♪ ♪ Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ ♪ In Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey, ho, come on, let’s go ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! ♪ MAGGIE:
Whoa! Hmm. MAGGIE:
It looks like
he’s sleeping in again, Beast. (Beast laughing) Let’s go and
get him up, Maggie. Time to get up, Hamilton! MAGGIE:
Rise and shine! (Clattering) Are you going
somewhere, Hamilton? I’m going with you. Where are we going? I don’t know! HAMILTON:
You’re going on a hike. Oh. Did we decide that yesterday? No. I decided it,
just now. Are you ready to go? I’m ready. Me, too.
I’ll lead the way. HAMILTON:
Wait! We’re not going that way. We’re going this way. BEAST:
Why? Um– Uh– (Giggling)
Because. Oh! okay. Okay. (Tropical music) HAMILTON:
Well, here we are
at the beach! Let’s play in the sand! Okay. Too bad we didn’t
bring our shovels. (Hamilton giggling)
Look what I’ve got. Ta-da! (Maggie and Beast gasp) Gee, thanks, Hamilton! Hooray! Ooh! I want the blue one. (Cheerful music) (Hamilton clearing throat) Wait!
We’re not digging here! We’re digging over
there, by the big rock! Why? Because. Oh. Okay. Okay. HAMILTON:
Four, five, six! I think this is a good spot. MAGGIE:
Okay. ♪ Are we going to make
a sand castle, Hamilton? No. What are we going to make? A hole. Just keep digging, Beast. Okay. (Mysterious chiming) MAGGIE:
Hmm. There’s a rock here. (Hamilton giggling)
It’s a bottle! (Gasping) It is? Uh– Well– It could be. Let’s see if it is! ♪ It is a bottle! Wow! (Gasping) And there’s
something inside! Great googly moogly! (Laughing) What is it? Let’s see. (Hamilton squealing) (Hamilton exhaling)
Maggie! That’s a perfectly good bottle! Sorry, Hamilton. What is it, Maggie? MAGGIE:
Hmm. I’m not sure! (Hamilton giggling) It’s a treasure map! MAGGIE/BEAST:
Yes! You go from here, to here,
to here! BEAST/MAGGIE:
Until you get to this chest. MAGGIE/BEAST: Hmm. It marks
where the treasure is! We can pretend we’re pirates, and search for it! I wish we had pirate costumes. We do! (Giggling) Ta-da! MAGGIE: Wow! BEAST: Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you! MAGGIE:
An eye patch! MAGGIE:
Arr, me hearties. We take 40 paces due north
from the big rock. Oh, goodie! I’ll lead the way. One. Two. Three. ALL:
35, 36, 37, 38, 39– 40! BEAST:
A-ha! A stick. That stick is
supposed to be there. MAGGIE/BEAST:
Why? Because. Oh. Maggie, what’s next?
I mean– Arr, what be next, matey? Arr. Go the length
of a kite string toward the big trees. I see the big trees. Now, all we need is
a kite string! There ya go! MAGGIE/BEAST:
Ohh! (Hamilton giggling) HAMILTON:
Come on!
We have to walk this way! Why? I don’t know, Beast. (Laughing) HAMILTON:
Arr, mateys. We’re close to the treasure now. (Sudden popping)
What? Well, that’s not right! That’s the end of
the kite string, Hamilton. No, no!
It’s supposed to end over there! Why? Um– Uh– Because. Oh. HAMILTON:
Hmm. There’s the problem! Look at your foot, Beast! Huh? Oops. Sorry. Here, I’ll help you. BEAST:
Thank you, Maggie. There you go. HAMILTON:
Good. Ha, that’s better. According to the map, the treasure is just
a stone’s throw away! And look! Here’s a stone we can throw! Here, Maggie, you throw it. Thanks, Hamilton. No. Not that way.
This way. Why? Because. MAGGIE/BEAST:
Ohh. Perfect! Come on! ♪ MAGGIE:
There’s the stone. But, where’s the treasure? Maybe other pirates
got here first. No! We have the map,
and we got here first. You just have to
look over there! Ta-da! (Victorious chiming) Great googly moogly! MAGGIE:
The treasure chest! HAMILTON:
Hmm. I wonder what’s inside. A-ha! Surprise! (Maggie and Beast gasping) MAGGIE:
Grape fizzy! BEAST:
With crazy straws! MAGGIE:
Sandwiches! BEAST:
With the crusts cut off! Hamilton,
this is wonderful! BEAST:
Aww! (Hamilton squealing) Hamilton. Whoa! Whoa! Ooh. (Giggling) Hamilton, this is the best
treasure I’ve ever eaten! Me, too! (Slurping and munching) MAGGIE/BEAST:
Thank you for planning it. You’re welcome.
