London England Travel Tips | East Vs West City Guide

London England Travel Tips | East Vs West City Guide

Welcome back to the channel. I’m Alex. I’m Marko. You’re watching Vagabrothers. And in this video, we’ll be exploring London in two different ways: East/ West. We’re here with Visa and their contactless cards, which allows us to pay for our travels worldwide without taking out any cash or getting stuck with leftover local currency at the end of the trip. Visa challenged us to explore the city in two different ways. I’m taking the West. And I’ll be exploring the East. We’re going to be showing you how to do the same city in two slightly different styles without taking out a single pound. The adventure begins now. Maybe we can be up for a pint halfway through, brother. Have a good time. Sounds good. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the west side of London. Historically, this was the side where the nobility congregated, the royal family lives. It’s a little bit cleaner. It’s a little bit quieter, a little more classy. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, this is the side for you. And I am very excited to explore the west side of London, but I’m hungry. So first things first, it’s time to eat. The first stop is Sketch in London, a collection of five different restaurants as famous for their food as they are for their highly Instagramable aesthetic. Let’s eat. Right now we are in the glade. It’s been described as a modern forest fairytale. Definitely feels like Alice in Wonderland in here, but I’m excited. I got lunch on the way, a couple of courses, and this is going to be a delicious meal. Welcome to East London, the industrial side of the city. It’s full of factories. It’s crisscrossed with canals that connected the port of London to the industrial cities in the north of England But these days the factories are mostly shut down, and they’ve been converted to artists residencies, startup hubs, and cool businesses like the place I’m going for lunch. Welcome to Crate and Hackney Wick. This is a former factory that’s been converted into a micro brewery and a pizzeria. We’ve got some local beers, everything from a session IPA to an amber and a stout. And we got some local pizzas. This one here has dal on it, which pays homage to East London’s Indian community. Some of the best curries in the world are found here in this part of the city. We also have a sweet potato and gorgonzola pizza, and overall this a beautiful place to have some beer right on one of the historic canals. Let’s dig in. I love East London because it’s a very different side of what you might expect in the city. A lot of us think of Big Ben and the Tower of London and all the sort of classic British icons, but this is totally different. It’s creative; it’s diverse, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great place to spend your time in London. All right ladies and gentlemen, I am at the Marriott at the Library Tea Room just opposite Parliament, and it’s tea time. I’ve recently learned that there’s two ways to do this: The Devonshire way or the Cornish way. Essentially, if you put the cream on first and then the jam, it’s the Devonshire way. And if you do it the opposite way, it’s the Cornish way. I’ve opted for the Devonshire way, and I’m not quite sure why. Either way you do it, they’re pretty tasty. The reason this is called the Library is because …take a look around. It was a library for the county of London. This used to be the county hall, and I’m surrounded by over 4,000 books, most of which coming from the 1800s. So it’s nice… great view, great food, great tea, and surrounded by the classics. Well, it’s been fun out east but just got a text from Alex inviting me for a pint on neutral territory. So it’s time to head west. Cheers. How’s your day been so far? It’s been a really good day. I had a fine dining experience. Had a spot of tea, and I even learned how to cream a scone the Devonshire way. Very classic London. I myself have been on the east side. It’s a little bit different than what you kind of see in the tourist brochures. It’s a lot more trendy. There’s tons of street art. It’s been a really cool place to explore so far, but this pub is excellent. I love it. Personally, every time I come to the UK, I go straight to the pub and I have one of these warm beers. I love them. Cask ales, brother. Real ale. The cool thing about right now is you’re over on the east side; I’m on the west side, but it doesn’t mean that there has to be beef. There isn’t beef except for Beef Wellington. There’s Beef Wellington actually on the menu. We could have gotten that. We could split it 50/50 right down the middle. Great food. Quaffable pints. Excellent pub. Not a bad way to end day one. See you tomorrow. All right. Nothing quite as luxurious as breakfast in bed. Fruit platter and far too many newspaper choices to choose from. The English are known for their breakfast, and this place does a twist on a classic. It’s forty floors above the city. It’s open 24/7, and it’s known for its duck and waffle breakfast, hence the name Duck and Waffle.. I’m going to have their famous dish and start my day off with a twist. This is great. It’s like a twist on the chicken and waffles, which is popular in the US, but duck…wooo…very good. In this video were exploring East and West, but before those distinctions existed, there was just London. Today I’m at the Tower of London, a castle that’s nearly a thousand years old, built atop the Roman settlement of Londinium, and we are in for something really special. