(Upbeat piano) ♪ Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ ♪ In Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey ho ♪ ♪ Come on, let’s go ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! MAGGIE:
The Big Hat.
(Humming) Great googly moogly! (Snoring) Good morning, Hamilton! HAMILTON:
Huh? What? I said, good morning! Oh, it’s too
early to get up, Beast! It’s still dark out! No, it isn’t.
It’s a bright, sunny day. It is? Where are you? Right here. Where?
And where are all the stars? Where they go every morning. It’s just because
it’s dark under your hat. My hat? I was sleeping under a hat? Well, this can’t
possibly be my hat. It’s much too big to fit me. (Crashing) But it is a very nice hat. Yes, it is. You could fit a lot of things
in a hat that size. Uh-huh,
a lot of heads all at once. Yes, you certainly could. (Humming) MAGGIE:
Wow! Look at the size of that! Maggie! Hello, Maggie! Hi! This must be
The Kindly Giant’s hat. But why would he leave it here? Because he didn’t
want it anymore. And so, he threw it away. This far? When a giant throws a hat,
it can go quite a distance. What if his hat blew off
in a gust of wind? And what if
he’s looking for it? Hmm. It would take a hurricane
to carry off a hat this size. And The Kindly Giant is so tall,
and can see so far, that if he were looking for it,
he’d have found it already. Besides, I’ve already
got big plans for it. “Plans”? “Plans”? (Rummaging) A-ha! Is this going to be
your new house, Hamilton? No, my box will
always be my house. This will be the
place where I work. If you must know,
I’m opening a business. A store? A hat store? You’ll find out at 12:00 sharp. Now if you’ll excuse me,
I’ve got a lot to do. (Sawing) (Dreamy Hawaiian music) Mmm! I smell something good! (Sniffing) Me too. And it’s coming from
Hamilton’s work place. (Sizzling) Wow! Wow! Welcome to my restaurant! This is wonderful! Restaurant starts with “R”. “H” stands for “Hamilton’s”. It’s a very colourful sign.
And I like the name. (Laughing) I do too. When I have more time, I’ll make
all the letters in my name. Come on, wait till
you see the inside! Can we sit by the window? Ah, I’ll have to see.
Just wait here. (Sawing) (Panting) A table by the window
has just become available. Hamilton! Ooh! This is a very fancy hat. Maggie and Beast, table for two,
right this way, please. (Sniffing) Mmm! Beast, no! Those are
after dinner mints! I was just smelling them. May I recommend the
pumpkin soufflé flambé brûlée? What else do you have? Well, just that.
I was busy today. Then I’ll have the pumpkin
soufflé flambé brûlée, please. And I want the same as Maggie,
only bigger. That’s one pumpkin
soufflé flambé brûlée, and another pumpkin soufflé
flambé brûlée, that’s bigger, coming right up. (Sighing) Isn’t this something? Our Hamilton running
his own restaurant? Do you think I could have
a restaurant some day, Maggie? Maybe, if The Kindly Giant
throws away another hat. Dinner is served. Enjoy! It smells good! (Slurping) And it tastes good! What do you think, Maggie? Mmm! Pumpkin-y! There’s pumpkin in it! Does anyone else hear thunder? I do. But there’s
not a cloud in the sky. (Crashing) My lunch is jiggling. Wha– What’s going on out there? (Crashing) (Squealing) Could you eat faster?
I’m closing soon! But you just opened! What about
the after dinner mints? (Hamilton squealing) KINDLY GIANT:
Oh! Hello there! Hello, Kindly Giant! Good afternoon! KINDLY GIANT:
I’ve been all over
looking for this hat. It blew off in a hurricane. Gee, a hurricane! (Laughing) What do you know? Mint? Hmm. There’s a door in my hat. Well, and a window too. (Laughing) Yes, well,
there’s a reason for that. KINDLY GIANT:
This will keep my head nice and
cool on those hot summer days. And that’s the reason. Well, I must be going now. I still haven’t
found my umbrella. Goodbye! MAGGIE:
Bye! Bye-bye! Bye now! (Stomping) Oh! Now what do I do? You’re still in business,
Hamilton. Now you’ve got a sidewalk cafe. That’s a good idea, Maggie.
Everyone likes eating outside. It’s like a fancy picnic! The tables could run
right along here. (Gulping) Can I have my mint now? I finished my pumpkin
soufflé flambé brûlée. Maggie,
could you get him a mint? I have a sidewalk
cafe to lay out. Now, around each table here, I could put a beautiful
striped umbrella. And then here,
there’d be an entranceway. And people could line up
as they were waiting to come in. And I could have a
nice stack of many… MAGGIE:
The Camping Trip.
