Luxury Fiberglass Camper by Oliver Travel Trailers | Small Travel Trailers

Luxury Fiberglass Camper by Oliver Travel Trailers | Small Travel Trailers

This small camper trailer is the legacy
elite 2 by oliver travel trailers it has a double hull fiberglass shell on
an aluminum chassis. Now we’re in Tennessee and we wanted to come down to
see Oliver travel trailers for ourselves we’ve heard a lot of great
things and now we want to take a walk through one and see what they’re really
like this is the twin bed model with the
couch this can also come with another bed on this side or you just convert the
couch into a bed there’s also a standard floor plan that has a dinette in the
back that converts into a king-size bed coming in here is really like stepping
on to a fancy boat from the look and feel it seems to be very well built and
will probably last a long time so let me go through all the cool features in this
thing one of my favorite happens to be the windows in this bedroom / kind of
dining or sitting area you have windows on each side a big window in the back
this also happens to be your emergency exit if you want to sit have friends
over there is a table you can put in here that I’ll set up in a minute
there’s a nightstand with a little hidden cubby underneath drawer and then
a flip down TV this area would be great for having dinner entertaining friends
sitting down doing some work or just kicking back with your feet up watching
TV or we could be playing euchre Kate’s favorite card game. all of the windows
are thermal pane they open have screens the screens open as well if for some
reason you want to reach outside or just leave it open there is a bug screen that
goes over this also kind of mutes the daylight coming in and then there is a
Night Shade throughout the trailer there are these little LED lights click those
on and off speakers in the back end front USB and 12 volt outlets on both
sides of the camper right now we have the backup camera plugged into that so
you can kind of see what the view is out the back but normally this would be
mounted in your truck or whatever your tow
vehicle is so you can see what’s going on back there when you’re trying to back
this thing into a camping spot there is storage along both sides of the camper
and behind me each one of the storage bins has a light as well as a latch to
keep it closed bring it down and there is a lot of room in these things in the
rear cabinet there’s an additional 110 outlet as well as the monitor unit for a
built in progressive industries EMS or electrical management system. this
bracket is for the lagoon table let me get that set up and show you what it
looks like I’m able to move the table back and forth twist it it also goes up
and down on that bracket so it’s very adjustable and you could be sitting on
the bed or here on the couch and have it to your perfect height most of the
controls for the ollie are in the center of the camper there’s a light switch
panel also the panel for the true moe aqua go this is the on-demand hot water
system radio solar charge controller tank monitor AC large pantry on the side and another one of those cool little
hidden compartments this fiberglass trailer is double hulled so that means
there is an outer fiberglass shell within that shell they have insulation
and then there is an interior shell these are all bonded together and it
creates a very good insulation against the outside elements so right now we are
standing in this trailer and because we’re filming we don’t have the AC
running outside in Tennessee it’s middle of the summer over 90 degrees and it’s
actually staying fairly cool in here that white color keeps a lot of the heat
off the insulation and everything does the rest so this is a true four seasons
camper you can take this down in the heat put the AC
you’ll stay nice and cool in here or take it up north be out in the snow as
long as the furnace is going all of the pipes and everything are inside and
it’ll keep this shell warm enough so that nothing freezes for as small as
this trailer is it’s actually quite spacious lots of room side to side and
the ceiling height is six six I’m 5’11” so there is more than enough
room to walk around in here and not worry about hitting your head plus it
doesn’t feel confined that taller ceiling gives us a much more open feel
especially with all the white walls and everything the bed is quite comfy I was
laying on this earlier and almost ended up taking a nap
one of Kate’s favorite features in this are the lights in the cabinets now in
the kitchen as you can see there’s more cabinets up above there is a stainless
steel sink and they put in a propane stove now the cool thing they did here
is they actually turned the stove sideways well that seems like it might
be a little bit odd the reason they did it is when you open it you’re cooking
you’re not getting grease and everything flying over to the bed below the sink
there are six drawers they’re all dovetailed and they have a soft closed
feature open them up let them go and they closed on their own and around the
kitchen off there is a microwave and a Dometic three-way frigerator so this
will run on 12 volt 110 or propane when you first come into the trailer you’re
greeted with this small dinette this is perfect for just sitting here you can
look out the door or this window a lot of times we like to camp along the beach
you have the door open you pop open the windows sit here enjoy a cup of coffee
