♪ Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
in Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can! ♪ ♪ Hey-ho come on let’s go
to Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! Are you sure you have
everything, Hamilton? Hmm. Let’s see. Sleeping bag. Check. Cookies, milk. Mm! Check! Flashlight. Check. Bunny slippers.
Check. Hey, look!
I packed mine too. Oh, I like yours, Maggie. Aren’t you going to pack
your slippers, Beast? No. Why not, Beast? I don’t know where they are. We can find them. You don’t have to. (Gasping) Here they are! What were
they doing there? (Nervously chuckling) Ah, there. All packed. Really, Hamilton,
I don’t need them. Nonsense.
They’ll keep your feet warm. We should get going.
We don’t want to be late. Move out! Yay! (Both cheering) Where are they?
It’s getting late. MAGGIE:
Hi, Rudy! Hello! Hello, Rudy. Welcome to my annual
Sleepover in Cheese Town. (Cheering) We better
hurry and set up. What can we do, Hamilton? We can all start by rolling out
our sleeping bags. (Laughing) Hey! Help! Hmph! Ah! Look, Rudy. Hamilton and I
have the same slippers. (Gasping) Wait a minute! I have
bunny slippers too! What? You just pulled your slippers
over your boots. Yeah, so? I just thought it was funny, since your boots
don’t come off. Well, I just like them. Come on, everyone.
Let’s have our bedtime snack. Beast, aren’t you
going to have your cookie? (Sighing) Is something the matter? No. Hmm. (Gasping) I bet I can make some bunny ears
out of paper. I could tape them
to your slippers. Then you’d have
bunny slippers too! Oh, I’ll make the tails. There. Aren’t they cute? HAMILTON:
Wow, Maggie,
they look terrific! Yes, I love the floppy ears.
Don’t you, Beast? I guess. But I wish I had real
bunny slippers like all of you. Dear Beast. Maybe you’ll
feel better about them in the morning. (Yawning) We’d better go to bed. Goodnight everyone. MAGGIE:
Goodnight, Rudy. (Sighing) Goodnight, Hamilton.
Goodnight, Beast. Goodnight, everybody. (Sighing) Goodnight. ♪ Hey, Beast.
What’s your problem? Ah! Aren’t we good enough
for you? No. It’s just,
I just wish you were
real bunny slippers. Oh, we’re not
real bunny slippers. Do you know how hard it is to find bunny slippers
to fit your feet? We’ve served you so well,
keeping your big feet warm, and this is
the thanks we get? I’m sorry, I just wish
I had slippers like the others. Sometimes, it’s good to be
a little different. Well, you are
warm and cozy. Yeah. And we’re cute too. Maggie did a good job
drawing you, but you’re still
not real bunny slippers. (Both grunting) Yeah, well, can real
bunny slippers do this? Hit it. ♪ Great googly moogly! Even Maggie’s slippers
can’t dance. BOTH:
We knew you’d like it. (Yawning) Must be getting late. Maybe we’d better
get some sleep. That’s a good idea.
Goodnight, bunny slippers. BOTH:
Goodnight, Beast. (Yawning) Good morning, Maggie. Good morning, Beast.
Did you sleep well? Oh, yes,
I slept very well. I’m sorry your bunny slippers
aren’t real, Beast. What do you mean?
I love them! I knew you’d feel better
about them in the morning. They’re the best slippers
in Nowhere Land. (Laughing) (Yawning) Good morning. Good morning. Good morning, Hamilton. Hamilton,
it’s not windy enough. HAMILTON:
Oh, there’ll be a breeze,
I just know it. Kites don’t need
very much wind. Yes, but they need something. Come on,
let’s do something else. I found it! I’m sure
a breeze will come along. Now, hold this up
and I’ll run. Hold it up higher! Oh, boy! (Gasping) (Laughing) See? I told you. (Grunting) There is no wind! Oh! Oh, Beast,
I feel something! Try again! Hmm. I’m ready. Okay. I told you there was
a breeze coming! Wow! Yippee! (Grunting) Careful, Hamilton. HAMILTON:
Whoa! Whoa! (Both grunting) It’s getting very windy! We better reel it in! Uh-oh. (Both gasping) Oh, no! Oh, oh! (Panting) Oh, no! It’s gone! Oh. (Gasping) My box! Got it. Oh, thank you, Beast. Wow, it sure is windy today. It sure is. Where can we go
to get out of this wind? Maybe we can find somewhere
on the map? Good idea, Maggie. Ah! Hurry!
We have to catch it! (Grunting) (Panting) I’ve got it! No, I don’t. Oh! Hamilton, Beast, come on!
It’s getting away! Where did it go, Maggie? There it is. Come on. ♪ I’ve got it! Eep! Oh. No, I don’t! Oh, I almost had it. It’s this wind! (Gasping) There it is.
Quick, get on. Hurry, Beast! No, no, no!
It’s gone. What if we never find it? We’ll find it, Maggie. I’m not sure which way to go
without the map. We can still
find our way around. What if we get lost
looking for it? (Gasping) We know how to get
to Cheese Town, and that’s in the same direction
as the wind. Let’s ask Rudy
if he’s seen the map. Good idea, Beast. Thank you. Come on, Maggie.
We’ll find it. Hi, Rudy. Hi, guys. Have you seen
Maggie’s map? No, why? It blew away. Oh, no!
I haven’t seen it! Oh. Where could it be? I’m sorry, Maggie. It’s okay, Rudy.
