Lincoln’s Case, Beatles, Giant Teeoff, & Amazing Cold Camping

Lincoln’s Case, Beatles, Giant Teeoff, & Amazing Cold Camping

what is it Jax did you find birdies out
there get those birdies Jax yeah yeah and good sunny early morning to you from
Illinois blue skies and sunshine I get some urban camping here at a Cracker
Barrel in Mount Vernon because they don’t allow parking over at the Walmart
in fact for the first time the Walmart in Mount Vernon has like bars over the
parking lot so no high clearance vehicle can even enter the Walmart over there
like there’s there serious but Cracker Barrel gave me the okay last
night and they have these RV bus designated sites right here so it was
fine but I am flat out determined to find a campground open somewhere in
Illinois in December I have not had any luck zero luck so far but I have a lead
by the end of the day hopefully we are in a beautiful spot until then or
explore my last day probably pull day here in Illinois you know in a world
where directions are harder and harder for travelers who aren’t familiar with
the places Mount Vernon I guess you have a sense of humor because I can’t make
sense of this I like it though welcome to Mount Vernon the chaotic nonsensical
side of Mount Vernon uh-huh crossroads of America are we confused
yet I’m just slightly confused but I love it quirky QWERTY ok wait at least
one more stop here in Mount Vernon at the courthouse this courthouse is at
least a hundred and fifty years old I mean it’s likely to have some famous
people step foot inside this courthouse right like mr. Abraham Lincoln whoo
having flashbacks to the Lincoln Highway good sir how are you I guess the reason
for this nine-foot Abraham Lincoln’s at you out front is because in 1859 sir
Lincoln here argued a case inside this courthouse right here about the railroad
back then 1859 alright Lincoln take care buddy all
right now we are going to go south on 57 through Illinois
some people had thought I might be going through Indiana on my way east
no little warmer in Kentucky it turns out so also that was Cracker Barrel is
that last night was with walking distance of an AMC movie theater and I
stopped in and I saw a movie last night and I enjoyed some delicious popcorn
that nobody out there would like because it was too delicious
excited about some better movies coming out in December also you know it is what
it is all right all right onward excuse me all right you just stay up there in the
corner then think about what you did okay we’ll think about what I did I
don’t know what I did it is Irv this amazing gorgeous sunshine weather here
in Illinois this is fantastic this rest area is right on the Rend Lake out there
it’s pretty as much as I want to soak in the sunshine and the beautiful views
like I said before it gets dark at like 4 o’clock today I do want to pull into a
nice campground with my own personal view of that where I can set out a nice
chair let’s get back on the road Shawn and Jill got me a couple of these sodas
bacon soda it looks delicious is it twist-off oh I’m not sure if that was a joke or
what but that did not work at all for me good effort though I love bacon don’t
put it in a soda guys making one more stop here in in Rand lake one of the
things a lot of the locals tell me on the road is that they watch some of my
videos and they say man I’ve seen that for years I Drive past it on the
interstate all the time didn’t even know there was a back road behind the
interstate to see it cuz you know my lifestyle I’m not in a rush to really do
anything I can take all the back roads all the time and we got a walk down here
a little farther so we can see what this is what that is right there we’re at a
golf course as you can see by this humongous tee with a golf ball on top
another unique water tower here in Illinois boy they love to just make them
different around here and you know me I love it it even looks like it’s got a
fresh coat of paint on it glistening there and boy that is Paul Bunyan’s tee
off time right there makes my RV look tiny down there I don’t know
specifically how big it is but it’s gotta be just as big as that big ketchup
bottle we saw the other day I love it very quirky Thank You Illinois for the
quirky water towers whoo wait a minute it has a bonus they have free RV hookups
here no kidding anyway it’s not free power
find those in the park all the time I don’t know it’s for like barbecues and
get-togethers and stuff I do like taking these back roads instead of the highway
because I do get a chance to stop at some of the things that other people
just cannot stop when they’re on the highway but let me check this real quick
cuz I’ve been wrong be more I just want to get some information before I get out
and speak hang on just a second ah okay all right all right all right this is
Benton Illinois and I’m on backroads there’s the highway right
