Lucerne Switzerland Travel Guide

Lucerne Switzerland Travel Guide

39 thoughts on “Lucerne Switzerland Travel Guide

  1. That was pretty random how someone decided to rinse his hands in the water fountain during the video, lol! Anyway, Lucerne looks really nice. It looks like it would be one Swiss city I would truly enjoy!

  2. We have two days, during a Viking Rhine river post cruise August 2018, in Lucerne. Looking forward to it, and thank you!!

  3. I’m going to Lucerne this April! Great video as always (oh, I’ve checked out your other Switzerland videos too) .

  4. your video is always fantastic , I travelled to Lucern with a travel group last autumn. Though I only had two hours walking around the lake, I was impressed by the spectacular view of the beautiful city. Hopefully, I will go to Switzerland again to experience more interesting places you mentioned in the video.

  5. Great video! You explained everything perfectly 🙂 I’ll be in Lucerne for one night in September and hoping to get most of these things ticked off. How long did you spend in Lucerne to visit all these sites?

  6. Great suggestions on what to see and do in Lucerne! I would also suggest visiting Swiss Museum of Transport and Meggenhorn castle. Both are a bit outside the town centre, but well worth a visit. For the views, I would suggest walking up (or taking the funicular) to Gütsch. Lesser known alternatives for panoramic views over Lucerne would also be Dreilindenpark, Bireggwald and Sonnenberg. They offer similar views as the city walls, but are usually less busy.

  7. Is it possible to cover (except Pilatus excursion) ,all sights of Lucerne in single day ? What was the transportation medium ? Walking or by train ?

  8. Fun fact Mt Pilatus: The peak (Tomlishorn) is NOT in Lucerne. It is the boarder of Nidwalden and Obwalden. But because there are more tourists in Lucerne, we tell them it is the home mountain of Lucerne.

  9. I can understand that this is just a travel guide for the English-speaking tourists, But It Wouldn't Hurt To Have A Good Grasp On The Pronunciation Of Foreign Places (in this case, German); just saying!!

  10. Thank you! Just got back from our 10 day trip from Lucerne and did nearly all the things you suggested. Stadtkeller was tons of fun! Additionally, I took my son to Lido beach, Mount Titlis (a little further than Pilatus) and The Museum of Transport #verhershaus , which I highly suggest!

  11. I'm going to Switzerland in September. Are you suppose to buy tickets ahead of time to go up to the mountains? Pilatus, Titlis, Jungfrau, Shilthorn, etc… Or do you just pay as you go? Thanks.

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