Long Travel Suspension Build Honda Odyssey FL350

Long Travel Suspension Build Honda Odyssey FL350

100 thoughts on “Long Travel Suspension Build Honda Odyssey FL350

  1. The long awaited return of the Honda Odyssey series is here! Thanks for all the support guys! What do you guys think so far? Check out our new shirts and stickers here! https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/

  2. Слабовато как то задний рычаг выглядит, куча сварки.. ( pizdez nahui bljat ) ))))

  3. I dont where you learned so much about building all that stuff but its awsome I swear I wouldnt be suprised if I saw a video where you build something you could fly in outerspace.

  4. You definitely could have been on myth busters for real I dont think they had anything on you you could have at least held your own when it comes to building stuff.

  5. Who dislikes a video like this they must make cooler things and edit videos better naat lol ?keep making great videos

  6. You should not be under that without proper support. People die that way. You should have put support under the car. You put too much trust in your equipment. That chain could break. The hydraulics could fail. This is a no-brainer. Don't be a statistic.

  7. You could of used the front forks from the bike for the rear suspension,mounted them nearer to the hubs and higher up on the cage, plus you already have 2 of them,add some gators and it would look trick.

  8. Don't ever get under a heavy object suspended by a chain and hydraulics. That's a really bad move. People die this way. It's a stupid thing to do.

  9. by far the Odyssey is my favorite build for it was always something I wanted to do…. So glad to find your channel!.. I was like what is he doing with that single pipe… then when you added the other 2 and I was like .."That's Beautiful!" ….. You are the undisputed Mcgyver Award Winner… Can't wait to see this finished!… Keep up the Great Work!
    That car is gonna be sick too!…. my second favorite build!…. 🙂

  10. Power of rust gentlemen , thats what we deal with on the daily on the east coast . Cool builds , i enjoy the channel.

  11. For parts disassembly, hydraulics beats pounding every time. If you must pound on something, try heating the outer/expandable part first….just sayin'.

  12. You might want look at the bolt pattern of the Subaru I think it’s the same as the odyssey 4×130

  13. if you would have taken a torch an turned the CV cup on the diff about red it would have come right off :/

  14. I am building a custom shifter off road kart out of a baja blaster go kart. If you got any ideas let me know. I put polaris a arms in the front its going good so far. Keep the modesey going its my fav one on the show !!

  15. amazing how talented you guys are with the builds and the film footage and that lathe just put you guys on a whole new level

  16. You use your brain completely different then ordinary people and it’s awesome the stuff you guys come up with is incredible I’m hooked and hope you don’t mind me using some of your ideas cool projects keep them coming

  17. I had to end at the suspension of the a arm being added and the drilling and placement of the shockmy only thought was is that there should be bracing underneath that tubing for the simple fact that's going to be the weak spot nowif for some reason the shock does bottom out that tubes going to bend from that point out to Axel but if you cover that part later on and I didn't see it disregard lol ? ?? ?? ?

  18. I absolutely LOVE what you guys are doing with the odyssey! I started a odyssey 350 build like 5 years ago with a sport bike engine and a-arm suspension up front and a custom swingarm in rear that pivoted with the engine, and built a custom roll cage. I never ended up finishing it since I bought a house and sold it to free up some funds. Again, awesome job!

  19. Just thoroughly enjoyed watching some bad obsession motorsport and now I'm gonna enjoy the fuck out of this too!

  20. Awesome build! One thing though, you've gotta adjust the center to center, or pretension on the drive belt. It looks like you're using Polaris P-85 primary and secondary clutches. The factory secondary, if it's a button, not a roller has an adjustable collar on it to help adjust the belt to clutch as it wears. Try turning it full min to full max. I don't remember if 1 or five is max, until the belt runs 1/16-1/8 above the top of the secondary clutch. It'll help taking off and not glaze belts as bad. If a new belt doesn't get you there you may have a wide belt clutch, and a narrow belt. Certain sleds. The XCR800 RMK 800 all used wide roller, wide belt. Most of the other sleds at the time used a narrow, narrow set up. It looks like you're running a toasted belt, or a narrow belt on a wide clutch set up. You can shim the primary if need be to match the secondary and get the belt to ride up just a hair above the secondary, or buy shorter belts if your current center to center is out a bit.

  21. I would have subscribed but they never even mention what the heck this 130 hp engine swap even is ! What 2 stroke engine ??

  22. Don't work under a live load! Now let me tell you one of the reasons why that freaks me out. My uncle was working on a dump truck with the box raised and a hydraulic line blew. The box dropped like a rock and it crushed him like an accordion on top of the fender for the rear wheels. He survived but was never the same again.

  23. Dude, I hope ur gonna reinforce the top of that shock mount too ! If that thing ever shear's off on the down-stroke …… it's going to skewer somebody's rib cage or neck !!

  24. Man I love the stuff you do. I day dream about this stuff, knowing Ill never actually put the work in, and coming to your channel scratches the itch. Keep up the good work.

  25. To pick up camber gain on compression. You want a shorter upper arm so it swings on a tighter arc. Move your upper control arm's inboard mount out. At ride height you want the lower arm essentially flat, so upward motion results in predictable camber gain. at ride height, the upper arm should be a little higher outside than inside. and on an upward angle to the hub compared with the lower arm being essentially flat.

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