100 thoughts on “Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Elaborate Escape from Summer Camp

  1. I click on literally anything that has lin in it because he is literal sunshine and I really look up to him so like yaaa-

  2. The fact that I can relate and was forced to also go to a summer camp when I was like 10 makes this five times funnier and makes me feel better that I hated the experience, especially because at least I didn't get out of it lmao

  3. My teacher made the mistake of letting us choose our partners for a historical skit (on ancient China). Of course, me and my friend ran to eachother and I wrote the script with suggestions from her. We practiced it and I said "can you die super extra-ly?". Fast forward to our presentation she dramatically collapsed on the floor with a fake coughing fit. And to top it all off she looks like a girl version of Lin.

  4. That requires some balls to do… i would probably think about doing something like that but never actually do it

  5. 4:39
    Dear Mom and dad How are you? I am in hell
    The weather has been okay
    yesterday I realized that my tent was filled with morons
    today these really annoying kids are bugging us
    tomorrow ‘excryriatng’ boring classes begin
    I can’t wait to go home! Please send me a mad magazine or something like that
    love, Lin Manuel
    p.s. the kids are ok if you get used to them

  6. Hamilton is the greatest piece of art I have ever listened to!
    I don't have enough money to see it 🙁


    I've been waiting since it came out 🙁

  7. 0:02 It’s Lin-Manuel Miranda with a key and a kite! Ya see it right?

    (hamilfans where y’all at?)

  8. Ok. Has anyone here read the book, "I Want to Go Home" by Gordon Korman? It's literally about a kid who spends his summer trying to get out of his camp.

  9. I've been rewinding for a whole now, because I will never be satisfied with finishing the vid and I like it a lot

  10. if anyone had told me some years ago i would never get over a musical about the usa’s first treasury secretary…

    …i would totally believe it, i’m a big fan of history 🤷🏻‍♀️.

  11. Ok, but that's actually a brilliant idea: a comedic musical about a kid at summer camp who hates it there. idk what the main plot would be, but there's the prompt.

  12. every second of this interview just made me realise more and more how ballsy Lin is, first he walks in in the most casual of clothes with his own merch, makes a reference to a raunchy podcast, talks about how he performed an entirely untested song IN THE WHITE HOUSE, shows letters from when he was a kid that were age-inappropriate but he sent to his parents, then explains how he faked a spinal injury to get out of summer camp
    just.. wow

  13. Finding out that Lin manuel miranda, the nicest man ever, was a problem child makes me laugh so hard and appreciate him more

  14. Even my aged uncle who ignores modern culture knows who Lin-Manuel Miranda is. (He called him “Lin-Manuel Noriega” but we knew who he meant.

  15. By the look of the handwriting he was probably around 7 or 8 (just a guess). This child took the time to write rhyming letters about his hell hole summer camp and acted so well he fooled a summer camp, medical perfessionals and his parents into thinking he had a serious spine injury. I love him.

  16. This is peak New York sleepaway camp culture. Either you become super tightly knit with your bunkmates up in the Catskills or whatever, or you get this. There’s no in between.

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