I enjoyed doing it. (Slurping) ♪ (Hamilton humming) Are we ever going
to get started? I can’t make up my mind! HAMILTON:
And I have to
finish the laundry. BEAST:
Oh, Hamilton.
You’re so fussy. Hmm!
This looks interesting. Where? Where? MAGGIE:
Cake Town. (Hamilton gasping)
Let me see! Ohh! Maybe I’ll get
some new recipes! I’m ready right now! (Maggie laughing) Rudy lives on the way. We’ll stop off, and see
if he wants to come along. ♪ Thank you. MAGGIE:
I can never remember exactly which hole
Rudy lives in. We better start calling. Rudy! HAMILTON:
Rudy! BEAST:
Where are you? I’m up here!
What’s going on? MAGGIE:
We’re on our way to Cake Town. Would you like to come along? Cake Town?
I’ll be right down! I hope he hurries. I can’t wait to see Cake Town. You mean you can’t
wait to taste Cake Town. (Beast laughing)
Yeah! I hope they have free samples. Do you see anything, Maggie? MAGGIE:
Hmm. (Mysterious chiming) Nope. Wait a minute.
I see something! Is it Cake Town? MAGGIE:
It’s a hill covered
with tiger lilies! Where? Let me see! RUDY:
Wow! You’re right, Maggie! Tiger Lily Hill! Where?? Beast, go to the left!
We have to see this. Oh, all right. (Cheerful music) MAGGIE:
Oh, my! I love tiger lily flowers! We have them
in our garden at home. HAMILTON:
Hmm. (Sniffing) (Tiger lily meowing) (Gasping) (Chuckling)
Your mom doesn’t have
tiger lilies like these! Ohh! How peculiar! (Tiger lily meowing) (Meowing)
What’s that sound? I think that sound is coming
from these tiger lilies. (Sombre music) (Tiger lily meowing) He’s cute,
but he doesn’t look very happy. (Sad meowing)
None of them look happy. RUDY:
Hmm. What do you suppose is wrong? I don’t know. Now, hold on. Let’s try to figure
this out intelligently. What do flowers need
to make them happy? I know! I know!
Sunshine! But they have sunshine. They also need water. Yes. Maybe they’re thirsty. There’s a well over there. (Bouncy music) There you go. (Tiger lily meowing) RUDY:
Easy, fella.
Slow down! There! We’re finished! Are you still thirsty? (Tiger lilies purring) We have to go now. We’re on our way to Cake Town. But, we’ll come back
and visit you again. (Hamilton grunting) RUDY:
Goodbye, lilies! (Lilies meowing)
Goodbye! (Lilies meowing and purring) ♪ MAGGIE:
Cake Town! (Exclaiming) I wonder if they taste
as good as they look. (Maggie laughing) HAMILTON:
Beast, stop, please, so we can take a closer look. Okay. MAGGIE/HAMILTON:
Hooray! (Hamilton panting) Hamilton. This is the most beautiful
wedding cake I’ve ever seen! Come on! ♪ Here comes the bride ♪ ♪ The groom starts to slide ♪ ♪ They land in the icing ♪ ♪ Wow, what a ride ♪ (Laughing) Why don’t we see
how it tastes? Good idea! Let’s do it! ♪ (Rudy grunting) ♪ (Beast laughing) A-ha! Ooh-wee! Don’t take so much, Beast. What? This
piddly little piece? That piddly little piece
would feed a party of 12! Let’s check out
the cheesecake. ♪ Yippee! ♪ Hi-diddly-dee ♪ ♪ This is the cake for me ♪ ♪ Cheesecake is my favourite ♪ ♪ I’d like the recipe ♪ (Chomping)
Mmm-mmm. (Satisfied munching) Yummy! Now, let’s try that
devil’s food cake! Tumbling teddybears! You guys run along. I’ll stay here! ♪ (Hamilton gasping) (Sluggish chewing) There’s still one cake
we haven’t tried yet, Maggie. All right. (Nauseated moaning) (Beast sighing) ♪ (Sluggish sighing) (Rudy moaning) (Rudy belching) ♪ I ate the cake ♪ ♪ That was a mistake ♪ ♪ I guess I ate too much ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I have a stomachache ♪ (Maggie moaning) (Hamilton moaning) You can sing that again. ♪ We ate the cake ♪ ♪ That was a mistake ♪ ♪ We all ate too much ♪ ♪ Now all our stomachs ache ♪ Cheer up. We’ll feel better soon. (Hamilton moaning) (Beast groaning) (Maggie sighing) ♪ (Hamilton humming) Ahh! This one turned out
better, I’d say. Hoo-wee! Look at it go! (Maggie humming) MAGGIE:
Hmm. I wonder where all these paper
airplanes came from, Beast. I think they
came from the sky! (Gasping) Ow! HAMILTON:
Watch out! Good morning, Hamilton! HAMILTON:
Good morning! You should be more careful
where you throw things. You shouldn’t stand in
the middle of the runway. Humph! MAGGIE:
Hmm. You look different
today, Hamilton. Oh. It’s probably my hair. I shampooed it this morning, and the blow-dryer
makes it go silly. (Licking) (Grunting) There. How’s that? (Maggie and Beast laughing) (Hamilton laughing) MAGGIE:
Hmm. You still look different. BEAST:
Hmm. Yes, you do. Are you more pink today? I don’t think so. (Maggie laughing) (Chuckling) Oh well.
