(Lou And Days) Life in [email protected] Music Festival and Picnic Moments

(Lou And Days) Life in Paris@ Music Festival and Picnic Moments

Hello~ Haven’t done a good self introduce in last video. Moving X 3 Those years when I moving with a carpet. Where are we going? Last night>Little Ines Now we are having picnic. Location: Place des Vosges The relaxing place and people Youngest X Adeline Genies cook X Louis Later Here we have bought the famous rose ice-cream in Paris I ve got Lime, Hazelnut and Chocolate And she got a small size of cup Mine is in a cup size Yup, you got a cup. I ve got Vanilla, chocolate and melon. This one is taste so goos Here’s the logo of the shop Amorino Did I said it wrong? Amo….. Amorino……Amorino Amorino We’re going to find the toilet right now. Tell you something… (It’s very hard to find a toilet in Paris. )So what can we do if we can’t find a toilet? Here’s the messages from master Hong What is this? This a app This app is for searching toilet. (And It got location searching) Warming worning It’s super hard to find a toilet in Paris!!!! Let’s go X 2 We are on the way to the music festival Which arr do we need to go? We need go to the 13th arr Enjoying the air-condi We don’t have any air-condi here in the subway of Paris. How hot is outside and how’s the same inside. That’s true… (Charming X Pierre) Here we go again! Going to the Music Festival Hi the rock area WE ARE COMING~~~~ My sound was broke… Got my dinner So many people Moving X 3 THis taste good Swinging That night on the way when we back home Find the music parade group!! One day in the music festival made me found out that European do very enjoy everything they’ve got here. And we are following the crowd to get our way back home. See you in the next video~~ End

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