London and Paris Vacation – Traveling Robert

London and Paris Vacation – Traveling Robert

42 thoughts on “London and Paris Vacation – Traveling Robert

  1. Vayaaaaaa Robert en París. ..q bueno …muchos saludos y abrazos para usted y familia. …muy bueno el video. ..

  2. Hey Robert? Is this the trip you did a year ago and you are showing it again? Looks like the trip long time ago, When will you do a new trip?

  3. Loved what you did with combining two different years into one video. very well done.I thought I was watching the Travel Channel.Very informative and a great job.

  4. great to see you visiting my country, everything is expensive in london, lucky for you you didnt buy fuel as fuel is 4 times more expensive than in the states, its £1.30 per litre, which is like $1.75 a litre, so in some states a gallon is cheaper than a litre in uk

  5. Robert, I am fan of your travel videos from India. Are you a Frenchman settled in the US ? You pronounce the names so correctly. 🙂 Great work !!

  6. Loved this. I was stationed at Upper Heyford RAF in the late eighties and have been to all the places you mention, plus Warwick Castle, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, and some other places that were really cool. Maybe next time.

  7. @Traveling Robert #Traveling Robert

    You have done an awesome job in including me on your travels! I have liked your video, subscribed, and rang the bell for notifications! I can not wait for your next video! The pace, the info, the music and the voice over are some of the best I have seen.

    If you can, please make a comment on how ADA/handicap accessible the locations you go to appear to be. This information can be very valuable to potential travelers. Most of the places you went to (with the exception of elevators) did not show any accommodation for mobility impaired people.

    Thanks again for the incredible 'you are there' feeling!

  8. @travelingrobert Robert Morales I love your YourTube channel – the video, music, voice over and editing! Great job – I am looking forward to journey with you again!

  9. I don't know much about French but seems like you are good with the language and know how to pronounce it properly. I agree 100 % on not saving best for the last day and knowing local holidays in advance. I have experienced it with my vacation in South Korea this year.

  10. Robert , Awesome videos of London and Paris , gives me a whole new prospective of Europe , you are very Knowledgeable on giving tours . felt like i was part of your trip .

  11. Excellent video. It was like taking a vacation. I saved so much money by watching this video. Excellent music, excellent everything. Thank you very much

  12. I really enjoy your videos.. You not only give a great feeling of wherever you are, but I really enjoy all the history and facts.. Not to mention it's very relaxing to just get lost in the video for an hour or two.

  13. One of my favourite trick questions: How many tourists assemble each day at the front of Buckingham Palace taking photos etc. The answer is none. What is thought to be the front, isn't. It's the rear. The front of the palace is over the other side and is far more grand.

  14. You should visit Santa Cruz, California. We have lots of homeless here walking around with mental illnesses talking to themselves, arguing with trees, fighting thin air, etc. 🙂

  15. Enjoyable Robert! Beautiful sights. So interesting. I'd LOVE for you guys to travel to Japan.. Ride a Shinkansen!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  16. Enjoyable Robert! Beautiful sights. So interesting. I'd LOVE for you guys to travel to Japan.. Ride a Shinkansen!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  17. Wonderful trip ,every day my family watch your shows ? sweet company and yummy food ? love your narration Robert,you are so brilliant your make your Mom so proud and your wife too????

  18. Although Robert never disappoints … THIS Trip is Exceptional.
    Don't think of The EYE Ride as pricey Robert… considering how many of us you took with you! ?

  19. I enjoy your videos but stop being cheap and not paying to go into a landmark because you cant take a picture. Also 40 dollars to see the Shard is not bad at all. If anyone is going to be so cheap why travel ? Just stay home. I do love your videos thought.

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