Making a 100% Natural Holiday Soap – Cold Process Soap Making with Essential Oils | Royalty Soaps

Making a 100% Natural Holiday Soap – Cold Process Soap Making with Essential Oils | Royalty Soaps

– [Kenny] Hey, Katie, what are you doing? – I’m harvesting some cedar tips. I had a soap idea. – [Kenny] Are you gonna put
the cedar tips in the soap like all ground up with a blender? – No, on top of the soap so they look nice and fresh and pretty. – [Kenny] Well, there’s
no need for that, Katie. We have professionally
harvested real cedar tips from Alchemy Arts right there. – Okay. Well, this will be perfect. Now you got me all excited. Let’s go make some soap okay! Hee hee yeah. Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the very first video in the 2019 holiday soap collection. Now, this collection is gonna
be released on December 1st so that you guys can get it in time for all of your holiday gift giving. And if you’re wondering, why
are ya’ll starting your holiday videos at the very beginning of November?, it’s because soaps have a cure time and we wanna get these videos out to you before we release the soaps in December. So, we gotta move it back
a month ahead of time. But it all works out for
me because this means I get to celebrate and
decorate for Christmas like three months early. Now, if you’ll notice my
lovely friend down here, he will be showing us, every video, how many days are left until Christmas. So, from today we have 49 days left. It’s gonna be a great one this year. I can tell. We also have festive spatulas. For all your holiday
scrapey scrapey needs. I feel like a crazy person (laughs). – [Kenny] You feel like a crazy person. – I am a crazy person. Also, please note my festive apron that comes with a velcro
hand towel (laughs) for my soap wiping needs. (laughs) Thank you, Hobby Lobby. Kenny, well, we’ll show you. Kenny’s wearing something great. Check him out. (laughs) So, today’s video, we’re
going to be making our natural essential oil holiday soap. Now, I’ve never really done a holiday soap that was completely
done with essential oils and all natural colorants. And for those of ya’ll
who are going to say, Katie, a soap can’t be 100% natural ’cause it has lye in it, I know. But, all of the other ingredients
that aren’t saponifying agents are natural, including both the colorants,
the essential oils, and the botanicals on top. So, that’s why we’re
calling it a natural soap. It’s gonna be really, really cool. We’re gonna use some spirulina powder for some green in there. It’s gonna be great. We’re gonna have a great time. So, without further ado,
let us make some soap. We have, for the first time on film, our brand new sleek big containees. They’re clear. They’re a little bit taller. And they are from a
distributor listed down below in the description box. We wanted to get something
a little bit higher and a little bit more
compact because the other one that we had was really, really long. It was harder to put on scales and it wasn’t really great material. So, let’s go ahead and pout
in our lye water solution. Everything is right at 82
to 87 degrees Fahrenheit. That is my preferred working temperature with this recipe. This recipe has been
perfected over many years and it is available for free down in the description box below. And now, using my stick
blender that I got from Amazon, we are going to blend this
up until just past emulsion. (gentle upbeat music) Oh, look at that emulsified soap. It looks like creamy, thin royal icing. Okay, so now we are pouring
off the accent color. We’re going to be coloring
this with Dandelion and spirulina powder. So, in this little container,
we have our spirulina. It is very, very green. It does smell a little fishy
given the source of spirulina but it won’t be noticeable
in the finished product. Just gonna pour that right in. I’m gon’ scrapey scrapey
my little corn containee. These little corn containees
were gifted to me by Mad Micas. I love how wide they are, makes it really easy to get stuff out of. And in this little container
we have the Dandelion powder. It looks a little bit
brown, but if the soap gels, it will also contribute
to the green color. Gon’ pour that right in. I found with natural colorants
you have to use a lot more of it to get any sort of vibrancy. And gelling your soaps
with natural colorants is the way to go. That’s how you get a really,
really potent pigmentation. I’m gonna blend it in at the beginning using my little spatula. Ah, yeah. I see that green. I wanted it to be a
nice dark, earthy green which is why I picked these
particular green colors. Because there are actually
lots of different natural colors that you can use to
create a green in your soap. So, here’s our essential oil blend. It is my own custom
blend of Nutmeg, Cyprus, Peppermint and Sweet Orange. So it has all of those
nuances of Christmas and the holiday time. And just so you know, Nutmeg, you can only use
a teeny, teeny tiny bit of because it’s some really potent stuff. (sniffs and coughs) I did all of my essential oil calculations at EOCALC.COM. This is a sister site to the
Modern Soapmaking website and it’s run by Kenna Cody. She set it up for everybody so
that you have ease of access. It’s really, really simple to put in which essential oils you
want and get safe usage rate for your bath and body products. So, I definitely recommend
using that website if you make essential oil
soaps or any other products with essential oils in it. I added the proper amount
of essential oil blend into the green container
so now I’m going to add it into our uncolored container. Gon’ scrapey scrapey with my spatula. And then I’m just going
to blend this in by hand. Oh, that smells so good. I used to shy away from
essential oils because I thought that I couldn’t make blends
that were anywhere close to as nice as the ones I was smelling in other people’s products. But, with a little bit of time, and with a lot a bit of help from EOCALC, we did it. We done a good job. Especially recently. And I think holiday fragrances
are pretty easy to mix. Because if you add a little
bit of spice and a little bit of that citrus in there, well, you’ve basically nailed it. (tapping) All right, I’m gonna go ahead and give this a quick little
stir with my stick blender. (whirring) So, this batter is a
little too runny right now. I find that essential oils
