Los Angeles Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go to LA

Los Angeles Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go to LA

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  2. Los Angeles sucks. Been there one time… overrated overcrowded over Price….save your money and dont visit.. aw yeah food sucks too

  3. I suggest putting your lists behind your camera so you don’t have to look down constantly. Less awkward from a viewers point of view.

  4. I grew up in the 90's in Colorado and the term "valley girl" was often used. After all these years I finally get what that meant. Also some of my family is from the central coast. Cheers

  5. Damn i live in La and i thought every city had this problem with traffic, parking, and weather. Like damn i dont wanna live here anymore

  6. As an Angeleno I agree 100% with all your advice. The only thing I would add is that locals measure driving distances in time and not in miles. For example if someone asks? "How far is the Griffith Park Observatory?" Or "How far is Dodger Stadium?" You'll get a response like "If you take the 5 it's 40 minutes but if you take the 101 it's 20 minutes".

  7. Did he say they want you to wear a shirt? I just imagine a people wearing no shirts and entering restaurants

  8. Why is Angel City your photo for "#10 – RUNDOWN"? That place is not rundown and it's a pretty cool spot in the middle of the Arts District. Also, City Hall looks great, could you really not find better examples of what is rundown?

  9. My 14 yo daughter and I are going to LA next month. We are the quintessential middle class white women. Will we be in danger traveling alone?
    We are landing in LAX, visiting San Marino or Hermosa beach and then staying in Riverside for a few days.
    Is there anything I should be aware of? I'm not a big traveler.
    We also both have long hair. Is it dangerous to wear it down?

  10. LOL! Yes, you nailed it with most of it. If you like King Taco, you’ll love Sam’s Tacos on Whittier and Soto. I actually like it more than King Taco and it’s open 24 hrs. About public transport…. my grandma and I mom never owned a car and they got around their whole lives just fine in L.A. My husband and I just got our first car last year at age 34. I still take the bus to work because I work only a 10-min bus drive away with a ten minute walk from the bus stop. He works all the way in Walnut, so he takes the car during the week, but it’s convenient on weekends. Still, now we have to deal with traffic and parking, so we end up taking the bus or Uber anyway, especially if we plan to go bar-hopping to DTLA.

  11. Its funny, when I read these comments I can tell what white people are thinking. For me, I don't like Malibu, its too white and fake. I love Venice Beach, it has a more urban vibe to it, with a lot of activities. But you white people call it a dumb, because its too many of you know who are over there. If LA was so bad, then why are there so many people who live here and is trying to move here?

  12. #14 Any time you find a nice spot to sit down outside, be ready to move a handful of used syringes and a few human dookies.

  13. Flying to la in September and staying with a friend in the valley, into nerdy/fashion stuff and cannot wait, so far got the Griffith space observatory and Getty villa down, I’ll be in la for about 10 days. Any more recommendations would be approximated

  14. I have to be honest. Coming to LA for the past four years, I enjoyed the nice personality it has. Always alive downtown, seeing the Hollywood sign from afar. Going to Santa Monica and Venice. Yet, I can't help but notice the trash on the streets are building each year. It's kinda like, the rich movie stars are living among the top area of Beverly Hills. Away from the filth. But it definitely has great mexican food!

  15. PARKING TIP Even out of state disabled parking placard can give you free parking at city street meters. Many city-owned parking lots at the beach offer free parking but look for the wavier sign on side of the pay station. California is a very disabled person friendly. All stores, malls, theme parks, theaters have convenient parking for such needs. If your flying in and have only the lic. plate check with your DMV, or AAA club for a temp. hanging placard.

  16. The Summer months Southern California has county fairs. If you are visiting from out of state and have been to your local county fair, you might be amazed at how big the fairgrounds are here. The largest county fair in the United States is in the city of Pamona In LA county

  17. If you get off in a bad neighborhood exit, don’t worry you’re safe. There aren’t many drive by‘s like seen in the movies. Unless you’re in a gang ? Just follow your maps app to get to your destination. Like all cities you have good and bad parts. Use common sense and proceed with caution anywhere remote like any city you visit. You might see stars at the local restaurants in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills. The San Fernando Valley sucks, old, crowded and run down…skip it. Instead head to Malibu or the Getty Center. Studio City and Encino down Ventura Blvd is really nice for shops, restaurants and night life. In Downtown, LA Live is nice but only go when there is an event going on. Otherwise you’re only taking pictures of athlete statues at Staples Center. The Children’s Library on 5th and Flower is really nice and great place to visit with kids or not. Chinatown and Little Tokyo near downtown have good food and shops plus there is an art district nearby. Olvera Street has good Mexican food and always some sort of entertainment. I’m Mexican and King Taco has gone down hill, pricier and smaller portions…skip it. Whole in the wall restaurants or food trucks are great. California is known for In N Out burgers. Get yourself one! Also head to Long Beach area and the Shoreline where the Queen Mary is located. You can even fly in to the Long Beach airport instead of LAX. 10 times less busy. Long Beach, Hermosa, Manhattan and Huntington beaches are all nicer than Santa Monica and Venice. Better nightlife too. Born and raised in LA myself!

