London to Barcelona | Spain Travel Guide | Montserrat Monastery By Train | Flight | Hindi Vlog #4

Intro Music Namastey (Hello) Kaisey Ho (How are you) Come On, Bhaut Aaacha (Very Nice) She speaks Hindi also Dhanyabad, Shukariya (Thank You) Train Crank Sound Monuments The Church at Montserrat Monastery Natural Water Fall Food and Drink Local Transport Places to visit Hi Guys good morning i am in luton Airport and i am flying to Barcelona (Spain) as i told you in my earlier vloggs i always try not to stand in ques for airport boarding i sit in waiting lounge next to the ques and wait for all passengers to board end of the day, flight won’t leave you and go so best it to sit and wait next to the Boarding gate and when everybody checks in at last just go then there is no point of queuing, when you have to go outside and wait again so it a good tip, if you a regular flyer so stay in your waiting lounge next to your departure gate and do keep an eye as everybody goes in, Then you can go so try this trick next time so catch you in Barcelona Please keep in mind that in all flights Only 100 ml Liquid container are allowed and you need to keep all your liquids into a see through bags During Security Check In Snow Mountain Somewhere Between France and Spain This Beautiful Lake is Somewhere in Spain Please Comment Below if you know Where so after a short and sweet flight I was in Barcelona London to Barcelona is 2 Hrs Flight after i reach to arrivals I couldn’t find tourist information center So i have walked a bit and ask someone They guided me to this Monument “its a Black Horse Statue” you can see at my rare Just behind that is the tourist information center you can ask for all the information for your visit Whenever you come to Barcelona Please do Visit this tourist information center You can buy Hola Travel Card from Here Which is valid for 2,3,4,5 and 7 Days You Can also ask for maps Places to visit They give all needed information They are very good They speak English and other language also I will recommend you when you come to arrivals walk towards your right Come to Departures gates and Hear at tourist information center you can get all the information for your visit as you come outside airport Walk towards your right and when you pass by the taxi rank You can see bus stand from here you have to catch No.46 Towards Barcelona Your Hola Travel Card is Valid in Buses Just Insert in this Machines to activate You need get off the Bus at Pl. Espanya (Espanya Square) It’s a center point for Train Service for Metro, Buses and Museum of the National Art Catalunya Museum of Catalunya is one of the landmark in Barcelona And in the evenings From Thusday to Saturday 8 to 9 p.m, Magical Fountain shows run’s Tourist all over the world come to see the show Subscribe and Press Bell Icon Quote of the day for my next destination i have to catch a train from espanya station to Montserrat for tickets you can use this yellow machines and remember to buy Tickets to Montserrat from yellow machines Montserrat + Train + Arie you can also ask for help from customer service to operate this machines Called Bitllets after you purchased your tickets head to platform no.4 and catch Train R5 to Manresa Finally its the time for tip of the day Barcelona is pick pocket capital (please be careful) you can carry a flexi wire padlock like me and please lock your bag when ever you are travelling (specially busy Places) you can use hola card in bus Metro and train in Barcelona and Trams But for Montserrat you have to Buy a 22 Euro ticket it includes a cable car return ride towards our next destination Train Ride is awesome, Trust me You have to try this train ride So its finally time to reveal my next destination My next destination was Which is outside Barcelona in catalunya spain Hi Guys we have reached our destination it almost like 45 min to 1 hrs journey But It’s a worth trying journey if you see behind me This is the train station and from here goes the Cable Car to the Mountains After you get off the train you walk through the subway to other side Just a 1 minute walk if you see at my rear here you have to catch the Cable Car This is the cable car we will be going it’s a minute journey but it will a scenic view ride (Amazed and Excited) lets go Hello Friend we are in the cable car and cable car goes up and down every 5 Minute you can see its a sharing cable car and there is no seat in this Its high but very nice view you should come and check i must say if you ever come to this cable car journey the view around me are amazing (camera and me can’t explain it) you can see around and can imagine this whole Mountain Range this is the best journey you can have and in your 22 euro tickets this is inclusive (wow) at the time you brought train tickets you get two options either you can take Train + Cable car or you take Train + Mountain Train Which is a short Journey i Suggest if you with old parents or very small children or Scare from Height then take Mountain Train if you don’t scare from Height and you wan’t a amazing ride so this is one of the best breathtaking rides you can have in your life is it a nice view or not (Laugh with Joy) oh my Boy Cable car 5 Minute and see the view Wind Blowing and here’s the Mountain Train Train is Coming to explore this place completely i recommend to visit the tourist information center near the train station and do speak to the very helpful staff there the give you all the information plus a map to go around here and please don,t put your hand as it can bite Don’t worry i am just joking lets go to our next stop, Towards Basilica at Montserrat The Church at Montserrat Monastery climb this stairs and follow church signs when i was at the outer court yard looking this statues i entered into a room bit strange here you can drop anything, which hold you back to your lost love one’s. so they can rest in peace. (Please do correct me if i am wrong in comments) Church Bell Rings so they are three reason for me to visit this place or Black Virgin one thing was clear in my mind after being here that you need to keep your soul open like window to let the light of knowledge through. from here you like you can walk to the mountain peak But it’s about a 2.5 hrs journey i will not recommend this specially if you are with kids or elderly with kids you can take this tram called fanicular it’s 11 euros per person you can go to the peek and on the way back come walking you can explore the whole mountain as its easy to walk down which can be good for their learning journey There is a local market which runs daily local call it farmers market in here locals farmers from around bring home produce food like cheese milk yoghurt honey Biscuits and cakes Hi Guys we are in the Montserrat local market i meet this lovely lady “hello” whats your name, (my name is Karolina Karolina what this market about this market is famous in montserrat, you need to come and visit you can take the cheese honey something sweet It’s amazing Mountain, it’s very famous in Catalunya (Spain) Speaking greetings in hindi (Indian language) It’s Nice to talk to you, see you again take care Thank you very much here in Montserrat they got a local cafe they call it la cafeteria you can find food on hot and cold display even drinks beer and wine, you get everything here it’s a self service cafeteria, just choose what you want on a tray and just pay on the counter at the end it’s a family friendly restaurant so after spending some more lovely time here i was off to my next destination so from here i take your leave, with the promise to see you next week till then Keep following happiness Positive life and Delhi Boye’ Thanks for watching Please Like and Share Follow my stories at Facebook Instagram & Twitter in link at bottom

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