MACHU PICCHU RUINS | Sun Gate Machu Picchu Hike and Visit to the Inca Bridge

MACHU PICCHU RUINS | Sun Gate Machu Picchu Hike and Visit to the Inca Bridge

… and then you literally would fall
thousands of feet that if you stepped off the edge of this. There’s really
nothing. Good morning from Aguas Calientes what I meant morning is really early
morning. It’s five o’clock in the morning we are making our way down to the bus
stop we have a six o’clock ticket to Machu Picchu. let’s go!
We always trust Halef knows where he’s going.
I know it’s there I just don’t know whether now or. Our new
first rule about Machu Picchu is ten after five it’s not early enough to get
here. You literally probably have to get here 45 minutes to an hour early to get
in line because right now the six o’clock line is about two or three buses
long. Early birds not always get the early worms. Well the early bird does
get the one that these people were all way way our lives. We are not the early
birds. Get our coffee from many of these vendors coffee first.
Really is crazy – it’s the bus, that’s Michael in the line, continues on all the
way to the back this is nuts. Welcome to Machu Picchu
mysterious beautiful … Waiting to get in and the six o’clock
crowd is crazy home birth of Machu Picchu stormy and
beautiful the reality is we are officially Machu Picchu I have all this
image of Machu Picchu that now we’re gonna see it or something so when you
got in first this is the first thing you have to do it’s a guard house they’re
gonna give you some iconic machu picchu image over the mountain and this is the
iconic machu picchu shots to recognize this yeah this is it you take the iconic
photo of machu picchu and you’re in a line waiting to do it it’s limited this
happening but I’m so glad to be here and you don’t see it in Instagram or
anything it seems like you’re just the only one here yeah not true why anyone
would build anything all the way up here is completely beyond me we just carry
our backpacks climbing up I said out of breath and imagine
bringing like huge chunk of rocks okay we are at Machu Picchu as you can
probably easy tell behind us Machu Picchu was built around the 15th century
often called the lost city of the Incas but that’s not really true most
archaeologists believe that it was built as a kind of an estate for the Emperor
Pachacuti back in the day they built it and a hundred years later after the
Spanish invaded they actually abandoned much Picchu so to the extent that it is
the lost city of the Incas it’s was lost from about the 1450s late 1450s till
1911 when it was rediscovered so this is machu picchu sunny south final for
sunglasses it always sort of amazed me how a
civilization could have built something so far up in the mountains like this it
just doesn’t make any sense at all I mean I’m sure it strategically it makes
sense but just from a laziness standpoint I guess that’s just me so one
of the things that I was genuinely really hoping wouldn’t happen was that
we’d get up here and there’d be all these clouds cuz we heard someone say
that it was really cloudy and you’ve probably seen the iconic pictures of the
clouds over Machu Picchu but sort of now that I’m here I’m a little bit
disappointed but I wanted to see that little cloud just not not ruin it or
anything but just come over for ten minutes and just something you can get a
picture from maybe we should come back in the rainy season when it’s like
stormy and like cloudy and cold got our friend George who was here a few days
ago said it was like really cloudy but he said it was cloudy the whole time so
VCT you have to sign in to go on the inca
bridge and sign back out to prove you came back alive is it really yeah all
right next is the inca bridge I think it’s about 30 minute hike we don’t know
we don’t know I just overheard somebody said 30 minute hike but it’s supposed to
be pretty cool sinner II so that’s what I’m gonna check out next and everybody
knows how much I like hikes up mountains but we’re doing it we did ask some
people back at the registration Center what’s the hike like and they were all
very brutally honest with us they said it’s hard people lied to me they told me
it was easy I’m gonna tell you it’s hard so this is what we’re doing it’s really
all just yell that it’s worth it hopefully be we just started he doesn’t
know that yet but you know it always is thank God for the guardrails huh yeah there’s so many trails and pathway to
here that just never ever happened in the US you know that you have to put
really you have to put a DA compliances you have to be like handicap-accessible
these are not and then you literally would fall
thousands of feet if you stepped off the edge of this there’s really nothing
guarding oh yeah it’s quite um bit closer to the
edge that I liked to be all right we’re still going strong not much farther huh
no it’s better be worth it oh I’m sure and there’s nothing about a
UNESCO World Heritage Site that isn’t worth it the hard part is trying to film
and watch your footing so we’re gonna maybe turn it around hold on derail this no no this is just
nits if one wrong move and speed I made it so this is the gate that you can peek
through to look at the bridge down below they have it locked for obvious reasons
because people like me would go through it but I don’t think I would because the
logs that you see at the bottom of there they just don’t look anywhere near safe
and I would imagine there’s a whole bunch of little Inca bones at the bottom
of this cavern Wow they even have steps kind of going all
the way down to the bottom of the valley we were just told by another tourist
from Chile that many tourists have opened that door I got out onto the
bridge and fell through the deck how come there’s somebody here to guard it
yeah and you know what it’s it’s it’s not like it’s a really super rich
country that can afford to put places things like that everywhere but it does
leave it with a nice natural look I really enjoy it so the things you have
to worry about are tripping making sure you’re staying on these narrow trails