It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re Hamilton. (Hamilton giggling)
I’m Hamilton, all right. Give him his picture, Maggie. (Hamilton gasping) Oh yeah. I finished your portrait! Wow! It looks just like me! Don’t you think? MAGGIE:
Hmm. Ohh, that’s what it is! You’re wearing
a different sweater today! I only have one sweater
with an H on it, Maggie, and I wear it all the time! Then, where did your H go? Huh? You’re not wearing it today. (Hamilton gasping) Where did my H go? That’s what I said. It’s gone, Maggie! Look! There’s only stitching
left where it used to be! MAGGIE:
Oh, dear. It’s come off, all right. I’ve got to find it! I’ve got to get my H back! Where could it be? It can’t be too
far away, Hamilton. When did you last see it? HAMILTON:
Let me think now. I got up this morning.
And then I got dressed. And then I had breakfast. And– (Gasping)
Breakfast! I saw it in the toaster! Great googly moogly! What was it doing
in the toaster? No, no, no! When I looked at my
reflection in the toaster, it was there, I remember! And, I saw it in the mirror when I was brushing
my teeth, too. And then what? And then
I did some housework! Maybe that’s when it came off! Maybe I caught it on a hook. Or, maybe I hooked
it on a hanger! Maybe it’s stuck
in the vacuum cleaner hose! Hello. Mmm. (Laughing) Those are very lovely
spots you have. (Banging) HAMILTON:
Well, that’s everything! I’m down to the bare walls! No luck, huh, Hamilton? HAMILTON:
Wait a minute!
Hold on! There’s something
under this box flap. Is it your H?
Did you find it? No. It’s just a “B.” A “B” is nice, too. B is for box. I’m not a box!
I’m a Hamilton! And my H is gone forever! (Moaning) Don’t worry, Hamilton.
It’ll turn up! Just like you found
these two missing stockings and a mitten, right? I don’t have the matching
stockings or mittens anymore. I feel funny without my H. I would lend you one of
my spots, Hamilton, but– HAMILTON:
I know.
It’s too big. BEAST:
No. I’m scared you might lose it. (Hamilton groaning) MAGGIE:
Hmm. Maybe I can make something
for you to wear in the meantime! Really?
With an H on it? Of course! Oh, thank you, Maggie. MAGGIE:
There. H for Hamilton. And do you really think I’ll start to like
wearing this? MAGGIE, LAUGHING:
Sure! And Beast and I
will be getting used to our new fashions,
right along with you! BEAST:
Maggie! I’m having problems
with my horn covers. They keep going in my face. Horn covers should be
worn back behind the ears. Here, Beast.
Let me help you. There. Maggie! (Maggie sighing)
Dear Beast. Bend your head down,
and I’ll fix it. There.
That’s much better! I’m having problems, too. This hat won’t stay up! (Maggie laughing) MAGGIE:
It’s because you’re not using
the chin strap I put on! But I don’t like
the chin strap. (Moaning) You’re just not
used to it yet. There. Try that for a while. Will you tell me
when a while is up? BEAST:
Maggie! (Frustrated yelling) (Sighing)
That feels better. (Hamilton groaning) This hat is giving
me a crick in my neck! I’m sorry, Maggie. It’s too hard for me
to get used to a new look. That’s okay, Hamilton. I know how you feel. I like
my old hat better, too. And I like my horns
out in the fresh air. (Humming) (Hamilton sighing) And I like an H
on the front of my sweater, but I haven’t got one. MAGGIE:
Hmm. Hamilton. Why don’t I take
your sweater home and have another
H sewn on for you? A red one? I’ll try. Oh, Maggie! I’d be so happy if you
could do that for me! (Beast and Maggie gasp)
Great googly moogly! There it is! (Hamilton gasping) My H! Ohh. (Maggie laughing) You had your sweater
on inside-out, Hamilton. (Hamilton laughing)
I guess I did. Sorry about all the fuss. That’s okay. I’m glad you got
your H back. (Chuckling) So am I. Come on! Let’s all go fly
some paper airplanes! (Beast laughing)
Wait for me! (Hamilton laughing) I’m right behind you, Maggie! ALL:
Hooray! ♪


  1. Hamilton if you're forgetting Beast is a huge animal of course he's going to take a big amount of cake is your brain really pea-size

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