J: Hello everyone I’m Alice, and he’s Jamie, and this is Vietnam. A: Whoo hoo. J: Whoo (Music) A: Hey. J: So guys, here we are on a street food tour, with a local from
our hostel. Basically he is going to show us all the cool spots to eat and places, so you
can come here and not get, you know, not get dodgy tummy. A: Yeah. J: Cuz we know from personal experience the best way to experience the country is … A: Is by a food tour … J: is through Alice’s belly, so as long as Alice is happy, we’re happy, so let’s go and find the
good food, and then we’ll meet you … we’ll show you the tour guide once we get there, so … A&J: See you in a bit. (Music) Ken: The number one stop of the tour for today for some Bun Cha Obama. We call Bun Cha Obama because
just three years ago when Obama came here he went out and about and was very friendly and he tried some Bun Cha and from
that time we call Bun Cha Obama. Bun – it means the rice noodle. Everything made from rice. Cha – is grilled pork. Like pork BBQ with some seasoning like green papaya, carrot, some garlic’s, fish? or
sugar and vinegar. To eat this you have to put the rice noodle inside the soup,
mix it together. This one I have mint, coriander and lettuce, if you love it, you can put inside and mix it together, because I am not sure if you like the vegetable or not. For this one you don’t need jelly, or chilli because eveything already mixed inside, together and enjoy, enjoy please. (background chatter) A: Tastes a bit like meat balls J: Guys, this meal here is only 40 thousand dong, 40 thousand dong is – ping – it’s so tasty. Hello everyone, this our Vietnamese tour guide for the day, his name is Ken, but his Vietnamese name is Ken: Zung. J: Zung. Ken: Welcome to Vietnam. J: Cool. Yes guys, so that was the Bun Cha Obama, pork with noodles, it’s 40,000 dong, very nice. Rate it out of 10 Alice? A: I’d say about an 8. J: I’d give it an 8 an’ all, that was
tasty, cheap, less than a pound … A: tasted like meat balls. J: yeah it tasted like meat balls, even though it was pork, anyways stick around to the end of
video because we’re gonna try the famous Vietnamese egg coffee … A: Aww… J: right at the end. If you’re new around here don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, A: the like button … J: leave us a comment, let us know what you think of the blog so far, let us
know where you’re from, if you’ve ever been to Vietnam so … A: And ding on that bell. J: Yeah. Let’s go to the second stop where we’re trying race … race? rice
pancakes. Ooo rice pancakes, A: Ooo (Music) Ken: So today we have some rice pancake … it’s very similar to the Dim sum in China very very similar … and this one in Hanoi (Background chatter) J: This feels very local. (Background chatter) Ken: Some people from Holland have to go like a turtle … We are small here, everything is narrow. (Background chatter) A: Right, so I have rice pancake with
beef in them and Jamie’s got it with shrimp and beef. J: What do you do?
How do you eat it? A: you pick up like this – I can’t use chopsticks so bear with, and then you dunk it Ken: yeah, in the fish sauce A: and then you go … Ken: and bite it. J: How was it? A: mmm Ken: It’s ok? A: Not bad (Music) Ken: Today is very different right,
no chocolate, no potato, very very different we have something … everything
else I mean…. and firstly this one, this one we call pillow cake, because same outside as a pillow for sleeping, but
inside different, not the feather from the animal. Inside we have some pork, mushroom, noodle, onion, carrot, papaya and some sauces. And this one we call sweet doughnut. When you are walking around you’ll see some ladies try to give you this one. Inside are some great bean and sugar. And this one, very special for
Vietnamese people we love this one because …. this is made from pork, You have to cut the pork put inside banana leaf with some vinegar and some salt, and wrap it together and leave for one month one … I’m sorry about a few days … it is sweet, not sour. And this one crab and shrimp cake, and this one crab and shrimp spring roll. It has crab, shrimp, mushroom, … and pork? mixed together. And this one called a salty doughnut, Inside same to this one, but outside …. dip in sauce and eat it. I want to recommend you try this one – for the dessert. If you don’t like chopsticks, hand is ok. I think hand is easier. Take it and dip it. Enjoy (background chatter) Ken: Is it alright? J: Cool man, it’s alright, What you eating? Spring roll? A: No. Ken: Sour spring roll. Sour but not sour. J: Sour spring roll and this is the pillow cake A: I like this (background chatter) J: hmm, this reminds me of the Cornish pasty at home It’s good though Sour spring roll – do have to dip it in this yeah? (background chatter) That’s good … Oh oh my god guys, A: That was a lot of food… J: that was so filling all of that plate there, cost you
