Liseberg, Feskekôrka och dans på Brännö brygga – Gone Camping på weekend i Göteborg

Liseberg, Feskekôrka och dans på Brännö brygga – Gone Camping på weekend i Göteborg presents With SCR and HRF Adventure Excitement Culinary experiences Encounters GONE CAMPING Welcome to “Gone Camping Weekend”
– the special feature programmes where we give advice on activities
within the reach of one campsite. In this episode, we visit Gothenburg.
Let’s begin with Lisebergsbyn! Lisebergsbyn
provides year-round accommodation with 390 beds and some 200 campsites. It’s the perfect starting point,
close to city, nature and lakes. Start your day with freshly baked bread,
or indulge in the lavish breakfast buffet. And not many campsites
give you soft bunny hugs. Then again, no campsite is as close
to the amusement park of Liseberg. Visitors have enjoyed this park
since the jubilee exhibition in 1923, when Gothenburg celebrated
its 300th anniversary. Scandinavia’s largest amusement park
has something for everyone no matter if you’re into slow rides
or thrill rides. The biggest news
is the rollercoaster Helix. It takes you on a two-minute ride that
seems to touch the sky and ground alike, and it leaves no one unaffected. Many try their luck at the fortune wheels.
And if you’re as short on luck as me… …there are plenty of places
to vent your anger. At Feskekörka, seafood trading
has been going on for 100 years. Every morning, new batches of
freshly caught fish arrive at the market. Enjoy the fresh goods at any of
the restaurants, or get a tasty treat to go. I went for half a kilo worth of prawns. Thanks! Alright, that’s all I need for my picnic, which I will be enjoying
at a pier as iconic as Feskekörka. The tram takes me to Saltholmen, the maritime focal point
of Gothenburg’s southern archipelago. Use your tram ticket
for one of the most beautiful trips public transport has to offer. Half an hour later we arrive at Brännö, where the scent of seaweed and salty
rocks mingle with laughter and gulls. With a golden Kattegat view,
it’s time for a lovely picnic. In my case, this spells a classic prawn
sandwich with mayo, eggs and lemon. Time for the evening’s main attraction! The dance floor at Brännö Husvik pier is known from a famous waltz
by Lasse Dahlquist from 1941. On a precious few summer evenings
between June and August you can take part
in this musical summer tradition. As the sun sets on the dancing revellers,
our programme comes to an end. I hope I have given you some tips
to bring on your next camping holiday. I hope to see you, either on this channel,
or out on the roads. Scandinavia’s largest amusement park
is called Liseberg. Fresh seafood
can be found at Feskekörka. The archipelago traffic
is managed by Styrsöbolaget. The dance is arranged
by Brännöföreningen. During our visit,
we stayed at Lisebergsbyn. CAMPING.SE
Where your holiday begins

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