Look Classy In Summer With These 5 Items!

Look Classy In Summer With These 5 Items!

How to dress classy in spring and summer
when the weather is hot? It’s definitely trickier to style yourself, even though it sounds kind of the opposite. If you have less items to work with, shouldn’t it be easier? Well, this is the thing, no it’s not easier! Because the
materials have to be lighter, the colors have to be all light because otherwise
it gets too hot. So you do have a few things to think about but, I am going to
give you a few tips on how you can look elegant in summer. So let’s start this
video! First things first, I want to share with you my personal favorite that I am
currently extremely obsessed about, that is the fabric silk. Ladies, I am obsessed
with silk! I have so many silk items in my wardrobe. I just keep buying over and
over again, everything I can find. Silk is the more expensive one, it’s usually 100% silk which is very delicate. Here I have one that is 100% silk and this is satin so this is a cheaper version But you know both works.
They look nice but satin tends to get a little bit more wrinkly in my opinion so
I prefer silk. I love tops like this for summer ladies,
Cami tops. I also do love the kind of silk skirts, they’re very trendy right
now and of course the maxi dresses or just any form of long dresses that are
in silk. I do believe that silk makes you look more elegant because the fabric is so delicate. It is very delicate and it is hard to maintain. You
have to send it off to dry clean, you have to be very gentle with how you look
after it because it’s very easy to damage. I think I’ve actually damaged
mine a little bit here. So this is why silk looks more expensive but in my personal opinion, silk is also more cooling so it works really well in summer. I personally recommend investing in like separates so you can mix-and-match with things. So I’m going soon to talk about shorts, you can for
instance do a combination like this and it just works absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer. I do believe silk is worth spending on ladies. It is one of those very classic
pieces that never really go out of style. So my advice is to invest something in
silk this summer. You won’t regret it because it will elevate your look and
you will look expensive and elegant, even in summer. Second of all, I spoke
about the shorts just now. Everybody must have a pair of white shorts, maybe even a white skirt or a white pair of trousers. I would actually advise to get all three
of them, they are amazing staple pieces that you can mix and match with anything.
It can mix and match it with your silk tops, you can mix and match it with
anything else that you have in your wardrobe that is very summery of any
color and that is the beauty of it! You can even wear it with black and usually
in summer we tend not to wear much black. As you can see from the color scheme
that I have going on here, everything is really in light colors and that’s kind
of the mindset you should have for spring and summer. Do not buy things that are black. If you want to wear something black, then maybe
go for like some form of navy. But just skip the black stuff, we have enough of that in the winter so, no thanks! Oh I forgot to mention the common question
that I get, what about jeans? Can I wear jeans in the summer, like jeans shorts, jeans in general, jean skirts? Skip the jeans, I personally do not think that
jeans is going to help someone look more expensive. I think that if you are
somebody who knows how to style yourself, if you have a good eye for fashion then
you can absolutely wear jeans and look fashionable, classy and you look
expensive. But if you are a beginner, then don’t reach for those jeans because that
is not going to make you, it’s not going to elevate your look ladies. Go for the safe bet like a pair of trousers, go for something that is a little bit more
tailored because that’s definitely going to make you look more expensive.
And speaking of expensive, you know I do have a cheat sheet called, How To Look Expensive. You can download it free of charge! It gives you this perfect overview of what to buy, how to style yourself so that you look expensive. So don’t miss out on that freebie! Okay moving on! Flirtatious, flowy, gorgeous, light and cute
summer dresses. light materials, flowy materials, cute The whole concept of these summer dresses that I’m speaking about is that they can be on the shorter side, they can show your decolletage without your
cleavage being all over the place of course. But the point is that you can
absolutely show more skin! For instance, this dress is kind of small.
You know you are showing a lot of skin in this dress. But it’s not vulgar because it is cute,
it is kind of like neutral, it’s not sexy. And I think that’s what’s important to think about when you’re styling yourself for summer. Focus on femininity And cute summer dresses are very very feminine because it just has this feminine vibe to them, it has this flirtatiousness that I’m talking about, and trust me Now, whenever I’ve spoken to men and I do ask them
about what they like seeing on women, the cute summer dress gets mentioned quite frequently! So I’m not inventing this stuff myself. I’ve actually asked men about this. They do appreciate a cute little summer dress, so go on the invest in one. You can actually find great ones on the budget so you don’t have to spend a lot on finding one. As I was just talking about feminine dresses, I’m gonna
speak a little bit about the wrap dress and I’m actually wearing a wrap dress
right now. It is black so I don’t know how much of it you can see but this is
the exact version of it just in red, so maybe you can see more of it like this.
What I like about this dress is again, the material is so light and flowy. Maybe I can show a video actually when I wore it, how nice it was and I just looked so flirtatious. You feel like a goddess in it and it just kind of shows
off your curves in the right place while still covering you up and the whole
part in the chest area looks just very feminine put together, neutral, cute and
just like really perfect for any occasion. Now, I do love wrap dresses. Diane Von Furstenberg makes amazing wrap dresses, she’s basically known for them. So you can go and spend a little bit there but you can also find some budget
alternatives. The one that I hold here is from Equipment. I think it’s a French kind of mid-range brand. I bought at Net-a-Porter,
a really good choice that’s why I got them both. Because they’re just so feminine, so classic, so kind of simple but you just feel great in them. So lastly, what are we gonna wear on our feet? Wait. Espadrilles! Oh yes! These are definitely my favorites shoes in summer, well for daytime at least. So I have espadrilles and all kinds of colors. These are my absolute favorite because
they’re silk and they’re kind of in my skin color, these are kind of gold and
then what else do I have? Oh, here I have navy. Now let me just put these down,
it’s a bit heavy. I also have espadrilles without heel and that I really recommend investing in as many pair as possible, because they always come very handy.
I believe espadrilles is such a perfect neutral but yet very comfortable shoe to
wear during summer. Number 1, because it doesn’t make you overdressed. For instance, sometimes you can feel a little bit you know overdressed if you wear a pair of heels, like at lunch or a daytime event and so on. But with espadrilles, you can still wear heels without ever feeling like you overdressed. And if you need to be comfortable, then wearing a pair of flat espadrilles is perfect! You don’t have to wear those flip-flops. Flip-flops, we wear around the pool, nowhere else! We don’t go walking in flip-flops,
that is like etiquette no no! We wear proper shoes when we go walking.
Ballerina shoes can be a good idea, flat espadrilles like I said. But definitely, think about investing in these type of shoes and get loads of different colors! Because you will want to match them with all your different outfits and don’t forget to get one in the matching skin color so that you can
definitely match them with any of your outfits. Now that was it for me ladies! Download my free cheat sheet, How To Look Expensive absolutely free! Now I will see you in the next one!

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