Make a “Summer in the Park” Quilt Using Jelly Rolls

Make a “Summer in the Park” Quilt Using Jelly Rolls

Hi, Iím Natalie, from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company, and today I have a fun new project for you. Many of you have seen the tutorials
that weíve done using tube quilting, and I thought it would be fun if we added a Moda
Basic to that, and then did two strips on the other side instead of yardage. So, what
weíre going to do today is weíre going to use this Design Roll from Westminster. Itís
Jennifer Paginelli, Pretty Please fabric, and weíre going to add to that a Jelly Roll
basic. Iím going to use this white. So, weíve got these ones over here that are
opened up. So, what weíre going to do is, weíre going to take a white strip and weíre
going to run a colored strip on either side of it. You can just mix and match. You can
pick which ever ones you want, and weíre going to do one set of these and then the
other set is going to have one solid down the center with two white strips on either
side. So, letís go on over to the sewing machine and weíll sew these together. We
have our two strips. Weíre going to put them right sides together.
Now Modaís are pinked and Westminsterís are not so what I do to make sure that Iíve
got it right is I put the Moda strip on top because then the pinked edges are just inside
the fabric. See how that lines up and you can see the colored fabric just barely on
the edge. So, weíre going to go ahead and sew our ºî seam all the way down to the
end of the strip and then weíll add another white strip on the other side. OK, so we have
our strip sets done. We have the two colors with the white and then the whites with the
one in the middle. Weíve pressed them flat, and so now, what weíre going to do is weíre
going to set these directly on top of each other. Theyíll match up so thereís no other
kinds of cutting that youíll need to do, and weíre going to take this over to the
sewing machine and sew ºî on both sides. So, come with me. I wanted to show you how,
on the edges here, because all of the fabric lines are not exactly the same, theyíre not
quite perfect. That doesnít really matter. Youíre going to be cutting that edge off
anyways. What you want to do is make sure that your side seams are perfect, because
thatís the seam that youíre going to be lining up and cutting on. So, weíre going
to go ahead and do our ºî right here, along both sides. OK, so we finished sewing that seam. Weíre
going to flip it around, and I want to remind you that Iíve got my white strips along the
edges of the design roll, because itís easier for me to see how to match them up that way.
The white pinked edges just show the tiniest little bit of that blue. Can you see that?
So, Iím going to go ahead and finish this side and then we will take it over and Iíll
show you how to cut. OK, so we have our strip sets sewn on both sides. Now weíre going
to take our square ruler, and weíre going to line it up on the seam just like we did
for our other tube quilting, and Iíve discovered that really you can make these as big as you
want as long as you have a ruler that will fit that. So, we cut both sides, and weíre
going to need four to make a block weíll have two left over, and weíll probably try
and work those ones in around the borders, because I think that makes a fun scrappy border
to go around the edge of a quilt like this. OK, weíre going to take them over and press
them open. Make sure and set our seam, and press all these blocks nice and flat. It helps
them to fit together better that way. OK, so we have our blocks. Theyíre all ironed,
and pressed, and what weíre going to do is alternate them. So, we have the double hourglass
effect, but this white is going to make a really cool box. Youíll see this is going to be a darling,
darling quilt when weíre all done. We have some other ones here weíre going to join
up with it, and these ones. So, see how the whites will X through and O, and then you
have this little hourglass in the middle. I just think itís the cutest thing, and letís
see if we can move this up a little bit, so, you can see a lot more of the quilt. I canít
wait to sew this whole thing together. I think itís going to be so cute! All right, so youíll
have these white boxes in the middle, theyíll alternate. So, weíll show you this quilt
as soon as itís all sewn together.

99 thoughts on “Make a “Summer in the Park” Quilt Using Jelly Rolls

  1. Natalie I just reviewed Saturday in the park video. Can you please let me know where is the finished quilt is to be seen? You said in this tutorial I will show you the finished product area can you tell me how many pieces I am to get out of one set ?? of the jellyroll . How big is this quilt going to be. When you use the square ruler I don't know what size you were cutting??

  2. I know it's one of the "older videos", but I miss the information of the fabrics, how much one would need and would like to know if the here used fabrics or jelly rolls are still available. Thanks in advance!

  3. Dear MSQC! Could you give a bit more details on how much fabric you use for such a quilt? Perhaps you could add a snapshot of a finished summer in the park quilt? Just to give a rough idea how many blocks are there in a row from 2 jelly rolls? Thank you!

  4. I am a new quilter & I'm a  little disappointed because the finished quilt, using the extra block pieces, was never shown at the end.  I haven't seen it anywhere.

  5. I love this tutorial. I think I've watched it a dozen times. Lol
    This is such a beautiful and fun pattern. I've just started my second quilt like this!

  6. Am making this one now. Haven't finished it yet, and made a big boo- boo cutting one set of squares. So I'm going to see how big this quilt will be, and then maybe add another set of jelly rolls to make it bigger. The blocks are really easy to make, and are coming out beautifully. I didn't notice that my square I used was different on the two sides until I cut one whole strip set. It turned out smaller than the other ones. I'm just glad I noticed it after cutting one set. I am very excited about putting the blocks together and seeing the finished product.