they’re 57 again this is not the first time this has happened in the last
couple weeks but another tribute to the Beatles here on the side of the highway
Road George Harrison from the Beatles with his admiring fans last time I saw
anything Beatles related I was really just baffled by why there was so much
Beatles stuff and I couldn’t figure it out well the only piece of information I
got on this is that in 1963 band member George Harrison came to Benton Illinois
to see his sister that’s why this is all here I don’t care I love the Beatles
I love the mural greeting people so nicely done guys quirky I found a good
spot to park here in Benton so I’m gonna go sniff around downtown and see if we
can find anything else interesting in this general area while we’re here
should I cut this neat little Town Square here that cool I love it you know
what this Town Square most reminds me of metropolis which were actually really
close to that’s where Superman home I filmed there I’m a link that at the end
we got Christmas decorations from the peanuts
Snoopy oh I love it way to go guys look Edward’s antiques
has a nice Christmas display up there with Santa Claus Franklin County garage
19 tens Museum they are open Monday through Fair the heck Monday through
Friday 10:00 to 6:00 if the door is locked were out on chamber business oh my gosh only some of you will find
that funny quartz all right well in good spirits I’m gonna kind of give up
because it is that time of year everything is just gonna be closed even
the historic Jail Museum of Benton but we can see something outside they may
know what this is right here this is the city of Benton’s gallows see there the
noose hanging there yeah last hanging here and these gallows was in 1928
charlie bigger was the last person dropped from these gallows right here
that’s a little eerie right yeah hey guys always make sure to inspect the
condition of your tires please cuz yeah just saying check your dates check for
cracking all right let’s say I find something unique and awesome for lunch
gonna go find this campground now welcome to Arrowhead Lake Campground it
looks awesome it is said to be a free campground on free campsites dog net do
I do I check in do i how do I do this let me figure it out and get back to you
well you know sometimes there’s some bad information out there it happens to me a
lot on the road and it happens to everybody I don’t freak out or get mad
or throw little YouTube fits about it just deal with it it’s gonna be cold
tonight 25 degrees so I did pay $20 for a campsite and I think it’s well worth
it I even ordered some wood that’s gonna be delivered later and this is my cute
little campsite notice I’ve got my new outdoor sign everybody else has got wood
sign to their family name so yeah advertising the channel here but what’s
awesome about this is look at that Arrowhead lake out there hey aren’t you
guys a little far north this time of year I think you better keep flying guys
what about you well yeah I’m not staying up north forever but
you know what it what an awesome day look good day man I got my champion fix
for Illinois where I get out of y’all hmm not bad not bad at all I guess I
just kind of needed this little camping break I’ve been doing a lot of urban
camping and lot docking and mooch talking and everything so you know I
don’t mind I don’t mind it all this nice little reset I did mention that I needed
water in my last video so I filled up the tank I topped off the tank but then
I put the hose back away because if it’s gonna freeze especially you know 25
degrees that can cause more problems it could freeze in the hose and then I have
a hassle putting it away in the morning so just one night here just plugging
into power it’s all I’m gonna do well I’ll use their dump station on the way
out though just to keep it empty you know well we got no traffic noise now
send my trucks nothing just its nature I love it man I love it

68 thoughts on “Lincoln’s Case, Beatles, Giant Teeoff, & Amazing Cold Camping

  1. Enjoyed seeing Jax get out & stretch & enjoy the out doors too. I enjoyed seeing Illinois with you, & all the quirky things you stumbled upon. Wish that Museum would have been opened. Bummer. That was a warm & inviting campfire you made. I loved the Christmas display above Edwards especially the snowman, also the Peanuts' group was adorable.

  2. Salem Illinois. You have the classic vintage restaurant Graves Drive in ..have the notorious favorite the Wimpy Burger. New restaurant in
    Iuka Illinois they have a Smokehouse that is unique to farming culture. It is called smoked to the Bone. located next to the railroad track in ioka. Now that you are close to Lake Forbes State Park. I never known they're not to be camping there. Want to know the true start of Christmas consider the brown Christian Church near Lake Forbes area.

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