Make Home: Kayak Camping with Kalen Thorien

Make Home: Kayak Camping with Kalen Thorien

I kind of have this bad habit of wandering
around for a while looking for a zone. To the point where I’ve hiked, I’ve added on
like 3 or 4 extra miles before, and 2 hours of unnecessary walking to find a camp spot, because I’m really picky about my places. I mean, I’ll sleep anywhere if I have to, but if I have the time and the resources to really find that zone, I do, because once
you finally establish your home base, and it’s in a spot that you really love it’s totally worth it. So this is sort of the poor man’s way of a room with a view. Haha. One of the best feelings in the world is driving out to go on a mission and I love looking in the back of my cruiser and seeing it all dialed in. I’ve got all of the gear I need. Everything that I want. I’ve got my maps. I know where I’m going. I’ve researched the place and I feel like
a little kid on like the first day of school. I mean, it’s so exciting. I cannot wait to get out there. It’s packing the land cruiser, getting the kayak out, building up the kayak, getting it loaded with all of my gear, and pushing off. And all of a sudden, that feeling that we’re in it. Let’s do this. And you just start paddling. The kayak really lets you be intimate with the area that you’re in. And, like how this very massive canyon has this sheer, high walls. You feel small and you feel a little bit helpless, but you also feel comfort because you feel like you’re being embraced by the desert. It’s a really really special experience. When I finally find my camp spot that
gives me the warm and fuzzy, happy feeling, I like to set everything up, and I’m a little OCD when it comes to like my layout. You know, I have to make sure my tent is on level ground. I have to make sure the door is facing a way that I like, so when I wake up in the morning I have a good view, if I can. It’s very Feng Shui. I like stuff to be balanced. Haha. You know, the fireplace is in-line with the tent which is in-line with my chair. And sometimes I’ll spend a couple of hours just setting up my camp, but you know,
it’s whatever feels good to you, and uh, it definitely is worth it to take the time to
find that spot that makes you super happy. When I go out camping, there’s always a few things you’re going to find in my pack. I bring Sanuk shoes to give my feet a little relief at the end of the day. A buck knife my dad gave me. A really good, trusty knife that is on my person at
all times in emergencies or whatever I need it for. I have a large-brimmed sunhat to protect my face or my neck. And a good book so I have a little something to read to wind down a day. Camping is when I’m at my best. It’s when I feel my best. It’s when I feel the most like myself. You’re forced to go out and strip away all that we build up on ourselves. It allows you to gain confidence.
And it allows you to remember what it was like to just laugh and be, and not think about the outside world or be distracted by the outside world. And I really can’t find that feeling anywhere except when I’m in a tent.

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  1. I could easily go down the Youtube rabbit hole of watching videos with her in them. Seems like quite the cool chick.

  2. Kayak is cool, but it does cost around $1500. 'Poor mans room with a view' ? I know that these videos are about trying to get people to buy their products, but I remember a time when camping and backpacking was really inexpensive. I wish there were more videos about doing these adventures without $5000 in gear. Maybe I'll make a few….

  3. I am an REI employee and this video has inspired me and a co-worker to make a trip to Lake Powell. Any insight you can provide on where to go to get away from the crowds would be greatly appreciated.

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