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It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV! Yeah!
Maggie! Maggie! Oh, where is that naughty naughty bird?! Oh! He-hey! Hello boys and
girls! I’m out from walk in the woods with Maggie. But, where is she? Hi-hi-hi. Woo-hoo!
Hi Steve! Maggie! Stop being silly. Come on, let’s go for our walk! No! Let’s go for
a fly! Ha-ha-ha! Oh, Maggie. I can’t fly! Can you? No. So come with me for a walk. Come
on. Let’s walk! Let’s go! Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Oh! Oh, no!
Look. A river! I can’t walk over the river! But there are stepping stones! We can jump!
Come on. Jump with me! Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump. Oh! Come on! Maggie! Oh, you naughty
naughty bird! Oh… He… Hey! Listen. What’s that? What is it? Oh no! Wasps! Aah! Come
on! Let’s run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Run. Run. Run… walk. Stop.
Oh… Oh, dear… Hey! This looks like a good place to stop and have a picnic! And I’ve
got some snacks in my bag for me and Maggie. But where is Maggie? Maggie? Maggie! Where
is that bird?! Oh well… Let’s get the snacks out. Right. What’s in my bag? Oh-oh!
A nice delicious toy car?! Bleh… I can’t eat a toy car! That must be Maggie… Naughty
naughty bird. Oh, hey! What’s this? Oh-oh! It’s a nice juicy apple! And what colour
is the apple? What colour is it? Yeah! It’s red! So, say with me. Up here: What is it?
It’s a red apple. Ha-ha. Come on, say it with me. What is it? It’s a red apple. What
is it? It’s a red apple. Well done. I’ll put the apple down here. Okay, what else is
in my bag? Hi-hi. Let’s have some fun! Oh-oh. Is it an apple? Ha-ha. No, it isn’t. Hi-hi-hi.
It’s an onion! Hi-hi, yeah! An onion for Steve! Oh-oh, fantastic! Hey, look! What have
I got? A bag of crisps! Oh-oh! Delicious. Let me try one. Mmm… Mmm! Very crunchy!
So, say with me. Down here: What are they? They are crunchy crisps! Come on, say with
me. What are they? They are crunchy crisps! And again. What are they? They are crunchy
crisps! Well done. Mmm… I like crisps, that’s delicious. Okay. Let’s have another look
in my bag! Hi-hi! They’re not crisps. Ha-ha! No no no! It’s dry pasta! Ha-ha! Dry pasta
for Steve! Where is it? Where is it? Oh! He-hey! Here it is! Look! My fussy drink! Oh, delicious!
Hey, come on. Say it with me up here and down here. It’s a fussy drink. Say it with me.
Come on. Are you ready? It’s a fussy drink. It’s a fussy drink. It’s a fussy drink.
Well done. Great! Okay. A picnic is ready. But where is Maggie? Maggie! Maggie! Let’s
change the fussy drink for water. Maggie, where are you? Hi-hi. Hi Steve! Oh! Hi Maggie!
Come on, let’s have a picnic! Ehm… a picnic of raw onion, dry pasta and water? Ha-ha.
No, thank you! No, thank you Steve. I’m not hungry. Really? Well I’m hungry and
I’m going to start the picnic with that delicious juicy red apple. Oh-oh-oh. O-oh!
I like apples. Do you? Yeah? They’re delicious! Aren’t they? Mmm… (biting) Mmm… Bleh!
That’s not an apple! It’s a raw onion! Bleh! Oh… I need some crisps to take away
that taste. Where are my crisps? Oh, good. I’ve got my delicious crunchy crisps. Mmm…
(eating) Oh! Oh-oh-oh! They’re not crisps! Ah! That’s dry pasta! Oh! I need a drink
now! Where’s my drink? Oh, great! I’ve got my fussy drink. Oh… (drinking) Hey!
That’s not my fussy drink! That’s water! But I need a drink of anything! Mmm… Ah!
That’s better. But hey! Where’s my fussy drink?! Hey! It’s here! My fussy drink,
my apple and my crisps! Oh, it must be Maggie! That naughty naughty bird! Maggie! Ha-ha-ha-ha.
Hey! That was fun! Yeah! That was fun! Hi-hi-hi. Maggie, what do you mean it was fun? It’s
still is fun. You can enjoy your picnic of raw onion, dry pasta and water and I’ll
enjoy my picnic of a delicious apple. Mmm… Crunchy crisps and my fussy drink. Ha-ha-ha.
Come on Maggie. Eat your onion. Bye-bye boys and girls. See you next time. He-hey! So,
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