and not having someone do this to you sending out we made it to life yes if we
went to the inca bridge which we were told was very very hard hike and that
people work in light of us so I said okay let’s go to the Sun Sun gate sun
gate yeah and people told us that one was hired to so we’re gonna try to prove
them wrong so we’re going to the Sun gate which
we’re told is about a one hour round trip with beautiful views things white
people have to do we’re all probably close to the Sun and my nose gets burned
if I don’t do this every now and then so I’m reapplying and by reapplying I mean
applying for the first time today just leave it like that
yeah it’s nicer still lots of walking up to the Sun Gate
pretty high above much but right now all right we’re told that it’s about
another well the lady said thirty five minutes for me but for you young guys
it’s probably about twenty minutes so we’re about 20 minutes up to the Sun
Gate Hall of thought it was way up there but I don’t think it is because that
will be one hell of a lot more than 20 minutes how beautiful and how much worth
coming up here you can see there what do you think of my to beat you town way
beyond with the mountain and you can see the switchback road that we took this
morning as well as the agua calientes right the bottom of the hill I can wait
to see it from whatever we’re supposed to go came in only 10 more minutes
they’ve been saying it like you know everybody’s like oh 10 more minutes ten
more minutes but every time we go up somewhere else like ten more minutes
like yeah we’ll see we’ll find out I think we made it to the highest point no
oh no that’s not what we’re going we’re almost there but even if we weren’t this
is one hell of a view so what is the chance of this ruff gonna crack right
now probably not big this is crazy and destructive both of us this is so many
rocks it can die overhangs in whenever one falls right on top of us we’re done
Michael finish strong we finally arrived at up the Sun gate
which is all worth it and I’m still dabbing my sweat you see the path right
behind me there there’s actually where the inca trail arrived here on sun gate
and then you be able to see but upto way in a distance so this is a very
significant place and obviously it’s called the Sun gate
I’m so getting my breath a kiss it’s called the Sun gate because it was built
specifically on this place and then facing a certain direction the view is
magnificent seriously that’s amazing so basically the inca trail would follow
the path coming down from the sun gate all the way down to the town of machu
picchu finally we made it to the actual town
center of Machu Picchu but one thing that I noticed is number one the Sun is
already high up and it is much hotter now in number two that’s a stream of
visitors coming in and from above we actually saw lines of people trying to
get in and inside of course in the town it’s like small measuring path and
there’s a lot of guys stopping and everybody’s talking and it’s just a lot
of people and it’s only noon so we’re just gonna try to enjoy it as much as we
can and get a few things to check out here enjoying our day in Machu Picchu
these guys are not doing well it just seems to be start to tilt it this way one of the most amazing things to me
about this whole place other than the fact that it’s built thousands of feet
mere and it’s just beautiful is that there’s not a lick of cement or any kind
of mortar here these are all just rocks placed on top of each other and they
just have to fit right behind me is the Roca Sangre de which is the sacred rock
and if you can see the shape of the rock is actually mimics the shape of the
landscape behind it so it’s like a little model of what’s beyond this town okay it’s autumn here right now at Machu
Picchu and I don’t know if it’s the same all year round but in autumn there’s
these little tiny black flies that get you there’s one right there if you get
you all over you’re like my legs are a complete mess fortunately for me they’re
not itchy at all how it’s not as bad as me but his are itchy so when you come
here in the fall make sure you either wear pants or wear some sort of insect
repellent oh my God look at that um it’s a bit uneasy I’m sure just safe but you
know obviously I don’t want I get there’s a little rope here that kind of
helps you feel ya ya feel really safe now well I don’t know about you how
often I think that the top of Machu Picchu at the Sun gate is the perfect
place to end Machu Picchu vlog it’s definitely worth come up to the Sun gate
and also too much of Picchu in general the one thing that you you’ll notice
about some parts of our vlog is that you’ll see most people have concentrated
themselves down at the if you don’t below but there’s places like you know
the Sun gate there’s a couple mountains to climb there’s also the bridge that
really gives you a completely different perspective on Machu Picchu who spend
hours and hours here and it’s still so many things to explore yeah and if the
people do bother you then get to a place like this you’ll see a few people on the
trail but only the people who really take it seriously come to places like
this indicate you will come up with the better appreciation how the Inca culture
built this magnificent place I’m not sure that’s true couldn’t I couldn’t
think of how they got these now I can’t we really enjoy our day here in Machu
Picchu it’s just an amazing place come here come here all right
early warms not always get the early know what you doing looking at Machu
Picchu how many likes we have take me Tuesday goodbyes much future goodbye

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  1. Nice little hikes but you should try Montaña Machupicchu it's over 10,000ft, higher than sun gate and much better views of machu from the top.

  2. Hey guys, great video, hope you're enjoying the trip. Told you we'll watch your progress?. Thanks for the headphones again? life saver… keep posting???

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