Check! Sleeping bag? Check! Pumpkins? “Pumpkins”? Check! Beast, you can’t take pumpkins
on a camping trip. Yes, I can.
I’m the Ferocious Beast. (Sighing) I’ll see if there’s room
in my box. Are we really going to sleep out
in a tent under the stars? We sure are, Beast. All night? Until the sun
comes up in the morning. Beast, you camp out under
the stars every night. I know. But this is different. This time, I’m camping out under
the stars with my best friends. Great googly moogly! This is going to be
the best night ever! Hamilton, make sure
you bring enough food. Yes, Beast. (Maggie laughing) According to the
map, this is it, the best camping spot
on the River of Dreams. Well? What do you think? Oh, Maggie! This is wonderful! Yes, it’s great. Can we eat now? (Maggie laughing) (Groaning) Beast, I need your help! BEAST:
Okay! (Crashing) (Laughing) Thank you, Beast. Perfect! I can’t wait to try it out.
Now can we eat? (Maggie laughing) (Slurping) Hamilton, that was
a wonderful dinner. (Slurping) Yes. It was delicious! And these pumpkins make
the perfect dessert. (Crunching) (Gulping) Mmm! (Maggie laughing) I think you’ve had enough
dessert for one night, Beast. Besides, I thought you
wanted to try out the tent. I do! I’ve never been
in a tent before. Great googly moogly! I’m going to like
sleeping in here. I’ll just get my sleeping bag. Huh? (Groaning) Uh-oh! I’m stuck! (Groaning) MAGGIE:
Be careful, Beast! HAMILTON:
Sit still. We’ll get you out! (All groaning and straining) Oh no! Now nobody will be able
to sleep in the tent! What did you do that for, Beast? I just wanted to be
with you and Maggie. MAGGIE:
Well, now that there is no tent, we can all sleep
under the stars. Outside? You mean on the ground? Sure. We don’t need a tent
to sleep under the stars. We just need stars. Come on, Hamilton. Oh! I’m not sure about this. (Sighing) Perfect! (Rustling) Did you hear that? Hear what? (Snapping and rustling) (Screaming) (Ripping) Oh no!
That was my sleeping bag, Beast! I thought I heard a bear! It must’ve been
your imagination. Oh! My sleeping bag. Hmm! (Crickets chirping) (Owl hooting) It sure is dark out. I’m scared. Don’t be scared, Beast.
Look at the stars. That really bright one
is the wishing star. Why don’t we all make a wish? Good idea! Why don’t you go first, Beast? I wish I’d brought
my nightlight. Your nightlight?
We’re camping out! I know! But I’m scared! (Twinkling) What are those things? Fireflies! I have an idea.
Come on, Hamilton. Okay! We’re going to need some jars. Do you have any in
your box, Hamilton? What for? You’ll see! All right. (Rummaging) Hmm. Found some! Good! Let’s get started! Here’s another one. Our very own
firefly nightlights. There.
Now you can get some sleep. Thank you, Maggie. Thank you, Hamilton. Goodnight! Goodnight, Beast. Goodnight, Beast. BEAST:
Hamilton? What is it now? Could you turn
the lights down a little? They’re fireflies.
I can’t turn them down! But I can’t sleep!
It’s too bright! It won’t be too bright
if you close your eyes. Oh! Goodnight, Hamilton! Goodnight, Beast! (Snapping) What was that? I’m scared! (Grumbling) Go to sleep, you two!
It’s your imagination. (Teeth chattering) (Rustling) It’s a bear! A big bear! A big bear! (Shouting) (Chattering) (Rustling) Whew! It’s a big
bear, all right! A big adorable teddy bear! (Laughing) Hi! MAGGIE:
Look, Hamilton! Ah, he’s cute! (Chattering) How big? Don’t be frightened, Beast. It’s okay. I won’t hurt you. My name is Paulie. I heard voices. So, I came over
to see what was happening. Oh! (All laughing) What are you doing here
so late? We’re camping
out under the stars. I camp out all the time. Would you like to join us? Yeah, that sounds like fun! Hey, do you have anything
to eat around here? I was looking for
a midnight snack. Well, I did bring a pumpkin pie. Oh, I love pumpkin pie.
