♪ Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
in Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey ho, come on, let’s go ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! MAGGIE:
“Nothing in the Beach Ball.”
(Giggling) (Laughing) Throw it, Hamilton!
(Laughing) (Laughing) Monkey in the middle! You’re not supposed to
throw it high like that. (Laughing) Monkey in the middle! (Laughing) You’re not supposed
to throw it low like that. Well, what do you
expect us to do, Beast? Throw it right to you? MAGGIE:
Hamilton! What? (Sighing)
Oh, all right. Maggie, here, get it. Mine! Mine! Mine! Beast, look what you did! I didn’t do it.
My horns did it. Don’t be upset. We can go to
the beach ball factory and get a new one. Okay! We can just go
to the beach ball factory and get a new one. You should have worn your
socks over those sharp horns. How come there aren’t
any beach balls here, Maggie? I guess they haven’t
made any yet today. (Sniffing) But it won’t be
long now, Maggie. I can smell them cooking. Me too!
(Sniffing) It’s a funny
kind of smell. I wonder what
beach balls are made of. Mostly nothing. That’s why they’re so light. Oh. Get ready.
Here they come! Huh? What’s going on? Something is wrong
with these beach balls. Something is
definitely wrong. These are just
beach ball skins. There’s nothing inside. Hmm… We’d better go inside and tell
them that they’ve got a problem. Hello! ♪ (Whistle sounding) Is there anybody here?! I don’t think so, Maggie! You don’t have to yell. Oh. Sorry, Hamilton. Hey, look at that. Carrot tops. Hmm… You know what this means. Beach balls are
made from carrots? No. Someone working
here eats them. And who do we know that
loves eating carrots? Nedley! Nedley! Hello, Nedley. How nice to see you. I’m glad you stopped by. Did you come for a reason
or just to say hi? No. We’re here for a reason. Show him, Maggie. There’s something missing
in your beach balls. Look. I make these
balls carefully, and can say without doubt,
when I mixed the ingredients, I left nothing out. Exactly. You left nothing out. You left the air
out of the beach ball. That’s the most
important part. That’s right. Uh-huh. Hamilton is right. You just can’t imagine
the trouble I’m in. This has to be fixed.
But where to begin? Let’s begin at
the beginning, Nedley, and go through each step. Yes, we’ll help you
find out what’s wrong. ♪ It doesn’t look like
any colours are missing. All the squirters are squirting
from red through to green. There’s nothing wrong here.
It’s not this machine. ♪ Ooh! A polka dot maker. The squasher is squashing
the colours all flat. It never misses,
so I know it’s not that. What’s the next step, Nedley? The puncher that
punches all of the shapes is running like clockwork.
See? No mistakes. Yup. Everything
looks fine here. And here’s the machine
that puts them together and makes the balls strong
for all kinds of weather. The pieces drop off
at the end of their run. When they come out down here, the process is done. ♪ Hey! There’s a carrot
stuck in the end of that thing
that goes like this. Well, that
shouldn’t be in there. I saw it too! The reason for having
that carrot in place is to stop gusts of air
that blow in my face. A-ha! I think
that’s the problem. Well… there’s one way to find out. (Straining) ♪ It works! You fixed it, Maggie! Your problem is solved. Now, who would have guessed that a spout
which blows nothing, when stuck in a ball,
would fill it like stuffing? Amazing, isn’t it? (Giggling) If you ever have a problem
at the factory again, just call us.
We’ll help you fix it. I can’t thank you enough
for helping like this. Here, have a free ball.
It’s yours, I insist. Hey, Maggie, aren’t these
beach balls always free? Beast, that’s
not very polite. I’m sorry. Thank you, Nedley. We’ll go and use this
at the beach right now. Come on, let’s get back to our
game of monkey in the middle. See you later, alligator. In awhile… In awhile… uh… Crocodile. In awhile, crocodile! (Laughing) What a wonderful day! I know. Fun at the beach, a factory tour and
a free beach ball. (Sighing)
It’s just the best. (Laughing) (Squealing) (Huffing, chuckling) (Laughing) (Laughing) Hamilton, I couldn’t have
said it better myself. ALL:
To the beach! MAGGIE:
“Picnic Time.”