  7. I went to this link and saw that one of the pics give the fabric needed and the size.

  8. I saw this in blacks and whites and it looked way too hard. This tutorial makes it easy for me, a beginner. Thank you.

  9. There is one problem with MSQC, they make these quilt tutorials look so easy. YES, it is a motivator. I made the orange peel quilt for my granddaughter thanks to Jenny.

  10. Holy cow! I'm brand new to quilting and this video blew my mind! It makes me feel like I could actually do this!

  11. I would suggest re-shooting this video. She didn't explain how she cut the triangles well at all and never showed the finished quilt. I like many of your other videos much more.

  12. I love the video! But I only end up with 6 triangles so can only make one square!!! What do I do with the other 2 triangles??? Have I done something wrong??

  13. I made my quilt top with this pattern. I used cornflower blue for the background and blue and green Batiks. ( the couple this is going to wanted beach/ocean color scheme) . My choice for the back of my quilt is North American Wildlife – Fish Ocean Yardage. They are going to be a wee bit surprised. Thank You MSQC for the fabric and the pattern and tutorial.

  14. I remember watching this tutorial, this one shows me that you don't have to have special rulers but they are handy.

  15. Well ain't you just the 'mini me' of your Mom. LOL. The way you present and talk is just like her. I hope we see more of you in the future. In the words of you and your Mom, I think it is "Just Darling" how much alike you two are. I hope you will continue on in her legacy when the time arises. Great job.

  16. My goodness, MSQC! This is an old video. I've been enjoying & learning from your newer videos for awhile now and it's fun to see the growth. Even in the beginning, you kids were showing some great potential and I love this quilt block. Hmm, wonder if you could add a trailer with a pic of finished product. I will go through comments. I bet you have pics posted somewhere. Also, did I miss what line she is cutting on? Assuming it's an angle line. Thank you for your quality work at my kind of price. 😉

  17. Gorgeous quilt and soon to be tried, but I'm curious about the ones in the background, especially the one with the 'trees' on it. Could you say what pattern it is and whether you've done , or are planning a tutorial for it? Many thanks.

  18. If the edge of the fabric is not cut with pinking shears, the fabric should be zigzagged with the sewing machine.

  19. This was one of my first quilts and is a favorite. Natalie, you are a great instructor. Please do more videos.

  20. Dear Missouri star quilting company,
    This is Brian Mitchell And I am wondering for the template square you used to cut squares what size do you recommend and can I go smaller on the template size at my local Joannes if I buy the template I also want to know where do you buy the fabric rolls used in this video that have the phone vibrate print and white print on the fabric let me know this as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Missouri star quilting company

  21. thankyou so much for this tutorial. i used your idea and made my first quilt cover for our bed and all people say is its bright but the dog and my hubbie love it

  22. What should be the dimensions of one square? (1/4 of a block)

    I just made the cuts in my first "tube" and each square is QUITE irregular from the next. Trimming is a must, but I don't know what size I should aim for.

  23. The block is fun looking, however, missed one thing. When you cut the triangles, it’s not clear what was measured in order to place the ruler correctly. How did you determine where to place the ruler so you can get the right sized triangle? Thanks much.

  24. I remember watching this tutorial back in 2011. It was one of my favorites. You do a fabulous job Natalie.

  25. after reviewing this a couple of times, I get it now…I don't know why I was so confused before…LOL  It is a pretty quilt top.

  26. UPDATE NEEDED PLEASE. I love this quilt, BUT where to place the ruler onto the fabric when piece cutting would be helpful and important to know but left out ..along with the final dimension of the quilt ??..and how much fabric is needed to make the quilt is needed.

  27. The tutorial ended before you finished the quilt !! What happened to the finished quilt ? I would love to see the end of the tutorial !

  28. Tried it with rests I had from othr projects. Did the piecing and batting. Went all so fast and a lovely result! Thanks!

  29. does anyone realize this is the same pattern as Four Seasons but this one uses strips and the Four Seasons uses charms or 10 inch squares??

  30. Ok well I answered my own question. In the pattern it says to make 13 tubes for a 74×81 size quilt. One roll print and one roll neutral strips. Each row has 8 blocks, 9 rows total. For backing u need 5 yards total

  31. I am really frustrated with the pattern instructions for this quilt. It says to press the seams toward the prints. However, when you do that, the seams stack rather than nest when I sew the blocks together. I really can’t tell what you did in the video, but it would be better if they alternated. I’m going to have to go back and re-press every other block.

  32. is there a paper pattern to go along with this on the website? How many strips of each jelly roll did she use? Cuting the tube was a tad unclear, what marks was she looking at and how was she determining where to cut? Was she making the point at the edge of the tube, or the seam line? how many blocks did she make and how much yardage was needed for backing, binding? Also camera work seemed to lag behind and didn't always show the work table. Seems good in concept, but for a beginning quilter, there are some gaps to this tutorial. 🙁

  33. I have started this would share if I knew how I have one block my question to you what quilting design are you going to use after this is put together ….I am a begainer

  34. This is a lot of fun quilt I referred to Jenny's walk in park verson also love this beautiful quilt thanks

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