1. Nice job man my truck is just a little S10 I recently sold my 77 GMC 4 x 4 I wish I wouldn't have but hey I got divorced but nice job

  2. Hey I'm a car transport I have a f250 with 6ft bed can u give me some pointers we're I can get AC unit and solar panel

  3. Good job Bryan, Looks very utilitarian.. I have a 35oo HD 8ft I dread starting the project. Just takes me longer to do anything 🙁 happy campin' dj

  4. This has given me so many great ideas, I plan on being one of those traveling nurses and using this to get from place to place would save so much cash. I already got a truck, but I was thinking even more stealth like. So even if people looked into it all they would see is a piece of plywood, some cut up 2×4's , a rubber maid tote and a duffel bag.

  5. That's a pretty nice set up. Because I like my TV, the only thing I would do different is to mount a King antenna to the roof. Good job and enjoy.

  6. Dude that is awesome that's what I'm fixing to do to my truck I have a dodge ram with an 8 foot bed so I will have lots of room well I should anyways but awesome truck

  7. very nice build. I do wonder doesn't it defeat the purpose of solar power if you don't have the thing on your roof all the time? i mean its supposed to gather power from the sun as you drive around or as it sits, so you can use it later on at night etc. It looks like you have a more than sufficient way to keep it up there so why not have it up there all the time? im just curious as that didn't make sense to me, but i guess it depends on whether or not you use your truck /camper as a camper full time or just occasionally. I see this video was almost 6 years ago but Youtube had it in my recommended today july 30, 2019.

  8. Curtains? Get HFT moving blankets, their cheap & make a total light block on outgoing light or light coming in. Good info! If your not handy sewing, like me, use Velcro or tape to make a pocket to slide on your curtain rods! Shalom!

  9. Get a mid high rise with walk in door that opens to side. More headroom to move around and can put shelve baskets up there. Easier to close door like normal door once inside.

  10. The best curtain rods ever are the spring rods. The springs come in different lengths are are easy to mount by just screwing in a screw at the loop on the end. If you mount them top and bottom the curtains stay snug against the window for privacy.

  11. How many slices of gov-cheese per gallon does that ugly chevy get?, lol, just kidding, nice build & thanks for sharing.

  12. Buy one of those folding beach chairs with really short legs and you can sit up without having to bend your neck (sitting on the bed). Plus you can use the chair outside by a campfire or fishing.

  13. LG makes a battery powered portable projector. 40 inch screen from 2.9 inches away throw that on a white sheet it would be dope

  14. I've watched many of these truck cap camper mod video's lately looking for ideas. I must say I'm pretty impressed with yours. For starters you actually have a full size truck. 95% have a short box (stupid). You have a good start. A few changes I would make, insulate the canopy with the thin silver stuff. I'also run the narrow shelf most of the full length of the bed. Several possibilities with it. I might even try to install some small shelving on that side as well. Not sure how to attach it though.

  15. A better idea for curtains maybe(?) : get rid of the rods because your sides lean inward at the top, so yer curtains would hang a coupla inches away from the wall at the bottom. It just won't work. It'll get pulled when you're on the bed, rolling over, or…well, it'll get in your way.
    Also, anyone outside can see in… See the bed or anything else if they just walk around a bit.

    My solution: Get or make up some magnetic paint. Paint 2 or 3 coats around the window where the magnets will go…like painting a window frame.
    And buy some black cloth (thick cotton duck or twill) or black out curtains that are actually white and are insulated, of sufficient yardage to meet the height and width requirement to cover to the outer edges a coupla inches of the windows, plus an extra bit more inches surrounding that measure, to fold over for a hem.
    Don't worry if you don't know how to sew. There's such a thing as "fabric glue", my favorite is by Dritz. There's also spray rubber cement! Follow instructions. Read label for appropriate and effective usage. Heed the warnings for aerosol rubber cement!!! It can coat lungs and stop oxygen from getting to the blood that goes to yer brain!
    Or just buy a li'l jar, it's cheap – and safer.
    Some glues may come apart in extreme cold or heat so do your homework for your application.
    Buy some magnets of nickel or quarter size and place in the area of the hem with no glue there except at the very edge to seal it in (they hafta be strong magnets to work through the cloth (if they don't stick, ya may need more iron oxide additive in yer paint or more coats of magnetic paint). By the way, this hemming is why there's the need for extra + inches at the edges, because if you're gluing, you need to keep fingers out of the gluing place and if sewing, you need to hold or pin the magnet pockets… well you'll see. It takes too many words and will sound too difficult. It truly is just easier to use your brain in the moment and just "git'r done".
    When it comes to the corners, play with the fabric, laying it this way and that to figure how NOT to double layer it under the magnet. Nip off the tip of the corners, there'll be too much cloth, it'll bunch up. OR just double it over, wtf, and use the other side to hang it, but it's nice not to see the ugly side of something. Then again, you could glue some fabric trim or egding over the ugly….
    Now then, when the glue is set good 'n' proper, throw yer curtains up. They'll hug close & tight to the wall…Won't let light in or out… Thwarts prying eyes and nosiness.
    I'd cut my curtain the same general shape as my windows, except the rounded corners are a problem, as you'd hafta put 3 or 4 mags around the corners, so the curtain would have to be pointed if using one, to set flush against the wall, see.

    PS. Since the magnets hold yer curtains flush to the wall you can make a window shaped cut of that shiny mylar-coated bubble wrap sunsheild type stuff to insulate you from the heat and cold. How 'bout that?

  16. It'll do, won't it? That's all that counts. It looks very nice & neat and that lamp gives it a nice homelike appeal. I could sleep there. You've given me a new inspiration for outfitting my 90s Suburban….

  17. I didn't read through any of the comments, so apologize if I'm repeating anything. First, I think your truck rocks and my suggestion would have been to sand and stain the wood, just for more cozy vibe. Great job!

  18. I have a Colorado LT and would like to do that with it. Any suggestions on where to start? I'm a 60 year old woman who loves to camp. I have a tent, but setting it up on short trips is bothersome.

  19. Bryan, did you have to screw into the bed of the truck to secure the bed, or did you just float the complete assembly in the bed of the truck?

  20. Doing Research to Convert a Chevy Van. Your Layout is really good. I am 75% done with mine…Generator, Roof A.C, 2 burner stove…Currently Building a Compost Toilet….Thank you for this upload…

  21. Yes, I definitely love it. I like how you left room on the right side so you may climb in/out more efficiently than if the bed ran across the whole width. I feel it offers so much freedom to utilize ones own vehicle and save money vs hotel stays, plus the ability to shower at places like truck stops and Planet Fitness. All great pointers and ideas and I do see myself setting up a similar truck camp in my Toyota Tacoma.

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