(Hamilton humming) (Humming continuing) Now, he’s cutting
off the crusts. I like sandwiches
without the crusts. (Humming) Now, he has to pack
everything in the basket. The watery-melon
goes on the bottom. Ooh! Then the lemonade. I love lemonade. And the plates
and the glasses… (Sniffing, sighing) The pumpkin pie
has to go on top, because it’ll get smooshed if you put anything
else on top of it. (Sighing)
All done. Mmm! The perfect picnic lunch! Hamilton, you’re the best picnic lunch maker
in Nowhere Land. Oh, thank you, Maggie. (Laughing) How about here? It looks perfect! Here we go. Mm-mm!
I love sandwiches with… (High-pitched chattering) Huh? (High-pitched chattering) Did you hear something? What? (High-pitched chattering) Look! (High-pitched chanting) (High-pitched chanting) (High-pitched chanting) (Drum roll sounding) (Trumpeting “Charge”) Charge! (High-pitched chanting) Ya! Yah! (High-pitched chattering) BEAST:
They’re going to
take all our food! No, they’re not! (Chattering angrily) (Chattering angrily) (Trumpeting “Charge”) Charge! Oh, my! Hold these. (Chattering angrily) (Trumpeting “Charge”) LEADER ANT:
Charge! Oh… (Chattering angrily) Gotcha. (Chattering angrily) (Trumpeting “Charge”) LEADER ANT:
Charge! (Chattering) (Laughing)
That tickles. (Laughing)
Stop it! Stop tickling! (Laughing) Ah! Stop it! (Laughing) (Chattering) Oh, no! (Chattering) (Chattering angrily) They just won’t give up. What will we do? Hmm…
I’ve got an idea. I think I’ll put this delicious bread over here. (Chattering) (Trumpeting “Charge”) Charge! (Chanting) Good thinking, Maggie. Mm-hmm. It’ll keep them busy now,
but not for long. Oh… (Chattering) We’ll have to think
of another plan. Hmm… Hmm… We could move somewhere else. They’d just follow us. (Sighing) Not if we go to
the other side of the river. The ants can’t follow us there. They can’t swim. Good plan, Maggie. Hurry up.
They’re almost done. (Chattering) What about my plate? MAGGIE:
We’ll go back later
and pick it up. (Chattering angrily) Mmm… blueberry tea. (Slurping) Mmm…
(Slurping) Would you like
a sandwich, Beast? Oh, yes, please! Hmm…
Pickle, anyone? (Chattering) (Gasping) Green tangerines! Look! (Chattering) (Trumpeting “Charge”) Charge! (Chattering) They sure are determined. Mmm… delicious. I know what we can do. (Munching) Huh? BEAST:
See? We put a little cheese
in here to catch the ants. Good idea, Beast. (Gasping)
Quick! Here they come! Look, Beast! They’re heading
right towards the jar. (Chattering) (Trumpeting “Charge”) Charge! (Chattering) (Chattering) (Trumpeting “Charge”) Charge! (Chanting) Look, they can’t get out. (Chattering) See? They can’t
climb up the sides. (Chattering) They don’t look
very happy. You’re right, Maggie. (Sighing) They just wanted to
have a picnic, like us. (Chattering angrily) Hmm… Let’s give them
a picnic of their own. Good idea, Beast. Good idea, Beast. This could be their blanket. Here we go. HAMILTON:
And these buttons
could be plates. Very nice. Mm-hmm. Next, we need
some tiny sandwiches. These flowers
can be the glasses. (Chattering happily) Yes, they work very nicely. And instead of watery-melon,
they can have a grape! (Laughing)
Perfect! I think everything’s ready.
