Make A Toilet for Camping, Hunting, Emergencies- DIY Portable Toilet

Make A Toilet for Camping, Hunting, Emergencies- DIY Portable Toilet

make an emergency bucket toilet for camping hunting emergencies shtf survival DIY homemade off grid honey bucket portable toilet Hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m going to elk camp and want to make sure I
have a potty or toilet make an emergency bucket toilet portable off grid so I thought I would make one out of something and I don’t need to spend a lot of money but I have a toilet just in case it would also work if you want one for
an emergency and don’t want to buy a luggable loo I have a free bucket from the grocery store what you do is take a kitchen bag that has a tie at the top and you set it down in the bucket then you get the pipe insulation wrap from the hardware store it already has a core in the middle that is hollow it already has a slit in it and it is nice and padded and it is only a dollar for 6 feet wrap it around about where you think it should be so it doesn’t quite touch take a serrated knife cut right through it it is already split you just need to pull it apart put it over the edge of your bucket there you go a nice padded emergency toilet or potty when you want to use it put in kitty litter dirt pull off the pad tie up your bag and put it somewhere else like a covered bucket put a new bag in and you are ready to go again make an emergency sanitation bucket camping or hunting toilet for your next camping trip hunting trip or emergency situation please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

2 thoughts on “Make A Toilet for Camping, Hunting, Emergencies- DIY Portable Toilet

  1. Great idea. I would perhaps put another bag over the top of your completed loo to actually dump into. Will protect the comfortable black pipe covering from any mess and just that extra bag in case first bag splits. Then that saves having to rinse out a messy bucket if the single bag splits.
    You could actually layer a few bags on top of each other for convenience. Just lift the top bag out to empty.
    I'm new to this so thank you for getting my creative juices flowing. 😉

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