breakfast maybe play a card game or two below the dinette there is a 110 outlet
there are LED lights above me as well as two additional cabinets since we work
full-time on the road it’s really nice to see two different work areas so you
have the area in the back with that lagoon table you also have the dinette
up front so Kate and I can have our separate spaces I also like the fact
that there are plenty of USB ports and a few
let’s throughout the camper this is really handy when we’re charging our
devices a lot of times we’ll have different cameras or battery packs
charging plus our laptops so the more outlets the more USB connections for us
the better and more importantly since we are always on the move and we like to
boondock quite a bit there is a Wi-Fi and a cellular amplifier now the Wi-Fi
amplifier is really helpful if you’re parked at a friend’s house and you want
to pick up their Wi-Fi signal or you’re at a campground and you’re kind of at
the end of the campground far away from the antenna but we found most important
is the cellular amplifier when we’re out in the middle of the desert and we get
no cell signal whatsoever it has come in really handy so we can do our work or
just send out a message to say we’re okay and not to worry to give you an
idea of how big this closet is I am able to sit in here comfortably if it weren’t
for these shelves I could actually stand up in here that is how much room there
is in this closet up front in such a small camper they’ve really paid
attention to trying to utilize all of the available space so there is a lot of
storage in here above the closet is another speaker and of course a place to
hang your hat now let’s go into the one area everyone has been waiting for the
bathroom in this camper they’ve installed a composting toilet that is an
option but there is an eighteen and a half gallon black water tank for those
who want a more traditional toilet there’s a little storage cubby above the
toilet there is a towel rack window and a fan in the bathroom and this is a wet
bath there’s a sink behind me the faucet pulls out attaches up here this becomes
your shower head and a nice thing is the bathroom is actually fairly large so
there is more than enough room to move around and take a shower in here the
freshwater tank on this model is thirty gallons from tongue to tail this is 23
feet 6 inches long the actual camper itself is 18 feet long it has dual axles
there on light truck tires with a Dexter easy flex in between
the roof there is a full-length awning Dometic AC as well as antennas for cell
booster and Wi-Fi booster on the tongue there is a bulldog coupler this provides
a 360 degree grip on the ball hitch itself an accessory box for throwing in
things like your generator or wood – 30 pound propane tanks and if you are going
boondocking and you’ve brought a generator along you take that generator
out of the accessory box and you can plug it directly into the 30 amp
receptacle up front there’s a small light also the control for the front
level and then control for the two hydraulic levels in the back one nice
thing they’ve done here is they’ve put a little access port for your propane
tanks so you can come in here turn your propane tanks on and off without having
to lift the entire lid on the driver’s side is a 30 amp receptacle along with a
plug for an external solar panel now this trailer has 340 watts of solar on
the roof it has a 2000 watt inverter and in the battery box behind me it has four
AGM batteries on a slide-out tray at the rear of the Ahly is a lockable storage
bay it has an outdoor shower with hot and cold water inside there are your
release valves for the black in the gray tank now the black tank on this is 18
and a half gallons the gray tank is 32 there is also room to put your cords and
other things in the back here it’s also accessible from inside the trailer below
the bay there is a fresh water inlet as well as your city water inlet cable
hookup at the very back and then behind the bumper is where you store all of
your sewer hoses just pop out a latch on either side and everything goes underneath there’s a
gas line if you have an exterior grill you want to hook up as well as an inlet
if you’re planning on winterizing or drawing water in from a bladder you can
turn on the pump and suck that right through and it comes with a full-size
spare in the back on both sides of the trailer there are LED lights along the
top as well as underneath and on the passenger side there are two 110 outlets
the aluminum steps are built in-house by oliver and they’re very heavy-duty let
me demonstrate base price for the legacy elite two is
fifty three thousand nine hundred the way this one has been optioned out it
comes in right around seventy thousand dollars if you’re in Tennessee and all
of our trailers are your thing I definitely recommend coming by
scheduling a tour and taking a look at these things in person they are very
cool to see online or in a video like this one but once you see and feel this
thing in person it is just awesome thank you guys so much for watching if you
want to learn more about who we are and what we do head on over to
see you next time bye

100 thoughts on “Luxury Fiberglass Camper by Oliver Travel Trailers | Small Travel Trailers

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  2. Wow! Such a fantastic well built trailer! Why have I not seen any of these on the road? Opps, I know why, too damn expensive. I guess it is something for the Mercedes SUV crowd and their look at me mode.