about £1.50 each person, so many doughnuts, spring rolls, Cornish
Pasties … A: So much. J: A good thing about this tour, we
feel, it’s like proper local little tour. Like if you look over there right now, you
wouldn’t even notice there’s a shop back there, that’s why … by the way I’m
pinning all these places on Google Maps so, click the link below there, Google Maps, it’ll bring up all the locations of all the places, so you can go visit these
places yourself alright guys. So the next stop, we’re gonna go for dumplings, and then after that we’re gonna go for egg coffee, A: Egg coffee … J: The final egg coffee, that famous Vietnamese egg coffee, so let’s go and get some
dumplings, for Alice’s belly… A: I don’t know if I can fit any more stuff in! see ya so full already … whoo (Music) Ken: Okay so this one we call a dumpling, and it is very very similar to the Pho in China (unclear) do you want one each? Or want to share? (background chatter) A: I don’t know if I’m gonna fit that it … Ken: You can share the first and take one away – it’s easy – you can eat later. because I don’t want to waste you know and there’s one for you J: Right guys, here we are outside our last stop where the egg coffee is. But first we need to try the buns to see what they are like, so girls … cheers. Ken: I’ll eat my hand A: Look J: What’s in it? Ken: Quail egg … J: Quail egg … Ken: Mushroom, noodle, onion and pork. J: Break it open Alice. A: There’s actually eggs in there. Ken: Egg, J: Egg, noodles, Ken: Pork and mushrooms. Ken: Big bite. A: Just put your finger in my bun. (Laughing) J; Take another big bite, let me know what you think. Out of 10? 1 to 10, rate it. Girl: 10. J: She rate’s it 10 … oh you’ve dropped some. Go on, 1 to 10? A; It’s actually not bad … I’m gonna rate it about an 8. J: 8 out of 10? Cool. The girls are rating their buns very highly. So now we’re outside the famous egg coffee shop, remember guys all these links are down below in the description so … say this
one is from … Ken: 1946 J: Pretty much every Vietnamese local comes here, it’s the best, it’s on trip advisor called Cafe Dinh. Up there, have a look. Let’s go and get the coffee. Guys, you would never know that it was a cafe here, look, it looks like a bag shop you walk in through a bag shop, it’s a local
coffee shop, how cool is this Cafe Dinh. Look at these – motorbikes A: And up some stairs! J: Up some stairs. Going up like the steepest stairs in the world man (chatter getting louder) A: Looks like a very busy place a lot of people come to. (background chatter) A: Egg coffee A: Right, so the grandfather of this shop, worked as a capuccino maker before the war, and then when the war happened, they
didn’t have enough milk or sugar afterwards so he decided to put egg in coffee and … boom (music) So that is the end of the tour and we’re
back at our hostel. J: AZ Hostel. A: It was a very nice food tour, I’ve got to
say that some of the places I wouldn’t even know are there. J: Yeah guys it was a bit crazy all them secret little shops and that. This man’s been trying to get us
on his little bicycle tour for a while, but no, we’re about to go on
our own bicycle tour with our hostel, anyways, thank you everyone for watching the food tour, click down here to subscribe A: and leave a comment down below J: don’t forget to like the video and yeah guys, A: And ding on that bell. J: Thank you for watching, love you all and A&J See you in a jifty. (Music)


  1. Hey everyone, We hope you are all well and good, thank you for coming over to our video , it means a lot that you are here, hope to see you in more of our videos

    Who here has been to Vietnam?
    Who has a Vietnamese trip coming up?

    Let us know . Alice and Jamie x

  2. Went there back in June. Was my very first time flying and first time out of Wales on my own. The city was stunning and the food has me hooked!! So much so I'm going again in Feb and dragging my brother along for the experience!!

  3. Hanoi looks amazing, as well as the whole video ๐Ÿ˜€ I can't wait to visit Asia, just first to finish up my tour in Europe ๐Ÿ˜€

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