It’s not anyone’s fault. Sometimes
things get lost. We’d better keep looking. Thanks, anyway, Rudy. Okay. Good luck. There’s no sign
of it anywhere. (Sighing) Can we make
another map, Maggie? (Sighing) I’ll never remember
everything that was on it. It was drawn on a piece of paper
that my dad gave me. It’s very special. (Gasping) Hamilton… Ow! isn’t that
your kite up there? Oh, yes, it is! Ooh-whee! And look at
that bird’s nest there. Why does it
look so strange? (Squawking) It’s the map! Hello, there. Um, you have
our friend’s map. (Squawking) I don’t think he wants you
to take it, Hamilton. I can see that, Beast. Why don’t you trade the kite
for the map? Good idea, Beast. Thank you. Oh, dear. Okay. I can do this. Here you go. Yay! Hurray! Thank you for getting
my map back, Hamilton. I’m so happy we found it. Me too. Me three! (Laughing) I’m hungry.
Can we go home now? Of course. And if we get lost,
I can always check my map. Bye-bye! Bye now. Goodbye. (Squawking) Maggie, what did Rudy say? Tell me again,
I don’t understand. Neither do I, Maggie. (Giggling) Rudy just said
he was going to bring Nedley over
this afternoon. Bring Nedley over? What does that mean?
Why can’t he come on his own? We’ll just have to
wait and see. (Quacking) (Laughing) (Grunting) Here they come! Maggie, what are they doing? It looks like Rudy
is leading Nedley along. Nedley is down! He’s up again. Hmm, is he wearing glasses? Shh! Here they come. This was, Nedley.
Careful. Sorry, I know we’re overdue. Hi, there, Maggie.
Is that you? Uh, I’m over here, Nedley. Are you all right? Thank you, Maggie.
Believe me, I’m fine. Today, I feel like
the world is mine. (Sighing) Uh, Nedley, does this
have anything to do with the glasses
you’re wearing? To answer your question,
if you’ll agree, they add a touch
of maturity. But Nedley,
you can’t see with them. Beast is right. Those glasses
are not right for you. These glasses are fine.
It’s just that they’re new. My eyes will adjust
in a day or two. (Gasping) Nedley, are you all right? Did a doctor give you
those glasses? No. Then where did you get them? I found them at a place we all
know: The Land of Lost Things, where all lost things go. But rabbits
don’t wear glasses. That’s right, Rudy. Rabbits have excellent vision
because they eat carrots! I don’t need glasses
to help me see, but they do add a touch
of dignity. No more talk about glasses,
let’s be on our way. Will someone please tell me
where we’re going today? Let’s go fishing. I’m ready. (Laughing) Um, Nedley, you’re facing
the wrong way. Oh, so I am. (Laughing) Oh! Whoo! (Laughing) I’ll pack up the fishing gear
and we’ll be ready to go. (Laughing) Maggie,
what are we going to do? He’s fallen in the river three
times since we got here. Shh! He’ll hear you. Nedley,
are you drying out? Oh, yes. My eyes
need some time to adjust, but I’ll wear these glasses,
it’s an absolute must. Nedley, you’re making me
a nervous wreck. I’m afraid with those glasses,
you’ll break your neck. Hamilton. (Laughing) We must keep an eye on him
so he doesn’t fall in again. He really believes those glasses
do something for his image. Oh! Oh!
I’ve got a fish. I’ve got a fish!
Oof! It must be big,
it weighs a tonne! Yes, it is.
Look at the size of that one. (Grunting) Isn’t that a beauty? MAGGIE:
that isn’t a fish, it’s an old rubber boot. Oh. Yes, so it is. Honestly, Nedley,
you should consider getting rid
of those glasses. Never. (Yawning) I’m tired of fishing. The fish have eaten
all our strawberries anyway. I agree. So, what
are we going to do now? Hmm. How about a game
of Hide-and-Go-Seek? Good idea! Look who’s coming! ALL:
Hup, hup, up! Who is it? Is anybody in there? Is that
one of the jelly beans? It’s me, Green! Would you jelly beans
like to join us in a game
of Hide-and-Go-Seek? Yeah! Let’s play! Hmm. Let’s see
who will be it. One potato, two potato,
three potato, four. Five potato, six potato,
seven potato, more. My mother says
I should pick you! ♪ Nedley’s It!
Nedley’s It! ♪ Okay, Nedley,
stand against that tree, close your eyes
and count to ten. And don’t look! (Hamilton laughing) Shh! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ready or not,
here I come! Um… (Yawning) Is that you, Hamilton? Oh, for goodness sake,
Nedley. We’re all here
in front of you. Please, Nedley, you can’t see
with those glasses. Yeah, take them off, Nedley. Never! Give me
the glasses, Nedley! Never! Nedley, you can’t wear
somebody else’s glasses. Now give them to me! Ohh. Trust me.
I have a plan. (Nedley groaning) Come on, Nedley,
Maggie has a plan. Yeah. A plan!
Trust her. (Groaning) I’m just going to take
the lenses out. Now try them. Oh! Thank you, Maggie,
for removing the glass. It’s the frames that
give me a touch of class. You’re welcome. I still look great,
and now I can see. You’re a really good friend
for helping me. ALL:
Hooray for Maggie! ♪