  3. Excellent walk thru…you make me want to buy the camper :-). Actually, I am looking for a smaller true 4 season, but I need it to be 50 amp with a washer and dryer. They don't seem to exist. This ticks almost all the boxes, if it had that and a dry bath it would probably be a done deal…well…I would definitely go see it in person…there would have to be a chat about that price 😉 (isnt there always). They should hire you to do all of their videos ;-). Safe travels….Kevin

  4. It looks great and I have been looking for something like this. I'd surely get this if I had the financial state I wish to be had. Thanks for your review. Amazing job on the review.

  5. Slap a #24 on that trailer and endorse Oliver Brindly from England who is a rising star in American Flat Track, after all, it is an Ollie!

  6. This weeping and gnashing of teeth over the price makes me laugh. A comparable length Airstream is over six figures. People obviously haven't shopped for one lately. Oliver vs Airstream is like comparing a Ferrari to a Corvette. They'll both go fast but one is built by people on an assembly line and the other is built by hand in a clean room where you could eat off the floor. It's simple really. Supply and demand sets the price. If there weren't enough people recognizing the quality and willing to pay the price, one of two things will happen. Either Oliver will lower the price, or they will go out of business. Apparently, enough ARE willing to pay the price since Oliver is still in business. Airstream is turning out 50 (fifty) Airstreams a WEEK. Oliver is so booked up that if you order a trailer today, it'll be ready to pick up at the factory in August. They build them by hand, slowly, carefully, 3 (three) a WEEK. Are there cheaper alternatives? Yes. PRICE, SPEED, QUALITY. You get to pick two.

  7. Thanks for the cool video.
    I will be in my combination of Truck camper cap, tents and tarps campsite village, for the rest of my life. It's a happy, simple and versatile space and setup and very affordable. I am thankful for it and the debt freedom that it has.
    Stay prayerful my friends and enjoy creation!

  8. On a boat or a camper, headroom is my first question. If I can't stand up straight, I walk away. I never even look at the other features. Headroom is a major deal breaker. Stooping leads to major back pain. What is the headroom here?

  9. This is a very cool camper however at half the price i can get a casita with every bell and whistle. Take heed Oliver!!!

  10. Definitely very sleek, but I’d rather go with a BigFoot fiberglass trailer before getting this one. But the Oliver’s are beautiful for sure.

  11. Looks like a quality rig with great design and features — essentially a well-designed Casita on steroids. The weight and cost ($70k) make it a silly choice. Sales figures no doubt confirm that observation. Never seen one in 20 years. Kudos to well staged video. The narrator did not move around much (it's cramped inside), and scant few overall interior views are shown. The stunt of sitting in the closet was great theater. but that is simply more fool's gold. Warranties? Only extends to original purchasers. Good luck with that.

  12. I wonder if the air conditioning unit is controlled by thermostat?

    I am seeing a one piece total unit that has no separate cabinets to become loose over time (Excess Road Impacts/Vibrations) crashing down onto the floor.
    The unit appears to be solid. It would be helpful to know more about trailer suspension functionality while traveling over unimproved pothole filled third world country (Example: California) roads even forest service dirt roads. Uneven concrete freeway system in California can be treacherous to trailer tires!

  13. Love the thorough and well-paced walk-through. At that price point, I prefer the luxurious vibe of the AirStream. But an extremely informative video nonetheless. Thanks!

  14. I think many people are used to the prices on a standard built trailer. They are horrible construction for the most part and that is why they are affordable. This trailer is not really my style but it seems the construction of this unit will probably last without the typical problems found in mass produced trailers.

  15. Beautiful trailer! Lots of research went into this, well done. Video editing was top notch as was the quality.
    Thanks for the upload.

