Madagaskar Reisekosten 🇲🇬Was kostet ein Madagaskar Urlaub?

Madagaskar Reisekosten 🇲🇬Was kostet ein Madagaskar Urlaub?

Welcome to my channel and welcome to my Madagaskar Travel Costs Calculation The last video was all about the top places to visit – in this one I want to talk about travel costs for Madagaskar! A few things up front: Madagascar is an island, which means higher costs for all products that have to be imported. You might be looking for certain products that you are used to from back home and you might even find them in the store but they will certainly be more expensive because they come a long way (makes sense) so can’t be compared to local foods & products. The following costs are all based on my own travel experience which means they can vary depending on your tour operator, the season and other circumstances. Alright, let’s start calculating! Fligths & Transportation Flights from Europe will cost between 400-700€ return depending on your flexibility and on how much in advance you can book. Should you decide to take a domestic flight (like we did) in order to save travel time in the car you will have to calculate 180-200€ and it is important that you book that one fairly early. In case you haven’t watched my video about the travel planning – feel free to check that out as well! Now let’s talk about transportation in Madagascar. Here it really depends on your expected level of comfort As I mentioned in former videos, I cannot recommend renting a car and driving yourself and a private driver can have an eye on your belongings, knows the country and driving culture and can tell you all about the country & its culture. The best way to find a driver is probably through a local tour operator and will cost between 500-700€ or 14 days including tips and gas. Based on our own travel experience I can recommend the local tour operator MORA TRAVEL ; They will be happy to help with the travel itinerary and to organise a very competent and reliable driver for you…! Travelling via public transport is possible -the busses are called ‘taxi brousse’- but it will be way slower and way less comfortable!! If that does not bother you and you have lots of time you can easily save 300-400€ this way. Accommodation in Madagascar can rage from…to meaning you will find budget, middle-class and luxury accommodation… However, this can’t be compared to Europe or North America! You won’t have a massive choice of places no matter where you travel. The more popular places like Tulear by the coast Noisy Be in the north or Antananarivo, the capital will have it all, including 5-star hotels that offer comprehensive security measures (necessary or not!?) awesome staff, impeccable cleanliness… and these kind of things 😉 But you might come across areas that are more remote and have less choice of places to stay where you can only chose between budget and middle-class. Our accommodation ranged between 30-50€/night and I can say that we were very pleased with cleanliness, safety and comfort of these places. Budget accommodation, usually private guest houses do exist but there is no way you can book them in advance, let alone via the internet so if you are flexible and spontaneous enough you’ll find budget accommodation, that won’t cost more than 10€/night. However, those will likely be less comfortable and possibly less safe. Food & Drinks Here you will find the most disparity between local prices and touristy prices. Half a kilo of mangos will be around 10 cents if you buy it on the weekly market but a smoothy from a hotel restaurant can be around 3€ As I mentioned before, local foods & products are way cheaper and even very affordable compared to Europe Seasonal fruit and vegetables are especially cheap and you will also find street venders selling samosas which are always a great snack and we did do that more than once! …because this area is great for agriculture & farming we bought some carrots for snacks! Delicious! And knock on wood had no issues with our stomach Should you however have a more sensitive stomach it might not be the best thing to do but yeah, sometimes you have to give it a try! Most restaurants would have a lunch deal which usually consists of a meat-rice dish, sometimes salad that will cost no more than 3-4€. The cheapest meat is Zebu, which tastes like chewy steak – but not too bad. A pretty decent portion of salad is usually around 4000 Ariari which is the local currency which is about 1,50€. Water, soft drinks and alcohol. You shouldn’t drink the tap water in Madagascar. unless it is highly recommended by a local but of course you can buy water anywhere for cheap – max. 50 cents a bottle – They have soft drinks, but don’t expect a huge variety. You won’t be able to choose between sugar-free, without conservatives, vegan… the one thing they’ll have is Fanta, Maybe in two different flavours if you’re lucky! 😉 Local beer like the one from Three Horses is cheap wine relatively expensive, because it has to be imported Cheap meaning 1-2€, wine is between 2-3€ a glass. Apart from that I can recommend the local rum which comes in flavours like ginger, cinnamon or lemon is delicious and often as cheap as 1€ a glass. So possibly a good alternative to wine or beer. Greg and I are Digital Nomads and work on the Internet. which is why we bought a local sim card upon arrival. Internet, Wlan and Wifi is less than basic …if they have a connection at all. So we had to be a bit more creative… Our sim card from Telma was about 20€ for 8 GB which is completely fine but might seem a bit high compared to the other prices. Coming to Madagascar as a tourist, you might not need a sim card at all, but it can be usefull if you want to have access to apps like Google Maps. To sum it up: I am calculating with 10-15€ for daily expenses 40€ for accommodation and 500-700€ for the driver. Put all together, the cheapest option is 1600€/pp. for 14 days. If you like to spend a bit more let’s say book the nicer hotel, buy a local sim card, You are looking at 2000-2300€/ pp. If you have any specific question to prices please let me know in the comments below and I would love to answer them. For further travel tips on Madagascar definitely check out my travel guide videos; in those you learn all about travel planning and the travel itinerary for your Madagascar trip. Thank you so much for watching! and -you might already know- I would appreciate a thumbs up and of course any new subscriber because that way I know that shall continue making these videos! Tschüss from Hamburg and I hope to see you on the next one!! 🙂