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a beautiful morning here in London. I’m with yeoman sergeant Rob Fuller. And today we quite literally have the keys to the castle of the Tower of London. We’re going to go on a little secret tour, find out some of the hidden histories and explore this iconic landmark. Shall we? Yeah, come on. Let’s go. This is pretty incredible. We’ve just come across Queen Elizabeth’s walkway and right now we are in the room in which Queen Elizabeth I was held. She was imprisoned here for a couple of months before she became the Queen and went on to become one of the longest reigning monarchs in English history, right? Yeah, forty five years. Did a good job. Beat off the Spanish Armada You guys must have taken good care of her. Yeah, she’s very iconic. I’m very excited for our next stop because if you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with old maps and globes. And we are at the workshop of Bellerby and Co globe makers. I’ve been following them on Instagram for years. They are perhaps the world’s greatest globe makers, and we’re here in real life to meet with the artists and the founder and learn about how they make some of the most beautiful globes I’ve ever seen in my life. We’re in Stoke Newington in East London, and we’re going to see how they make these amazing works of art. Let’s go Can you tell us who you are, where we are, and what you guys do? My name’s Peter Bellerby, and this is Bellerby and Co. We are bespoke globe makers, and we create some of the most amazing and handmade and personalized globes that are made and shipped all around the world. What goes into making one of your globes? It starts with a creative process with our illustrators and designers who will help make the cartography to go on each person’s individual globe. Then the process goes to globe makers and painters and switches back and forth between them. Finally, the globe maker will attach the twelve cores onto the globe, and the painter will put in the final details before we then ship it out to a clients all around the world. This has been a special treat. This is a beautiful, beautiful workshop. I’m obsessed with all of these globes. I would love to buy one, although I think that if I were to use my card, I’d probably have to increase my credit limit just slightly to purchase one of these. It’s been really cool to see the artisans who are behind the craft and if you have not already, I highly recommend that you go follow Bellerby @GlobeMakers on Instagram. But now it’s time to go meet up with Alex. Welcome to East London. What do you think so far? Awesome. It’s a little bit different from over on the west side, but I really love it, too. It’s cool. I think it’s really cool. There’s a lot of pop ups around here, and this place in particular has a dozen different restaurants all in one spot, a couple different bars. We’ve got the selection of food. Pretty eclectic, honestly. Definitely very different from what I’ve experienced so far in London. But I’m glad I’m getting a sample of some of the newer hipper places. I mean all of London is really like a collision of a bunch of different cultures, and I think out here on the east, they really embrace that. You see a lot of fusion foods. You know? Bon appetite. Totally. So good. I also notice most of these places don’t even accept cash anymore. It’s crazy. One of the cool things about London is that it is one of the most cashless cities in the world. And you can use it for everything, even paying for your taxi, going on the metro. You don’t even have to load up your metro card. You can use the credit card directly. And all the street vendors down below, they even said they don’t accept cash. Give me some of this now. I’m eating your bun Here we are on top of the city, on top of the Thames with 360 degree panoramic views. Thoughts? I mean east-west north-south, no matter which way you approach London, it’s a classic destination. Had a great time. I did too, and the best part is we’re going home with no extra change in the pockets. We did it all with a Visa contactless credit card. So big thanks to Visa for sponsoring this video. Hopefully, it was helpful for you to plan your own trip to London. If you want more travel tips from Visa, there’s a link down below in the info box. And as we always say, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you on the road. Peace.

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