  16. Casita's the way to go. We're on our second; new one in 2000; new one in 2018.

  17. LOL, everyone balking at the price. Quality and engineering costs money. Shop for a "Chevy" if you can't afford a "Mercedes". I would consider one of these, but not with this floor plan. The single twin bed seems useless for anyone other than a single person, and probably saleproof in the used market. Not impressed with the bathroom either. Looks like there's not enough headroom or elbow room in there for someone over 6'. In a trailer that size, they should have a dry bath too, IMO.

  18. "We dont have the AC running"

    Because those Dometic units are EXTREMELY loud and the fan speeds are a joke. Coleman is where its at. Much quieter more reliable units.


  20. Why is there no 12 volt compressor operated Ref/Freezer?

    Why no explanation as to thermostatically controlled AC?

    What size is the Air Condition? BTU?

    Whats the reason to even travel during winter if the trailer must be winterized between campsites? I wouldn’t touch a compost toilet period.

    Can, or is it safe to run heater say at 45 degrees to keep plumbing and holding tanks from freezing while traveling?

    Guess thats all I got…

  21. Like others here, I was interested until the price came out. It is super nice but that's just more than I want to spend on a small trailer. I have priced 5th wheel trailers that were luxurious and one particular trailer was $64,000 marked down to $48,000 because it was last years model. I might buy this one if it were in the $35,000 to $40,000 range simply because of the step up in quality.

  22. You should check out Innovator RV in Bremen, Indiana. Definitely worth the money & if I must say pretty impressive. You can look them up on YouTube as well.

  23. excellent design, well thought thru out. if they could sell enough to bring the price down, you will see them everywhere. great job Legacy!!

  24. Haaaa Mr, Oliver travel what
    ???? (OMG) $54 or 70K for that little triler for
    What pay this much for just
    2 small sofa or small size shower or to pay for microwave or for eld lights
    It's very funny ????for
    This price we can buy big
    And luxury (RV)adios
    Amigo good luck ???

  25. There’s no double bed and it’s way more expensive than something the same size elsewhere you lost me on the price for sure

  26. I had those shades in my Winnebago View and NEVER AGAIN. The silly string they use breaks. I hear some folks have gotten good at restringing them but I have better things to do. Regarding the cabinet doors I’ve seen split sliding doors I like better. The clean look is nice and it looks like keeping it clean would be easy.

  27. I would look at the escape 5th wheel. $35k cnd, or $27k in the states. Not as fancy, but half the price and it gets good ratings.

  28. I really liked the video, I read the comments first, and I noticed that many people complained about the price. The best description you made about the unit is that it is like a high end boat. I think that, that was about the best way to explain the camper, in a nut shell. I guess that I am with them on the price, it does seem excessive, but it seems like a very well built unit, and the fit and finish seem excellent.

  29. Not sure why there is a price issue on this. Many airstream trailers are much more with less features. Better structure, better insulation, better features short of the wet bath. It doesn't blind you to look at it in the sun, doesn't dent like a airstream and it is very unique.

  30. The Oliver is a double-hulled fiberglass shell design (i think the only of it's kind)… meaning there is an outside shell of fiberglass and another inside shell of fiberglass. Insulation, plumbing, electrical, furnace, tanks, water heater, etc are all enclosed between the two shells. This type of design is not easy to build but it allows the heat to circulate between the shells to prevent freezing when the furnace is running. Yes it is more expensive than other travel trailers (comparable or less than AS) but it also takes about 8 weeks to build one. They also have a lifetime warranty on their fiberglass and five year on their aluminum chassis. Only wood is basically in the kitchen galley drawers, so no worries about wood rot from leaks. It is the best quality travel trailer I have ever seen! Customer service is also first-class!

  31. I just bought a 48ft fifth wheel toy hauler that is 2 years older than this with 3 slides and pay less than half of what they are asking for this tiny little POS.

  32. This is a very good, fair review. I liked the style of Airstreams but I loved the marine quality of the Oliver, so I bought the Oliver. Even the steps are heavier gauge than the frames of some other units. This is a lifetime trailer. Mine will go to my daughter when I can no longer travel. It’s not for everyone, but I’m too old to be repairing stuff that falls apart every time I drive down a dirt road. Oliver is the best I could find and it suits my camping style perfectly.

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