  1. Yes
    1×05 What Does Blue Need?
    1×07 Adventures In Art
    1×09 Pretend Time
    1×11 The Trying Game
    1×15 What Does Blue Want To Make?
    1×18 What Is Blue Afraid Of?
    2×08 Math!
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    2×19 What Is Blue Trying To Do?

  2. Nurture!
    Season 2 Episode 17
    Nick Jr Logos: Ducks
    Skidoo: Book Of Safari
    1. A Bowl
    2. Carrots
    3. Turquoise
    Answer To Blue's Clues: Feed Blue's Pet Turtle

  3. Do she even got friends & where parents at ?? Her parents just let her chill with a pig & a beast & a mouse

  4. Blue's Clues: Nurture!
    Season 2 Episode 17
    Nick Jr Logos: Ducks
    Skidoo: Book Of Safari
    1. A Bowl
    2. Carrots
    3. Turquoise
    Right Answer: Feed Blue's Pet Turtle

    Phrase Compilation Voiceovers
    Yes "What Does Blue Need?"
    Side Table Drawer "Steve Gets The Sniffles"
    That Way "Adventures In Art"
    No, A Clue "The Grow Show"
    A Clue "What Experiment Does Blue Want To Try?"
    Notebook "What Story Does Blue Want To Play?"
    Over There "Blue Wants To Play A Game"
    A Clue A Clue "What Does Blue Want To Do On A Rainy Day?"
    A Clue A Clue "The Lost Episode"
    No, It's A Clue "Math!"
    Notebook "The Grow Show"
    Thinking Chair "Blue's Favorite Song"

  5. Why Hamilton had to give up his kite for her map. If she wanted it she should have gotten it like Hamilton got his own kite

    😂😂😂😂 does that make me selfish??

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