(Livecast) Chinese Corona Virus & Expat Travel

(Livecast) Chinese Corona Virus & Expat Travel

26 thoughts on “(Livecast) Chinese Corona Virus & Expat Travel

  1. chinese nurse virus update; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8aloXm2NB0

    virus spreading; https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/26/health/coronavirus-spread-symptoms-chinese-officials/index.html
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  2. When traveling on airplanes, always wear a disposable surgical face mask, disposable latex gloves and wrap around glasses, all sold on Amazon.

  3. Thursday I have to fly from Manila to Bangkok layover, then to Tokyo layover 7 hours then to USA….

    I am a bit concerned as by this weeks end there will be more widespread cases across these Asian countries to be sure.

    I may delay this trip a month.

  4. SARS came from China; now, this – also from China. What are they DOING there?! (Was there a case confirmed in the Philippines? I think, as of late, the boy tested negative.)

  5. Winston Sterzel, also known by his YouTube pseudonym SerpentZA, is a South African vlogger, and video producer. For the last 10 or so years, he has lived in China and produced videos about Chinese history, government, culture, food, etc. in an attempt to let westerners understand more about China and explain to them why Chinese culture is the way it is. His "day job" for much of that time was teaching Chinese Doctors English and Western medical standards, practices and procedures. He is also married to a Chinese Doctor. Although they recently moved to the US, he and his wife have maintained contact with many Doctors in China and they have been following this outbreak since before it became world news. His latest video is a report of all the things he's learned about this outbreak talking to Doctors ("boots on the ground") in China. It's an eye opener to say the least. Just thought that you and your viewers might be interested.

    disclaimer: I do not know Mr. Sterzel or anyone associated with him or his channel. I'm not running around posting this all over. I've followed Henry since his days blogging and have enjoyed his work because I find it very accurate, well thought out and well presented. He knows what he's talking about. I've watched many of the videos on SerpentZA for the last couple of years because I find them to be the same.

  6. When my girlfriend was 28, no travel agent in Manila would sell her a ticket unless she got a clearance document from the gov. She had to go to a gov office have an interview, and come back for a class and then another interview, pay a fee and was given the clearance paper. This was for a 4 day trip to Hong Kong,.The Philippine gov said that they had to protect their women as many have been abused in many countries.

  7. The more people have looked at it is we are much more likely to run out of people as most countries are shrinking in population. China is shrinking in population now and is ageing they are actually trying to increase the birth rate. The whole view that we will have too many people in the next 20 are just wrong the evidence seems to show its actually about to start going in the opposite direction

  8. Hello Reekay, some information on the corona virus that I saw on TV was the virus can stay active up to 5 days on a hard surface like door knobs

  9. Thanks for the conversation about the Corona Virus, it was very informative. I have found a web site with a map tracking the virus with numbers. It appears most of them are from China, so you may want to multiply those by 10 to 100 times. But the rate of infection and the Death to Recovery rate is very alarming.

  10. Death of Kobe Bryant

    At 9:06 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on January 26, 2020, a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter owned by Bryant departed from John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, with nine occupants aboard: Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna (Gigi), Gigi's peers and their parents (including Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife Keri and daughter Alyssa, Sarah Chester, and her daughter Payton, basketball coach Christina Mauser, and the pilot Ara Zobayan. The helicopter was registered to the Fillmore-based Island Express Holding Corp., according to the California Secretary of State business database. The group was traveling to Bryant's Mamba Academy for a practice session when the helicopter crashed in Calabasas.

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    At 9:45 a.m. the helicopter crashed into the side of a mountain in Calabasas, about 30 miles (48 km) northwest of downtown Los Angeles, and caught on fire. At 9:47 a.m. authorities were called. The helicopter had passed over Boyle Heights, near Dodger Stadium, and circled over Glendale during the flight. Personnel from the Los Angeles County Fire Department attended the scene. The fire had been extinguished by 10:30 a.m. None of the nine occupants survived. Initial reports indicated that the helicopter crashed in the hills above Calabasas in a heavy fog. Witnesses reported hearing a helicopter struggling before crashing.

    The Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, FBI,[462] and the federal government's two chief aviation regulators, have launched investigations into the crash.

  11. How long have you known your girlfriend? She came out of nowhere. Hope you're taking your own advice about knowing someone a minimum of 1 year.

  12. I can recommend using a N95 or better (N99) mask, non latex gloves and wrap around safety glasses when traveling in Asia for the foreseeable future.Your eye's are also a portal to infection. Wash hands ofter, alcohol kills bacteria not a virus.

  13. After my second pneumonia I got a pneumonia shot that lasts 10 years! Had one or two common colds since then in 25 years. Get the pneumonia shot and forget about the flu shot.

  14. Cyclone's Channel (Asia Unscripted).. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCiiSLGufYK3a1MZ2s5KbAw/videos
    Gio in the Philippines Channel.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClMlXTxpTNMZRE4AEjlc5RA/videos

  15. It's not so bad when you think about how Californians are mostly favor killing babies. Look up Planned Parenthood. They sell baby body parts (umbilical cord, brain, kidneys, etc.) & talk about it boldly in public. Babies don't just magically appear inside a woman's womb.

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