  18. I'm coming to LA for the first time in October from Australia and love your videos Chris, very informative!

  19. Yes as a Californian when visiting LA get out of LA asap lol. The outskirts of the LA region are the best. As for beaches except for Malibu, go south for the nice beaches past Long Beach all the way to San Diego.

  20. The one place you can see a bit of Old Hollywood glamour is The Roosevelt Hotel, kitty-corner to The Chinese Theatre. After a visit to the Chinese, I always take tourist friends there for a drink in the lobby and they LOVE IT! Also, even though they have made it more complicated to get up there, everyone loves going to The Griffith Observatory. I also like to take visitors to the Adamson House in Malibu. That way, they get to see a classic LA estate AND there's a great public beach right next door! Also, I tell tourists to go to Santa Barbara, because that's what they think LA is going to look like! Lol! ?

  21. I am from Yorkshire, the degrees are in the 20s celsius, bring shorts and short t-shirts, i melted in the 34 degree heatwave with only long trousers

  22. Another addition as an Angeleno to tourists: if you want to see the REAL Hollywood, go visit Burbank. Burbank is where all the major studios are located, such as Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Universal Studios (well it's in Universal City but it's literally RIGHT next door), Burbank Studios (which used to be NBC's west coast studio but has now gone independent), LOTS of other production studios, etc… If you manage to book a studio tour or participate in a taping for a show, Burbank is the place you'll most likely end up driving to, never to the neighborhood of Hollywood!

  23. I totally agree about the Mexican food. I was in New York for four year's. All their so called Mexican food is terrible. Los Angeles Mexican food is awesome!

  24. Here in Texas Mexican food is the same…GREAT! Both, Tex-Mex, and authentic Mexican food. Although, it is different (different origins) than California, but EXCELLENT (usually).

  25. I Disliked this video because while it was informative the guy said a lot of negative things about our city. Yes Hollywood has its homeless, but so does the rest of the country. Hollywood itself is a very nice place. Hollywood and highland is a very busy area and there’s much to see and do on Hollywood Blvd. When I travel I look for the good of the place not the negative. The transit system here is very good yes there’s a few stinky people that ride the buses and trains but overall it’s clean and if someone is that stinky then just get up and move. When they get that bad I don’t think the bus driver lets them ride. Los Angeles is still a great place to visit , and it needs a little work. But there’s plenty to do here and you won’t go away unhappy.

  26. I must be the only one who still enjoys LA even after the 7 th time I‘ve been there. But I can’t help it. Every time I go there, I know where the good spots are, the ones I like and that’s where I go. We have lots of poor streets and homeless people too in my country so it’s not like I‘ve seen them for the first time. That said, again I love LA. It looks real nice, because I love Californian cities with palm trees and sunny weather.

  27. Hi my dear buddy I wanted to thank you for your beautiful video about L.A, but we aren't native we expect you to speak slowly

  28. You might have included that although places such as Hollywood, Venice, Van Nuys, etc. are commonly refered to as separate political entities, i.e. Hollywood, CA, Encino, CA. They are in fact merely districts within the City of Los Angeles and just have their own postal designation. When looking for an address in Universal City one has to type Universal City into Google Maps even though it's still LA. Confusing, but necessary to understand.

  29. would u say it's safe for my family and I to look into airbnbs/hotels in Beverly Hills, Venice, Santa Monica, or Downtown LA… we are having a hard time looking for safe areas to find a place to stay at..some websites say places are safe while others say those same places are dangerous..it gets confusing

  30. Hollywood walk of fame is the worst place I have ever been to. And horrible traffic makes me want to stay at home all the time.

  31. I'm from Orlando, the traffic is just as bad here. But, thank you for the tips, I'll be in LA this upcoming Spring break! ?☀️⛱

  32. L.A. has so many awesome hole-in-the-wall restaurants of every kind, I wouldn’t waste any time here going to dress-up places. Going to the little places can also help get you out into different neighborhoods (because there are SO many neighborhoods), and then you’ll feel like you experienced more of the city.

  33. It was interesting watching your video on LA. I agree with just about everything except King Taco. King Taco’s food is “okay” and they have a very limited menu. I used to work in LA for 35 years, including 25 in downtown and East Los where there is an abundance of Mexican restaurants. You are absolutely spot on with regards to traffic and parking. Trying to navigate LA streets during the busiest hours is maddening.

  34. For GPS. I'd recommend using the zip codes instead of city name. Just in the city of LA there are dozens of zip codes. You dont want to end up in the wrong spot. Happy travels

  35. another thing is a lot of good food isnt where you think iit'll be. best chinese wont be in chinatown itll be in Alhambra. Best japanese wont be little tokyo, it'll be Gardena. best Korean is still in k town, however.

  36. Orange County's coastal cities have better beaches than LA in my bias opinion. For sure visit Laguna Beach which is a tiny coastal art city with dozens of beautiful tucked away beaches, that many tourists do not know about.

  37. Also, if you are going to park on the city streets, you better be a parallel parking master. And he is not lying about paying attention to the street signs by where you park. Two words: Street Cleaning (the signs are EVERYWHERE). Sometimes late at night, freeway exits might be closed for construction or whatever. It is very frustrating. WARNING: People in LA drive very fast on the freeway when the traffic is not heavy. Driving on LA freeways is NOT for the faint of heart.

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