LIVE Studio Tour – Update Intro, Studio and Q&A

LIVE Studio Tour – Update Intro, Studio and Q&A

Hey guys, I think I’m live now and it is working. I hope you can hear me and the sound is great. Think so. Yeah, I wanted to give you a quick update on the studio on the stop-motion studio we are building up because it’s been a while I think for a month since the 1 million subs special and here we go. I want to show you the studio how it is right now. I think I can also change screen. So, this is the door, this is Andy. Hey, Andy! He is helping me a lot with Clash Royale set we built and this is the huge set and we’ve been building we have been working on this set today. We made multiple shots. We started with the camera right there which was sliding down Into the scenery as the starting point. After that we installed the rocket. It’s on a tiny tiny rig. I can show you. It’s right there and when you turn it like that the rocket will slide. Could you show us the video from the first animation? In a moment. So you can see the very first animation we did so far. Oh yeah. So this will be all for the intro, thanks a lot Andy. This will be all for the intro. This will be one scenery where the tiny clay Simon you have seen this one He’s lying over over there. You know this guy. I’ve got a smaller one. Oh yeah, we also have a smaller one, smaller Simon. And he will be sliding of course with the Fortnite slider into the scenery from Clash Royale. So we are mixing up all this stuff. But well, let’s start at the beginning I will show you what the studio looks like when you get into the room. We had to put this huge set outside our animation box which is right over there. This is Kirsten. Hey Kirsten! Hi there! And we have our working space well, which is a bit messy right now. Just a little bit. Or a lot. A lot of screws. We are obsessed with screws. No, we are obsessed with duct tape. We’ve been using duct tape a lot lately. Well, you see when you go around this tiny island. We have the area for the web shop for the online store. You’re familiar with that hoodie. It’s just a little bit untidy. This is all the clay. Wohoo! Anyone needs some clay? This is also all for the online store and this is where we will pack up all that stuff. I know some of you have been asking when the clay modeling starter set will be up again and available. It will be up hopefully very soon. We’ve been waiting for these modeling tools. For I think two months now and hopefully we will get them really soon. So, let’s come back to the studio tour. Let’s leave the web shop the online store area. This is our camera slider we use. It’s fully automated. Well, let’s let’s show you. Andy, could you play the animated version? Here you see. Well now we build the rocket right in front and it will move frame by frame. So you just have to focus on the clay creations right in the middle. Probably you have seen on Instagram and I think I posted this on YouTube, as well. This morning what I have been doing the morning. I was sitting under this table, because Andy builds this mechanism which makes the river move. So this is just foil let me show you how this works just regular foil and if we turn this it moves. And it really looks amazing in the final version. I will show you that. Well, but unfortunately the mechanism broke and I found myself sitting on the floor and moving the wheel by hand, because it wasn’t really working properly. Let’s show you the next step which would be the animating box. What do we call this area? Black box our black box. And well, it’s really nice to have full control over the light because it’s only black inside here. We have some soft boxes. We can use and we have a huge green screen, well right now it’s more like a blue screen and we’ve been shooting this Kirstin was shooting this. It’s the health it shows the health from James Bond Golden-eye and this set is right over here. I don’t want to spoil her too much. But this will be amazing and right over there someone may recognize that. What’s that? It’s the backside from… Anybody? I’m waiting for someone to type in that this is the Fortnite bus. Yes, it’s the backside from the Fortnite bus. Maybe it’s a bit difficult to recognize because it’s not blue right now. Now I’m leaving the black box and there are some stairs and let’s go upstairs. To get a really good overview of the studio. It looks a bit messy, just a little bit. And yeah, most of the time we really enjoy sitting right over here and when we talk about stuff when we talk about all the sceneries, we are planning and going to shoot. And well Kirsten is right now working on what? The Zelda sequnce. I’m doing some cutting and here you can see some small bits of animation. Which is super exciting and just takes ages. Yeah, we had a huge problem with this scenery in particular because this is for the intro as well. And what was the main problem? We had difficulties with the armatures showing and I wasn’t able to really hide it and everything is done by hand at the moment, because it’s such a huge learning process. Yeah, we we all feel that we are learning a lot right now. But it’s a lot of fun, too. And well if we need a break we have some we can play some video games right up here. We have N64. This one, this is the one I… Oh, thanks a lot… This is the N64 I bought with my brother with my brother Daniel and I think I already talked about that one. This is the Super Nintendo. It looks very old, but I bought it this Christmas as a present gift for myself, yeah. That’s what you do when you are and adult, you buy it to yourself. The video games and consoles you would like to have. One of my all-time favorites Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo any more consoles? Well, this is a Switch or parts of them. Yeah, well that’s it for the studio and I really hope you enjoyed this short this brief overview. We are doing a lot of work probably we will take this week and next week for all the scenes we still have to shoot for the intro and then we are ready to go with a new intro for all the videos. I’m so excited to show it to you, what you think about it and well for the future we have so many ideas what we could do. The intro is first, of course, and we are dealing with some problems for example, because it was too bright in this room. We are using… Kerstin made this black curtain, is it called curtain? Yes, we are calling it a sail, but it’s a curtain, basically. So it’s a sail. Yes, we feel like pirates. Sometimes. Most of the time. And Andy did a really good job in climbing up this roof. No, just kidding. He accomplished it by using long sticks and now our room is just black. Please some German. Yeah, I would love to answer some questions, because well now that I’m on the livestream I would love and thanks a lot… This is German and it means it looks pretty nice. So, let’s give me some German. Give me some questions… What’s your favorite skin from Fortnite? Well, that would be definitely, it would be the Leviathan the you’ve seen the intro I created with glass, well with water inside the helmet because this was really fun to create and also this skin looks so unique with the tiny fish inside this helmet. I just love it. What’s your favorite Clash Royale card? This would be the Balloon I think. Yeah, he makes a lot of damage. He’s sometimes difficult to handle Hmm, but well when you get through and you get to the opponent’s towers it does a lot of damage and I’m really proud that I have the highest possible level right now, not the golden version because I think you need to be you need to have 4000 something like that trophies, which I don’t have. Okay any further questions. Mega Knight is your favorite. Hello Simon from Scotland! Hello from Germany! What’s your favorite place in Fortnite I created? Mmm, that’s a difficult one because there are so many great places in Fortnite. I think this would be Tilted Towers because Tilted Towers has so many ways you can play with. You can either hide or you can be really aggressive. Well, it depends on the game. So, I guess well, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed it. The short video tour. And I want to give you more updates more often, because here, right in the stop-motion studio so many things are happening right now and I want you to be part of it of the change in the end you made it all possible and I think it’s fair and also really nice to be right in the process where you see how everything is done. This is why I made this video in the first place See you tomorrow with the latest version with the latest tutorial. It will be a clash Royale tutorial for tomorrow, but as always feel free to leave me your suggestions in the comments. What I should create next. I’m always really thankful for that. Okay, that’s it for today. Take care guys. Bye!

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  1. Congratulation Simon! Your studio look so cool, and the scenarios you show 100 of 100. Keep up the great job you are doing. Blesses!

  2. theres a new game coming soon created by me but its coming soon its called E.nice heros and there is the DLC level where you fight bosses

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