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  1. Ich weeeiß, einige von euch denken wahrscheinlich "nicht schon wieder ein Madagaskar Video", aber dieses ist das LETZTE 😉Ich hoffe sehr, dass euch die Infos weitergeholfen!!

    I knoow, some of you might think "Madagaskar -again?" but I promise this is the LAST one! Hope you found them informative and helpful 🙂

  2. The very first scene is mega cute 😉 Dies ist eine großartige Information für alle, die nach Madagaskar reisen möchten.

  3. Ich finde die deine Videos sehr hilfreich…ganz besonders weil dein Reisestil die finanzielle Mitte der Gesellschaft betrifft…Etwas pauschal, etwas backpacking…
    aber eine Frage hätte ich…
    Wo hast du Flüge von Deutschland (oder Frankreich) für 400 bis 700 Euro buchen können? Ich finde wenn dann immer nur was ab 800 € aufwärts:( Grussle

  4. I am glad you made this kind of video. It gives travelers a good idea on how much they will spend on a particular destination. Madagascar looks quite affordable! Great job!

  5. Knowing what to budget is the most important part of the trip. Hearing it from someone who has recently been there is a far better reference that all the booking and advertising sites.

  6. Wer da hin fährt, ist selber schuld. Da sollen einige Ausländer schlimmste Erfahrungen gemacht haben. Las einmal einen Haarsträubenden Reisebericht. Ja ja ich weiß, überall kann etwas passieren, nur dort ist es etwas schlimmer.

  7. Hey Nellie, vielen Dank erstmal – tolle und informative Videos! Ich würde gerne noch an die 2 Wochen Rundreise ein paar Tage Tauchen-lernen dran hängen bzw integrieren. Hast du dafür einen Tip? LG Anja

  8. Ich finde, im Vergleich zu anderen Ländern, deine Bugdet Planung ganz schön teuer. Ich reise ausschließlich lowbudget, bin Local unterwegs, denkst du, das es da noch etwas günstiger wäre? Gibt es uber? Oder Sammeltaxi Transfer

  9. Spannend – vielen dank für das Video – ich war so 1990 auf Madagaskar – beim Video war ich überrascht wie gut die Strassen sind – in meiner Zeit waren die meisten Strassen Pisten – wo die Autos schwungvoll um die Löcher kurften . mein Heilight war es an einem Totenfest teilzunehmen – wo nach einem Zeitplan – des Medizinmanns – die überführung vom alten in ein neues Grab überführt wurde. – jeden tag ein neues Erlebniss – das essen war damals – pulet mit reis – oder reis mit Poulet – und an der Küste gab es noch fisch. – und und und – auf jedenfalls danke für den einblick ins heutige Madagaskar.

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