#MADURAI in #Tamil Nadu | #MEENAKSHI TEMPLE + The best SOUTH INDIAN FOOD? | Travel Vlog

#MADURAI in #Tamil Nadu | #MEENAKSHI TEMPLE + The best SOUTH INDIAN FOOD? | Travel Vlog

Previously on Lifetime Travelmates in the garden city of Bangalore our friend Ashok welcomed us and showed us around. we got marveled with all the colors, smells, and flavors at the huge KR Market we also got to try some of the best local food specialties while exploring the city’s amazing parks and most sacred temples. Welcome back to our channel.
My name is Jordi and this is my wife Hyekyong. We are the “Lifetime Travelmates”, a couple who loves to travel Two years ago we quit our jobs to
explore the world and here we are spending six months traveling South India. Hello! Not sure if we mentioned that already but we took a sleeping bus and then we arrived early this morning Fortunately we could leave our bags at the hostel WAIT…WAIT… Where did we arrive? OI! We arrived in… Madurai! Madurai is the second largest city in the
state of Tamil Nadu and its cultural capital. It has a population of around two million people and it’s famous for its historical monuments and ancient temples. We didn’t expect it would be this big and busy! But, hey! It’s India! But first things first, after a long night bus journey, it was time for breakfast! In many parts of South India it is common to serve the food on a banana leaf. Is not only to save cleaning a dish but we found out that it is considered healthier! Banana leafs are full of polyphenols, a
natural antioxidant like in the green tea Since banana leaves are not easy to digest, serving the hot meal on the banana leaf makes the food absorbe the polyphenols from the leaf so you can get the benefits. Hey! This is Masala Dosa! So, let’s see how do these masala dosa taste in Madurai! Thank you! And this drink here, is… This drink is “Jigarthanda” It’s typical from here Madurai, very refreshing! As far as I know it has almond and what else? well, let’s check! coconut, I think and some pistachio?
or some… it’s quite good! None of those! Jigarthanda is a cold beverage famous in Madurai, it translates to “cool body”. The basic ingredients include:
milk, almond gum, sarsaparilla root syrup,
sugar and ice cream Very nice! Woah! This sauce, so nice! hmm! We left our bags there, we also took shower, and then waited until our beds were clean now we are out, exploring the city Today we are going to Gandhi Memorial Museum coincidently, today is the birthday of Gandhi So, we are expecting some event. [music] Subscribe to this channel! Yes, that goat just spoke English! Said you should subscribe to this channel! [Music] The mutton kola and the chicken chettinad and the mutton biryani! humm! [Music] It seems it’s not open yet.
They open in 15 minutes so we’re gonna wait, maybe take a walk around here. The Gandhi Memorial Museum in Madurai
offers a large with respective of the life of Mahatma Gandhi and the quest for
independence of India. It also displays a visual biography from his childhood with photos and illustrations of many highlights of his life. and a collection of relics and replicas he used: like his glasses, the clothes in which he was assassinated or some letters written to personalities like Adolf Hitler. So, this is our day 2 in Madurai We’re crossing the bridge.
As you see, there is no walking path. But, anyway, we are crossing the bridge to visit the famous Meenakshi Temple. [Music] This is what they do to cool down the tea. Because it’s so hot! I have to do it several times because I can’t tolerate hot drinks. It’s very hot. Let’s try. Ooh!
Nice! Very nice taste! So good! Potato, onion… some curry leaves So good! The weather is nice… [Music + traffic sound] On our way to Meenakshi temple we met a man that offered us to check a good viewpoint from the roof of his friend’s
house. Many people say we shouldn’t trust strangers and we know that no one offers the stuff for free. But it turns out there is good people everywhere and we like to think positively So we went ahead and followed him. His friend owned a big shop full of antiques but he
didn’t insist merchants selling us stuff since we told him that we travel light
and as our own rule we don’t buy souvenirs or gifts. We made it to the
roof for the views and there it was: The Meenakshi Amman Temple The temple is dedicated to Meenakshi, an
avatar of Parvati: the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage, children, and devotion. Early texts mentioned the temple in the 6th century, although it was renovated in the 14th century and expanded on the 17th. after some dark times the current structure is the result of the rebuilding by the Vijayanagara Empire. Its 14 gateway towers called “gopuram” are between 45 and 50 metres tall. The south gate one being the tallest with 51 meters. The whole temple complex is more than 50 thousand square meters with several areas including a pond, a thousand pillars and plenty of small shrines. We just saw a monkey! On the top of that tower. It’ amazing the colors and how they… How did they make that!?! It’s a mystery! Mystery! What impresses me it’s that it’s not
only building and carving or giving shape to the building it’s also all the colors, all the painting! We need to get closer! And since the guy with us offered to check another viewpoint, we went with him to the other house. So, it turned out that that men didn’t
want to sell us anything and he and his friend seemed quite curious about us, But in the end,
he did have a little special request for us. (chatting) Maybe next time coming, you are not 2 people. (If) two people are coming I will be more angry: Three people! 👪 Or four! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Three! 👪 Three?
Ok! One child! I have one! (laughs) We need to hurry up!
We need to go fast! … We’re sorry guys since entering the
temple with belongings is not allowed, we don’t have any footage of the interior. However we strongly recommend you to visit this temple and spend enough time inside to fill the sacred atmosphere and admire its magnificent construction and design walking around all its corners, and hallways So this seems to be a toilet, that it cleans itself. It’s interesting because I saw so many campaigns likeand it says “don’t do your… stuff 💩 outside” and it says: “finally a toilet you can always count on
to be clean” Interesting, right? right here, in front of the temple! In front of the temple. Where are we going? We are going to find some… Some food! Some restaurant. Instead of going to the main street, we are sneaking into this alley. Interesting. [Music] Some many jewelry and stuff also…stationary, toys you see the colors! [Music] [cars honking] Oh my god Annoying honking! It’s so different!
Before, surrounding the temple, the street has no traffic, no cars at all, no motorbikes not even bicycles I think. but as soon as you go out of that area, traffic, cars, pollution, honking annoying honking! [Music] It’s hot! [traffic noise] So good, so good, so good! So good! With no expectations at all, Madurai
turned out to be a must visit place and we had a very good time there. But it was
time to continue our journey to our next destination. I’m sweating too much
waiting for these… ******* drivers
that don’t care about costumers! Finally! We are on autorikshaw. And… where are we going? to the bus station. yes! to get the bus. yes! to go to…???? [Music] So, we took the bus.
This is a government operated bus. This is quite different from the private We’re gonna sweat like pigs here. private like tour company bus, but I’m already sweating… No, I don’t think so! I’m already sweating! You’re always sweating! Anyway, I heard that the way, we’re kinda going around mountain side so the scenery is good. it’s getting late and it’s getting dark. so, I’m not sure if we can see any good sceneries outside. Anyway! See you!

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