LIVING IN A TENT?: Yosemite Camping Food Haul | Hobo Ahle

LIVING IN A TENT?: Yosemite Camping Food Haul | Hobo Ahle

Okay so I’m gonna do a quick camping
food haul video and show you guys all of the things, because there are a lot of
things, but I’m gonna show you all of the things that I’m keeping in my bear box. And my phones about to die, so uh.. we’re kinda of we’re- we’re going off of that. This- this is
not mine, but all that side is what I’m using kinda split that in half and yeah. So I’m
just going to show you what I’m keeping in here Okay so in this category. Oops I
forgot tortillas. So we’ve got tortillas, chips, bread, avocados, onions, jalapenos
over there, tomatoes, lots of bananas, and literally like three whole bags of potatoes. Okay so then for these umm uh The cheez its I didn’t really know where to.. Oops. I didn’t really know what to group them with. So I just kind of put them
with the rice/paass pa- rice/pasta* So I just kind of got like, I don’t know
regular pasta that I could mix with stuff or put seasoning and pasta salad.
There’s actually two packs in there see two inside, um white rice, two boxes of
spanish rice, and I had two boxes of cilantro lime rice but I uh I already ate
one of those. So that’s like kind of the rice / pasta category. So this is kind of like breakfast I guess So for protein shake: glutamine, protein, jump over to the middle where there’s soy milk, chocolate soy milk. There’s a lot
of those- those are like they’re singles that’s why there’s a lot. Cacao powder,
matcha powder, maca powder. Then we go back to here. There is oat meal, coffee,
and peanut butter. And granola I totally forgot- forgot granola the um. Ah haha! With like the breakfast/ snack stuff. So I’m doing like the food haul
video. Totally taking a break to eat some granola. This one’s easy, that’s just literally a bunch of black beans and baked beans. I had another can of black beans and another big ol’ can of baked beans But I ate those already. So…
yeah. Okay So this last stuff is just kind of like seasonings: there’s olive oil, there’s Tony’s seasoning, garlic salt, and black pepper. Okay so all together, this is, all of it kinda by like the categories. Im gonna put all of that into there. So for starters this is the bag that just has like all these powders and has cups um… and like the protein stuff So i put this in a bag and then im just gonna put it way in the back… see there is the nutribullet already So that’s the beginning. The rest of the
stuff, I’m gonna put it in a container and put it back there. So this is the
container and I’m just gonna put all the food in and then put it in there. Alright, there it is: bag, nutribullet, thing with all of the food, water, and uh seasonings and stuff. All right so- so far that is all of the groceries that I have while I am camping here in Yosemite. There is a grocery store here and a
place to refill my water jug. So I’m not too worried about that, and if I need
more stuff I can always go and get it. But really I’m trying to just stick with
what I’ve got. I hope that I won’t have to buy anything else, and I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “LIVING IN A TENT?: Yosemite Camping Food Haul | Hobo Ahle

  1. Thanks Ahle! You make even the mundane, look astonishingly fun! You’re the only person For whom I watch every video in its entirety!

  2. i love your little camping vids!!! please be careful out there with all the wildfires happening out west girl, if theres a notice you need to leave please do so asap!!! also i didnt know garlic salt was a thing but now i do and my dreams have been answered

  3. Roasted pine nut's in an oil and vinegar dressing over a mixed salad hot tea or coffee with a bowl of bean's and mushrooms potatoes like a thick stew! ?

  4. Don't forget to put a lid on your container so nothing can get to your food!
    Small mice are able to squeeze into those metal food storage, I don't know how, but they can.

  5. Alexandria,

    Your planning and preparing are great. You have a whole pantry of great-outdoors edibles that will last and carry you through your scheduled trip. Watching the first time made me hungry. I picked up some things today after watching your video, though not as much as your hull. I love your style and vision.
    I love the new evergreen growth/sprouts/yearlings. God created all things well. That is an spectacular view of Half-Dome in the closing of your video..
    May you be happy, healthy, safe, and fulfilled with great days and nights of adventure and rest during your camping in Yosemite.

    Blessings and greatest wishes to you,

  6. Where's all the traditional camp food – burgers, hot dogs, cold cuts, chili, etc…? ?? ? That looks more like home kitchen food than camp food. ?

  7. Question: How long will you continue the van life? Has your goals changed during your journey? I will be starting next week.

  8. Wow, the most photogenic hobo spread ever!
    It's more like a can of chili, some malt liquor and the roach from yesterdays blunt.

  9. Can I suggest you hike the Four Mile Trail. It goes to the top of Glacier Point, and there may not be snow on the trail yet. The road to GP is closed for the winter, so you can experience it without a dozen tour buses joining you. It is an amazing place. Return via the Panorama trail for an incredible, though exhausting day.

  10. I love watching your videos so much girl! I've been on a YouTube binge after a few years of not being so active on the site… and your channel is honestly one of my favorites. You're so sweet and real and you're doing what I want to do soon. ? Stay happy and free and keep doing you ?

  11. I can verify that a person can live on nothing but Cream of Tomato soup with Ramen noodles mixed in poured over a bowl full of Cheez-its for a month straight!

  12. Your food looked really yummy and the scenery is Amazing.. looks like you are having a blast? stay safe ❤❤?

  13. beautiful place…gorgeous you…!!! are you spending winter on a park, road or heading home…??? if only you just hundred miles from me…i'd be joining you the soonest…just to mend that achin' heart…????????‍♀️⛟?

  14. Haven't seen your vids in a while. Look great but what happened to your blue hair? It's also to know that your food is more protected from bears than you in a tent! LOL Stay adventurous and safe!

  15. Im curious where you purchased the "battery pack" that your phone is connected? Will I find this on Amazon?
    Thanks. – carolina camper

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