typically kind of slow down how fast your soap is setting up. We’re gonna wait until
this hits, I’m gonna say, a light to medium trace. And we’re at a light trace right now. So, yeah. Two minutes ought to do it. Alright, we’ve let everything set up so it’s time to pour. I’m gonna pour straight down the middle just like so. Yes. I am gonna go ahead and
scrapey scrapey my containee because I don’t wanna add
any of that extra green onto the top of the soap. I want it to be mostly white
so that all the botanicals really stand out. Alright, let’s go ahead and
pour into our large slab mold. After this quick commercial break. Alright, let’s go ahead and pour. I am just gonna pour a
little bit down here. Good. And everything you can see is
staying relatively separate. There’s a little bit of mixing, but you can still tell that
there’s two different colors in there, which was the point. Smells so pretty. And that green actually
thickened up a little more than everything else, which
is good because that will also make it a little more
precise during this pour. Alright, time to scrapey scrapey my, (beeping) where is my spatula? Ah, it’s on the floor. Gotta scrapey scrapey. These buckets are so much easier to scrape than the other ones. The other ones had the plastic start to ware down a little
bit so it was all rough. But these are nice and smooth. Now, let’s swirl the top. This is my favorite part. And while it won’t do much
for this particular soap, it will still add a little bit of texture. And there are some lines on there that weren’t 100% swirled in. So it will be faint, but noticeable. I love watching people do this. This is like a satisfying
compilation to me. To see people swirl soap. Especially when they have a big stick. I like it when people use big
swirling sticks like this. Boo boo boo. Alright. Come all the way down. Oh yeah. It’s getting thick. Just the way I like it for
putting decorations on top. So, for the toppings, we have Cyprus tips. We have some orange peel bits. We have some juniper
berries and cranberry seeds. So, it’s a very festive array. Now I am going to place
these kind of randomly. I want them to fall where they may but, I’m trying to lay
these pieces horizontally instead of vertically so
that when they get cut, they’re not gonna splice in half. Not every single bar is gonna have one of every single thing. I don’t know if I’ve ever
seen Cyprus tips utilized on top of a soap, but it’s the perfect
way to pull it together for something that wants to look festive. They’re kind of a hard botanical
to get a hold of though. I had to look far and wide to find them and ended up getting
them from an Etsy shop. Alright, let’s add some
orange peel powder. This is from Wholesale Supplies Plus. They have lots of different
options for botanicals. I’m going to do the juniper berries next. These are also from
Wholesale Supplies Plus and I’ve used them in the past for quite a few different
soaps, I believe. I like doing the ones on
the ends because I feel like I can throw the little
berries up against the wall. Like boing, boing. (laughs) – [Kenny} Looks like All
That Basketball Practice really came in handy. – [Katie] Oh, absolutely. And I was the star of my team. – [Kenny] You tried to be the
star no matter where you went. – [Katie] This is true (laughs). Okay, now for the final bit. The cranberry seeds. Oh yeah. That pulls it together
just like I hoped it would. Gotta have a little bit of red on top for the festive season. Alright, one last little bit. And, our Evergreen soap is complete. And there we have it. Looking super festive. This one was so fun to do, even though it was kind of simple. I love the top. So, I’m gonna put a lid on this and we’re gonna try to get
it to at least partially gel. Hopefully it’ll get really hot and therefore make those
greens a lot brighter. And then we’ll let it
sit for 18 to 24 hours and then we will come
back and we will split the slabs into loaves and
cut the loaves into bars after this quick commercial break. Maybe. We’ll see what YouTube decides to do. (upbeat music) Okay ya’ll. Let’s cut the first of our holiday soaps. And because I know I’m
going to get asked this all month long, my nails were done at the Pink
Mango Nail Lounge in Eulis. They did the best job. This is literally the
best nails I’ve ever had in my whole life. I cannot recommend them enough. I’m gonna leave all their
Instagram things down below. And they are so decently priced. I could not believe it. I’m never going to anyone else. So, let’s turn this on its side. Look at that lovely green
color coming through. Also, it smells really good. Bye bye little berries. (ching) (Katie laughs) – [Kenny] Meow. – Let’s pull one out of the middle. (gasps) Yes. Look how pretty that is. And all natural. It’s got a little mint in there. A little orange. Yes. Now, the question of the day
is one that will be applicable to my soap making in 2020. I want to know, are you
interested in seeing soaps that are only colored with botanicals? So like Turmeric, carrot
juice, alkanet root, that sort of thing? Are you interested in that? Because we could make
some really cool soaps. To vote on the question of the day, all you have to do is click the eye in the upper right hand corner. Well, I hope you guys
enjoyed the first video. Is that accurate? There ain’t no way. There are 49 days left til Christmas. It feels a little too early for us to be celebrating in this manner (laughs). Whatcha gotta do? Them soaps have to cure. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. If you did, please give
it a big thumbs up. Hey, maybe even subscribe to the channel if you wanna see us make
some more Christmas soaps. And be sure to leave us
a comment down below. This soap will be available
to purchase on December 1st at 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time at in
all of its natural beauty. So, until next time, you
have an absolutely royal day. Do something fun for yourself today whether that is trying
a new green smoothie. I tried some with celery the
other day and was not pleased. (laughs) Or maybe even singing
a little Christmas carol to get you in the
holiday mood extra early. Extra early. And I will see all of you guys soon. So, until then, bye for now. Neow. (splat) (upbeat music)

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