Long Travel Odyssey ATV Test Drive on 28s!

Long Travel Odyssey ATV Test Drive on 28s!

100 thoughts on “Long Travel Odyssey ATV Test Drive on 28s!

  1. Crazy cool build guys. Love all the off the wall ideas and very influential to me. One day I will be able to do cool projects. Keep it up

  2. Guys I never disagree with the mods and add-ons you do but I'm gonna have to say on this tire upgrade, I think it would have kept that awesome Odyssey stance with the bigger rear wheels/tires than the front. It would have even made handle more easily as far as steering… imho. But I dont even know if you had the option of getting matching smaller rims.

  3. You got to gear that thing differently I know you were placed one sprocket or whatever you did in the video, but you have got to either change the size of that diameter of those tires or change the gears,. You have way too big of tires for three set up

  4. You guys are awesome, was that a vw vanagon westfalia I caught a glimpse of? Have done any mods to it? I have a 1988 westy I’d love to hear your thoughts on that vehicle.

  5. I think the clinking sound you hear when starting and idling is the pull starter engagement triangles (things on the inside of the pull start that engage when rope is extended) are loose and hitting the rotating engine shaft. This could be caused by the rope not being long enough and keeping the starter a little engaged.

  6. yea the tires are just too big …. but you guys are good …. i like your work …. you guys make me want one too

  7. Put a hayabusa on it …..snowmobile engines can’t come close to 186 stock hp 10k rpm
    And but loads of torque
    Modified a hayabusa can put out 400 hp easy
    They’re light weight too use a air shift system

  8. You guys are gifted , & im not a hater , im gonna be honest , those wheels & tires look GAAAAAAY!!! , Im srry but some super wide rear atv tires all around would look better & it be way faster & easier on the drivetrain.

  9. somethings wrong with the front camber..or ackerman maybe..i dunno…somethings wonky.

    the wheel size is cool whatever but the tires/wheels are ass, cosmetically…imo…obviously..

  10. I like it ,looks like it would be a great crawler. How's the balance not to top heave . Again love it keep up the mod's.

  11. I keep thinking those front brake pads will be screaming hot in no time with how much rotational force will be applied to those little brakes. Should also put a dual caliper set up on the rear for an ebrake to do some skids

  12. I’m gonna say one thing about you guys you rock! Everything you do is turned up to like 10 compared all the other videos and that’s cars and cameras Mike and his monster mini yeah I’m watching you guys all of you I love it happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Nice. Definitely too much meat on the tires. Can see alot of caster and camber deflection on the rear tires in slow motion video. A new clutch kit will make that thing beast and its time for an engine rebuild

  14. If yall take suggestions, I think yall would have fun building a older style charger powerwheel like the Camaro, jeep, and mustang, but with a wide body like the liberty works style

  15. I personally like the big wheels and tires. If dude knows what he’s doing I trust his opinion wether to keep the big tires or not

  16. Well I think you guys went way overkill on the tires. Robbing massive power in the tires. You would be better off with some stock rzr bighorn 29x9x14 in front and 29x11x14 in rear. Super light and great traction

  17. That's a Polaris "liberty" engine from a snowmobile. The small belt that was broken is NOT a oil pump belt. It's the water pump belt. And yes, when you start it up it'll run fine four a while, right up until the engine temp get to high and then it'll start to run like shit. The oiling system "oil pump" runs on the same system as the fuel pump, 2 stroke life!!

  18. that is so far beyond an odyssey, it makes jason's trip look like a gentle paddle, down a peaceful stream. there's nothing gentle, nor peaceful about this beast. i used to turn v-dubs into sand rails when they were cheap and plentiful. i'd wager this has a better hp/weight ratio than even the last couple i made with a 2112 big bore kit on a 1600 dual port, and an aluminum front end. i'll bet with a real clutch, it'd be a wheelie machine. i know my sand rails were. awesome build. golf clap all around.

  19. I dont know why you call it an odyssey any more its only 20% origanal now . Its just a buggy now . Should just have built one from scratch.

  20. Since a rotary is a 2 stroke but without the self-supercharging part I bet you guys could make it work. Put on an expansion pipe, connect the intake to the exhaust with a reed valve, add a large enough intake plenum with another reed valve before the carb. It could be the world's first self-supercharging rotary. I know you guys could do it.

    I'm not sure if it would work but I bet there is a way. With a piston 2-stroke the intake and exhaust ports are open at the same time and then when combustion starts they are both closed at the same time. With a rotary there is never any overlap which is why you would need to connect the intake to the exhaust. I don't see why it wouldn't work though with the proper sized expansion pipe and intake plenum (to simulate the crank case volume of a piston 2 stroke which is part of the supercharged air fuel mixture), and with the correct reed valve setup so that exhaust could go into the intake but not the other way around, and so that exhaust couldn't come out of the carb. Then I think it should work.

  21. Gotta change up the commercials cause if I hear "Hey Google" again I think I'm going to bash my head against the pavement of my driveway…. Not really I'm joking but hope you get the point … Love the videos but it's the same damn commercial I don't know if you can change it but it's like Google is just trying to conform us into Google zombies…

  22. Where yall located? Wanna help me build mine if I pay for being that you have the tools an knowledge more then I do.. i need a new frame, figure out the brakes, add suspension an install stage 4 kit for my predator motor, change gearing an 2 piece steel sprocket (old aluminum one blew up) add lights an blinkers.. so basically rebuild the hole thing so it safe an able to use

  23. In the beginning i watched odyssey video’s but then they extended the arms on it and I thought it looked dumb so i stopped…
    But with the new wheels, it’s waaaaaaaaaaay better

  24. That thing looks sweet…Nice job…I would love to see it with a KX500 , RD350, or some other large 2stroke engine and a Rekluse clutch, something with a transmission, it would have enough ball to turn those big wheels, whatever you do please stick with a 2stroke …You guys will get it dialed in…Don't worry what other people say most of them never turned a wrench or drove off road…Do what makes you happy.

  25. Just a couple observations from a Canadian snowmobiler. You need to build a cover for your clutch and drive belt, if you snap a belt without a cover you can get seriously injured. And the reason it fucked up is because the belt got wet with the mud, a splash of water can make a snowmobile sink while crossing water, im assuming thats what made it fail

  26. That looked fun! nailed it with the sema rzr's. I'd rather have a odyssey like yours and be able to have fun than a trailer queen.

  27. Sorry guys but those wheels and tires are way to big. I think it looks a bit ridiculous plus it is super hard on the clutch and suspension components. A set of four wheeler tires (23 or 24 inch maybe?) would look a lot better in my opinion. Just my thoughts on it. It is a awesome build!!!

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