Hello, little ants. (Chattering) Hello! We’re sorry we
put you in the jar. So, we’d like to invite
you to our picnic. (Chattering) (Chanting) (Chattering) (Chattering) (Chattering) (Chattering happily) Oh…
(Laughing) It was no trouble at all. Enjoy! Now, we can have our picnic. Mmm! (Chattering in sing-song) MAGGIE:
“The New Rubber Ball.”
(Sighing) Beast… what are you looking at? Oh, nothing. Well, let me see. Oh, my… Isn’t it the most beautiful rubber ball you’ve ever seen? Mm-hmm. Hamilton, I have
these many coins. Is it enough to buy the ball? Hmm… You have “this many”
coins, not “these many.” All right, Hamilton.
Are this many coins enough to buy the ball? I think so.
But here comes Maggie. She’ll be able to tell you. Hi, Maggie. Hi, Hamilton.
Hi, Beast. Maggie, Maggie,
you have to help me. Look at this. Ooh! Very nice. I have these many coins. Do I have enough
to buy this ball? You have “this many,”
not “these many.” Maggie, please! Do I have enough money
to buy this ball? Yes! Oh, goody!
Oh, great googly moogly! Will you go and
buy it for me right now? Please? Please?! Oh, all right. I’ll go now. Be back as soon as I can. Thank you, thank you! (Sighing) Will you please settle down? I wonder what’s taking so long. Here she is now. Hi, Maggie. (Gasping)
Hi, Maggie! There it is. Thank you, Maggie! Oh… What a beautiful ball. Here, Beast,
toss it to me. (Gasping)
Never! I beg your pardon? You might miss. If it hits the ground,
it’ll get dirty. Unbelievable. Hamilton,
could I borrow a chair? What for? The ball. I need
a chair to set it on. Honestly, Beast, sometimes you do
try my patience. Thank you, Hamilton. (Sniffing, sighing) There’s nothing like the smell
of a brand-new rubber ball. (Huffing) There you go, Beast. Isn’t it the most beautiful
thing you’ve ever seen? (Snoring) (Snoring) (Whispering:)
Maggie, do you believe this? (Snoring) He certainly does
love that ball. (Yawning) Oh, oh! A smudge! Hamilton, did you
smudge my ball? I never touched it. Well, then… can I
borrow your handkerchief? Oh, okay. Thank you, Hamilton. Hmm… Here you go. (Beeping) (Beeping) Beast, how many pictures
are you going to take? I want to make sure
I have a good one. Besides, I want to give one to you and Hamilton. (Beeping) It’s time for me to go. Oh, by the way, I’m bringing
the triplets tomorrow. I hope you didn’t
forget it’s their birthday and we’re having a party. Huh? I remembered. I’m baking a birthday cake and I knitted hats
for the little guys. See you tomorrow. Bye, Maggie. See you tomorrow. (Sighing) I better get started
on that birthday cake. Is there something wrong? No. Yes. I don’t have birthday
presents for the triplets. I forgot. Oh, don’t worry about that. Let’s see… I know! The hats I knitted
can be from both of us. Are you sure? I really should give them
something on my own. I’m sure.
Now, I’d better start on that birthday cake. (Laughing) Come on, now.
We’ll get you nice and clean. Then, you’ll open
your presents. Okay, here we go. ALL:
Ooh! Ah! (Laughing) Happy birthday! Look what The Beast
and I have for you. (Giggling) Wow…
(Giggling) (Giggling)
Hat! (Giggling)
Hat! (Bells jingling) Yes, hat.
Now, let’s get you ready. It’s almost time to go. No, wait, not yet. I didn’t give you my present. This is for all of you. This is from me. ALL:
Ooh… Ooh! (Chattering and giggling) (Giggling and chattering) Beast!
(Kiss smacking) Beast!
(Kiss smacking) Beast!
(Kiss smacking) Great googly moogly! They said my name!
Maggie, Hamilton, they said my name! They sure did, Beast. That was a wonderful
birthday present, Beast. I don’t mind, honest. ♪ ♪


  1. that smell they are smelling is actually toxic:P lol chemical fumes from the plastic. teaching children to breath in toxic chemicals are we?!?! >:O lol jk

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