Do you have any honey? Oh, yes, I’m sure we have
some honey for you. We’ll go get some. Oh, thank you! So, you like pumpkins too. Yup, always have, always will. But you like them with honey. I never like them with honey
because it makes me all sticky. And I wouldn’t want
to get my spots dirty because,
when my spots get dirty, I have to wash them. And the last time we washed
them, they all shrunk. And then Maggie had to put them
in a book to flatten them out. (Snoring) Am I boring you? (Maggie and Hamilton laughing) Why are you sleeping? MAGGIE:
The Leaning Tower of Carrot.
(Beast laughing) Great googly moogly, I’m hot.
I need a shady spot. (Upbeat music) Hmm. (Creaking) (Sighing) This isn’t shady enough. (Creaking) (Panting) (Egyptian music) (Panting) Ooh! Shade! (Lumbering music) (Inhaling) (Birds cawing) Sorry! Sorry, I’ll fix it! (Groaning) (Crashing) (Birds cawing) Oh, dear! Look! It’s Beast! Hi, Beast! Oh, Maggie!
There’s just too much of me. Look what I did! How did that happen? I just wanted
a shady spot. That’s all. And I pushed it by accident. Now all the birds are gone.
And the carrot’s all crooked! What’s Nedley going to say? Oh, he’s not going to
like this one bit! (Sighing) Don’t worry, Beast.
We can fix this. (Jaunty piano) Hmm. It just needs to be
propped up with something, something like a giant bookend. But it’s not a crooked book.
It’s a crooked vegetable! Beast, you’re absolutely right. Here’s the tomatoes.
Now we need a potato. You mean a “Po-tah-to”. No, it has to be a potato,
a great big one. Here we are. I don’t see any potatoes. Neither do I. (Laughing) They don’t grow up here. Potatoes grow under the ground. Ooh! Don’t they get dirty
under there? Really dirty! But that’s the way
potatoes like it. When I’m in the garden,
I like to wear overalls. Not potatoes,
they don’t wear anything. I know that! Come on, Hamilton. We’ve got
a lot of digging to do. You know,
I see a couple of beans that could hold up that carrot. Or how about that
strawberry over there? Great googly moogly! Hey! I think I found one!
Come on, Hamilton! (Sighing) All right, Maggie. (Sniffing) Mmm! I’m sure The Kindly Giant
wouldn’t mind if I have just a small taste. My goodness! This is the biggest
potato I’ve ever seen! Maggie, it could take weeks
to dig this out. And what about The Kindly Giant?
These are his vegetables. He said we could help ourselves
whenever we wanted. And whenever is today. (Rumbling) Speaking of The Kindly Giant… (Heavy tuba music) (Gasping) (Whimpering) Hello, Kindly Giant! KINDLY GIANT:
Ho ho! Look who’s here! It’s us! We’re just here
to dig up a potato. Well, so am I! You don’t need to dig with your
hands. I brought my shovel. This will save some time,
if we can lift it. Let me dig this potato up
for you. Really? Gee, thanks, Kindly Giant! (Digging) Great googly moogly! Wow! Unbelievable! Just look at the size
of those “Po-tah-toes”! “Po-tah-toes”? He means “Po-tay-toes”! I think this one
will do quite nicely. Would you like to borrow
my French fry cutter? No, thank you! (Grunting) We want to keep it
just the way it is. Hold on, Maggie.
We’ll help you! (All groaning) Thanks for your
help, Kindly Giant! And the potato! You’re most welcome! (Beast grunting) Goodbye! MAGGIE:
See you later! (Grunting) MAGGIE:
Keep going.
You’re almost there! Whoa, that’s perfect!
Good job, Beast! Whew! Thank you, Maggie. Yes, sir, that is one
sturdy vegetable now. And look! Here comes a bird! (Flapping) (Happy music) (Bird tweeting) (Birds calling) I’m glad they came back
before Nedley did. (Gasping) My typical day has
just taken a twist! I go out to get groceries
and come home to this? Hello, Nedley! Nice day, isn’t it? I’m too overwhelmed
to talk about weather. I want to find out who
put these together. It was me. Beast was
just trying to fix it. The carrot was crooked and– That carrot’s been tippy
for more than a week. This potato is perfect.
It’s huge. It’s unique! Oh! I’m glad you like it! Like it? I love it! And to show that I do,
I’ll invite you for dinner. You like carrot stew? I think that sounds tasty. I’ll have some! Me too! I’ll bring out my best dishes
and spoons just for you. I’m a lucky Beast! And I’m a lucky pig! (Maggie laughing) And I’m a lucky Maggie. (Giggling) I don’t think that rhymes. (Birds cawing) (Upbeat banjo music) (Upbeat jazz
instrumental theme song)


  1. Are we all just going to ignore the fact that those were after dinner mints, and they were having dinner at 12:00 sharp??????

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