cause I have a copy
of your rider right here. -Oh, no.
-You’ll see. It’s actually quite long.
[ Laughter ] -Tea, coffee, fresh lemons,
root ginger… -24 room temperature!
-Room temperature. There’s a wine I can’t even
pronounce right there. [ Laughter ] A single — a single —
ripe avocado. -One ripe avocado.
-It’s pretty healthy, though. -Wait. Why are you
exposing us like this? I was not expecting this.
-I like this bit. Small black towels.
-Small black towels. -They only make big ones.
-I need to know why small. Did someone ever give you
a medium towel, and you were like,
“How dare you give me a medium black towel! I specifically indicated
‘small’!” -I’m feeling quite attacked.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Here’s the thing. I bring this up, seriously,
because, you know, the show’s starting out,
working with a budget, I wasn’t able to fulfill
everything on their rider, so I wanted to make up
for a few things, because one of the things
you have on your rider is vegan cheddar squares.
-Do we? -Yes.
I couldn’t find them. But instead, I got you this
plate of cardboard squares. [ Laughter ] Because I thought they’d
probably taste the same. -Honestly, it’s just as good,
as well. Thank you so much.
-You guys can share those. -Actually, you know what?
There’s a box here. -You know what?
-They’re meant to be all flat, so I’m okay.
[ Laughter ] -You see?
And next time, it’s gonna say, “Flat vegan cheddar.”
Okay. The next thing, you said
you wanted a bucket of ice. Our ice machine was broken,
but I did get you… -Are we the worst?
I’m sorry. [ Laughter ] -With a face like that?
Absolutely not. [ Laughter ] But we did get you a bucket
of ice cubes. -Oh!
-As you can see right here. You can do it.
Put your back into it. There you go.
-That’s really nice.

100 thoughts on “Lilly Singh Exposes 5 Seconds of Summer’s Dressing Room Rider

  1. What a crappy thing to do to these guys. 5SOS work hard and there's nothing unreasonable on their rider. She made them look like divas.

  2. I worked backstage alot and had to fukfil riders and the Beach Boys asked for fresh carrot juice in champagne bottles FRESH I was so proud of myself to nail it til Al Jardine pointed out it was a day old Aggggh For real sorry I have one hilarious story but cant tell

  3. I don't think that was a good idea to do – I think they felt a bit attacked because this interview overall made 5SOS look ungrateful. It was funny because their demands were definitely a bit much, but it was at the cost of the guest which you shouldn't do as a host. I could sense the strange tension – If I were in 5SOS's spot I'd feel like I was being put on the spot.

  4. I don’t like this, why would you attack your guest like this?
    It is a ready list from previous event that usually gets sent out automatically everywhere they go, they don’t always have control over this list or who gets it, everybody knows it. So why embarrass your guests like this? Why show something personal like that? I don’t get it. I would not come back, they probably won’t either.

  5. It makes them look bad and I don't think people will appear at her show if she makes people feel bad. She isn't just showing the list but also making fun of their preferences.

  6. "with a face like that, absolutely not" God i still remember when she went to see the VMAS in 20idontknow and she was like " Justin ain't here, Luke ain't here, Zayn ain't here, who am i wearing this dress for?" she s a Luke's girl.. ??❤️

  7. You're talking a bit too loud, tone it down a bit and be more genuine with your guests. Listen to them and be interested in what they say. Don't tell jokes for the audience, pay attention to them and look at them if you do make a joke.


  9. Do you think the sun and the moon will stop shinning if somebody is blind or simply crazy and doesn't want to accept facts?!???!

  10. There is a tale about an Ancient Greek phylosopher that when he met Alexander the Great, the king asked him:"What can I help you with?" and he answered back:"STEP AWAY FROM THE SUN",(as Alexander called himself the sun, and he believed to be true, as unlike the real Sun, he bore a real gold crown made by human hands)
    See, only one of us is right, and I am sure is not you, in this fight for supremacy.

  11. Lilly, that's not an ice bucket, that's a banya (the bass drum that is played with the tabla) with the head removed. You, of all the late night hosts, should know that…

  12. They are so spoilt and entitled man babies…look at their expressions…as if they were forced to participate in this show with a gun to their heads.

  13. She might be trying to be a talk show host for the people type thing. Like this is a pretty edgy/risky thing to do that wouldn’t be done on other talk shows. It’s a good way to make the show seem more authentic.

    And also she may have wanted to address the inability to fulfill their requests so they didn’t think less of the show, but just went about it by making a joke.

    And finally, it has us taking about the show.

  14. I think they performed at my high school around the same time one direction was really popular. Second time I have ever seen them

  15. This seems kind of mean. Doing this just made your guest stars uncomfortable, which didn't seem necessary.

    Edit: spelling and grammar.

  16. That was painful to watch and I’m not hating on you I love your Youtube channel! It’s just the jokes seem to be cringe and it was like it created a distance like you were calling them demanding when maybe they just had some preferences and also maybe something that could have been spoken behind the scenes not to the whole crowd.

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