Lorde’s 21st Birthday in Dunedin NZ Melodrama Tour (Perfect Places + Team)

Lorde’s 21st Birthday in Dunedin NZ Melodrama Tour (Perfect Places + Team)

Welcome to the Melodrama world tour Holy shit We are playing a show in New Zealand, on my birthday It’s so good to be back here Dunedin, I played this very stage three years ago? Four years ago? and you look as beautiful as you did then How you doing?? You sound fucking great God I’m so stoked to be here um.. Are you gonna wanna to dance with me tonight Dunedin? * crowd sings “Happy Birthday” * Thank you so much! Thank you so much guys Oh my goodness I keep forgetting it’s ar.. it’s my birthday I’ve been very preoccupied with playing this show for you So I went away for a couple of years right and I… argh its so hot I need to sit by this fan aaa Oh my goodness, I’m gonna lie down its ar.. ok :// This is hardcore pleding guys oh! you got the t-shirt, amazing I drew on one of the t-shirt and I guess someone grabbed it So I went away right and I wrote this record “Melodrama” Hey Dunedin, will you go somewhere with me?? *crowd response* “Yes!” “Perfect Places” // Melodrama “Team” // Pure Heroine

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  2. Hi Campbell! I work for ABC News' Good Morning America, do we have permission to use this video on our platforms with credit to you? Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

  3. This is a cute video! Audience perspective and her talking to the audience just made this video feel more personal for some reason

  4. I was two people away from the barrier and holy shit I almost think I can hear myself screaming happy birthday to her :') this concert was a spiritual experience

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