Lofoten, Hurtigruten och valsafari – Gone Camping i Norge

Lofoten, Hurtigruten och valsafari – Gone Camping i Norge

Adventure Excitement Culinary experiences Encounters I’ve been asked, ‘What’s the most
beautiful place on earth?’ In this episode, I’ll take you there. To Vesterålen and Lofoten
in north-western Norway. We’ll travel by boat,
by car and by foot. Welcome to Gone Camping. Let’s go! It’s easy to see why so many books
and films have been inspired- -by the magical landscape here in the
archipelagos of Lofoten and Vesterålen. The small villages and red cabins
are surrounded by high mountains- -deep, green valleys
and snow-white beaches. Few people go for a swim, though. The
water temperature is rarely above 10°C̊. The strikingly beautiful landscape
is a driving hazard. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the road. It’s a good thing
there are many parking places… There’s a beautiful one in the village
of Reine, in the south of Lofoten. Imagine you’re at a grand film premiere,
and you have front row seats. Plus, you can enjoy the show either
in standard TV format or in widescreen. The landscape is even more beautiful
if you go by foot- -along one of the many
marked footpaths. There are maps that indicate routes
that take 1.5 – 2 hours- -as well as
more advanced full-day hikes. One reason behind my love for Lofoten
is that I have my roots here. A hundred years ago,
my maternal grandmother was born- -in a remote part of Selfjorden. Her childhood home is still there- -despite the fact that it was
partly built using old wooden crates. For me, it’s impossible to imagine
that she and her nine siblings- -called this their home. I asked her once, ‘Did you fight a lot?
I mean, eleven people in that house!’ She just said, ‘No, we didn’t.’ ‘We didn’t have anything,
so there was nothing to fight over.’ There’s one mode of transport that’s
synonymous with Norway: Hurtigruten. The ships visit 34 ports between Bergen
in the south and Kirkenes in the north. Five of these ports
are located in Lofoten and Vesterålen. You can’t bring your motorhome or
caravan because of height restrictions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,
not to be missed. My advice is to cruise for a few hours,
hop off, have lunch, do some shopping- -and then take the next boat back. We decided to go
from Stokmarknes to Svolvær. It’s a three-hour trip that takes us
to the dramatic Raftsund Strait- -and then into the famous Troll Fjord. The mountains fall vertically
into the fjord- -and white-tailed eagles
circle above us. The waterfalls
throw themselves off the cliff. I wouldn’t be surprised
if Gandalf and some Hobbits- -came walking along the shore.
It’s easy to understand- -why Hurtigruten is called
‘the World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage’. For us campers, there’s loads to
choose from. There are no big resorts. Instead,
there are simple but functional sites- -where nature is the centre of attention. My personal favourite was
Midnattsol Camping in Bleik on Andøya. A small and personal site
where you park right by the beach. Here at Gone Camping, we like food
that’s delicious and easy to make. Tonight’s menu is no exception. I’ll be making grilled lime salmon
with chilli and vegetables. Take one sheet
of kitchen foil per portion. Drizzle on a tablespoon of oil
and add the salmon. Time for some seasoning.
Start with some lemon pepper. A couple of turns of the salt grinder… Add one finely chopped clove of garlic. Add some spice
with chopped chilli pepper. Top with sprigs of thyme. Grate some lemon zest and squeeze
some lemon juice over the salmon. Fold the foil into a parcel
to be placed on the grill. Scrunch up the edges properly
to avoid leakage. While the salmon cooks,
I’ll prepare the asparagus. Split the stems
to reduce the grilling time. I’ll use the cheese slicer in a way
it’s probably never been used before: To slice a zucchini. Add some olive oil to prevent
it from sticking, plus some salt. The vegetables are now ready to join
the salmon on the grill for 2–3 minutes. Voilà! On the menu tonight
at Restaurant Motorhome: Norwegian fjord salmon with chilli,
lime and grilled vegetables. To balance the spicy food, we’ll drink
a semi-dry white wine, a Riesling. Bon appétit. Go to Camping.se to get the recipe Ten minutes north of Bleik
is the small fishing village of Andenes. Here, you can enjoy
world-class whale watching. It comes with a sperm whale guarantee. The trip starts at the museum, where
a guide talks about these unique giants. They can dive down to a depth of
several kilometres to catch their food. Then you board the M/S Reine. I asked researcher Norbert what
methods they use for finding the whales. We have two methods
for spotting whales. One is our eyes, really. That’s a basic
method for tracking down whales. The other one is through acoustics. Sperm whales make certain clicks
by echolocation to find their prey. These echo clicks are really loud.
You can hear them with hydrophones- -which are underwater microphones.
We have two mounted on our boats. One on the left side,
and one on the right side. The captain and the cabin crew
hear it in stereo. If the signal
comes louder from the right- -then we turn our boat
a little bit to the right. It takes about an hour to reach the
continental shelf where the whales are. We don’t have to wait too long. Suddenly, we see a spurt of water
in the distance. The whale we just saw was no. 47. I think it was a biggie.
It was 16 metres, something like that. When you see it on the surface,
you see it from the tip of its nose- -which is the front of the animal,
and the dorsal fin. It’s 2/3 of the animal. We saw like 10 metres, so there’s
another 5 metres. In total 16 metres. Sometimes we even give them names,
if we see them quite often. This one might be getting a name soon,
because we see it quite often here. It’s important for us
to identify certain individuals. For example,
we’ve seen an individual here- -which has also been seen
in the Azores, in Portugal. That’s how we proved that it moved
from one site to another. It’s migrating. The sperm whale is the most
common whale here in Andenes. It can be seen on almost every trip. You can also spot killer whales,
minke whales, pilot whales- -porpoises and humpback whales. No matter what you spot,
it’s exciting and educational- -because this trip combines
whale watching and research. It doesn’t get much better than this –
great weather and whales. Lofoten and Vesterålen
are incredibly beautiful. I hope I’ve managed to pique your
curiosity so that you’ll come here. Thank you for joining us
on our trip to northern Norway. Hope to see you soon,
either on this show, or out on the road. The whale watching trip was
offered by Whalesafari Andenes. The ferry routes
are operated by Hurtigruten. We stayed at Sortland Camping- -Ramberg Gjestegård and
Midnattsol Camping in Bleik.

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  2. Cool! Now I just find a way to get the money to visit those wonderful places. It's gonna be kind of difficult though.

  3. Ein wirklich schönes Video mit tollen Impressionen aus dem Traumland Norwegen. Leider ist unser eigener Youtube Kanal noch nicht online, aber auf unserer Homepage www.norwegen.fotografie.de könnt ihr vorab gern schon in den Bildergalerien stöbern.

  4. Fantastic video thanks for uploading, I am taking my family on a road trip summer 2018 in a 7 seater from UK to Helsinki and Helsinki to Nordkapp via Rovaniemi and Nordkapp back to the UK via Tromso, Senja, Lofoten Islands, Trondheim, Alesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo and on to the UK. Could you please share your camping, cabin experiences and where to camp or book cabins or camps on the way from Nordkapp to Oslo, and if we do free camping how do we have a bath, because we are going up north via Sweden to Nordkapp and any other advice since we are travelling with 3 children under 8 years old, thanks

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