Making Boring Holidays Sexy

Making Boring Holidays Sexy

(upbeat music) (Rekha sighs) (Grant sighs) (Ally sighs) – What’s the matter?
– Father’s Day’s coming up. I have no idea what to get my daddy. – Tell me about it. My dad, he buys everything
that he wants for himself. So it makes it impossible.
– Not my dad. My daddy.
– Our daddies, Raph. – Isn’t that what I just said? – No (laughs), not a dad. A daddy.
(sensual music) – Like daddy.
– Oh! Like a sex daddy?
– Yes, exactly. – Daddies.
– Daddy. – Do they get Father’s Day gifts though? That seems like a little
disrespectful to your dad. – This isn’t about my dad. It’s about my daddy.
– Yeah. – Day after day, I beg my
daddy for the wildest things, and daddy gives it to me, yes, daddy, yes. But Daddy’s Day is the one day a year that daddy can get what daddy wants. – Oh, okay.
– But daddies are impossible to shop for.
– Especially my daddy. We’re a little strange,
and I beg my daddy. Daddy, please, but daddy won’t
get me what I’m thirsty for. Not yet. Not until he says so.
– Hm, typical deadbeat daddy. – Court ordered him to give it to me good, but most days, I don’t even see him. Then, when I do, he tells me
I’ve been a bad little girl and I need to be punished, no, daddy, no. – And you’re still gonna get him a gift? – He’s my daddy, no matter how
rough daddy treats me, yes. I just don’t know what to do. – Well, what do your daddies like? – See, that’s just it,
I’ve been sitting here, browsing and thinking. Do you like that, daddy? Do you like that? Yeah, daddy, do you like that? Oh, daddy like? Yeah, oh, daddy like? And it made me realize I
have no idea what daddy like. – Hm, what about you, Ally? – Well, my daddy just disappeared one day. – Oh.
– Oh my god. – Oh, daddy, no.
– The thing is, now I’m somebody else’s daddy. And I don’t know what I’m doing. Am I treating my little slam
pig the way she deserves? Oh yeah? Am I being too hard on her? Or do I need to be harder, harder? Am I giving it to her so
right, so right, don’t stop? I don’t know.
– It must be so hard to be a daddy.
– You’re not a daddy. At your age?
– Hey, it doesn’t happen for some people, Jesus.
– Okay. – And that’s why I don’t
know what to get him. – Well, you know he’s a daddy. How ’bout a daddy-related gift. – That doesn’t seem fair. Like sure, he’s my daddy,
but that’s not all he is. He has a dreamer inside of him. And a poet. (laughs) Sometimes both on the same night. But that’s not the side I see. ‘Cause I’m usually blindfolded. – Hm.
– Can I be honest? It kinda feels like you guys
are makin’ up a stupid problem for yourselves, just
send a card or something. – Ooh. – Oh. – Eh.
(upbeat music) (bells ding)
(upbeat music) – Wow, you guys look busy. – Hell yeah, we’re
busy, it’s Cyber Monday. – Oh, right, there’s
supposed to be a bunch of great sales today, right? I just, I can’t get over
the blatant consumerism. – No, you idiot, not Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday.
– Oh no. – Cyber Sex Monday.
– No! – Wanna cyber?
– Oh, cyber! – Stop it!
– Cyber ass out. – You sexy idiots! That’s not what Cyber Monday is! – Of course, it is, Raph. Have you heard the words cyber
used in any other context for the last 10 years? – Mm. No, I’m right here, this isn’t about sex. It’s about online sales.
– Yeah, it is. It’s the time of year when
businesses take so much off. – That’s not what I meant.
– 20 percent off. (gasps) 50 percent off.
– Oh yeah, take it all off. – Oh, look at these prices go down. – I love watching them go down. – Oh my god!
– Yes! – Oh yeah!
– It’s so amazing! – Oh!
– That they discount it like that!
– Ah! – Oh!
– Stop doing that. – Oh.
– Yes, cyber, yes! – Yeah!
– Cyber, cyber, yes! – No, no!
– Usually, we get hard by big corporations, but
this is the one day a year we get softly.
– Aw! – That’s really sweet.
– That’s gross! – No.
– You can’t actually get off on this?
– Of course, we can. – I can get off on anything.
– It’s about erotic language. I tell them what I want,
and they give it to me. – And this little corporate
tells ’em everything. Age. Sex. Location. Credit card number. Shipping preferences.
– Save it for the keyboard! – Maybe I will!
– What does that mean? – Ooh yeah!
(bells ding) Cyber!
– So you’re cybering with businesses?
– Yeah! I’m all over this clothing
company right now. My shopping cart is just a list of the things I’m not wearing. – Ooh!
– Oh my, yeah! – This is stupider than Daddy’s Day! – Hey, what?
– Daddy! – Yes, daddy!
– No, not thing again. – Yes!
– Raph, you’re missing out. – Stop!
– Daddy! – I found a hot little item
and with just a few keystrokes, it’s coming!
– It’s coming? – It’s coming.
– Oh yeah, it’s coming! (Ally gasps)
Oh, it’s gonna come. – It came, winky face.
– Oh! – Oh! Awful!
– I can get it again if you give me a second.
– No! – Oh, loosen up. Don’t you wanna cyber a little? – Yeah, come on, it’s Cyber Monday. – That’s what this day is all about. Going online and finding
some dumb little thing. Thinking about how much you want it. Oh. – Oh (moans)!
– Yeah! – You’re gonna mess up your computer. – Oh!
– Getting that exciting rush just imaging holding that big ol’ package. – You know you shouldn’t be doing it. – But you want it so bad.
– So bad! – Oh, it’s the tension of waiting for it. Then, the release. And then the deep sense
of regret once you get it. – Oh, cybering is so good.
– Okay! I think I’ma work from home today. – Oh yeah, Raph’s gonna get nasty!
– Yeah. – He didn’t even take his laptop. – What did that mean when you were like– – What is the keyboard thing?
(bright music) – Someone gonna sign for this? – (laughs) He is fun!
(bright music) (keyboards click) (Raph laughs) – Well, I bet you three
have some big plans lined up for tonight, huh?
– What? – You know, it’s Valentine’s Day. (Raph laughs)
– Yes? It is Saint Valentine’s Day.
– Saint Valentine’s. – Ye that holy man,
Saint Valentine of Rome! Ye, we honor him today. – Oh, Valentine, ye!
– Ye! – Oh, Valentine!
– Ye, ye! – Ye, ye!
– ‘Tis so ye. ♪ Amen ♪ – Seriously? You three are a bunch
of horned up sex hounds on every other day like Father’s Day! – Oh, Daddy’s Day!
– And Cyber Monday! – Oh, cyber, yes!
– Practically once a week, in general.
– Thirsty Thursday. – But today is the one
holiday that’s actually sexy! (Ally gasps)
– Sexy? – Ew!
– Sexy? – No, no!
– Oh my! We would never disrespect
this holiest of days with sexual intercourse. – It is a holy day. – Really? Because the last time that
you said a day was holy, you then said that it was a
day to get your holes filled. – Ah!
– Oh my god! Raph, please stop blaspheming, okay? Today’s a day of religious observance. – He is come.
– He is come! He is come!
– Please, Raphael. Some respect.
– What? He’s the saint of romance,
marriage, and love. – And he’s also the saint of beekeeping. And that’s who we decide to honor today. – And that’s what you find sexy, do you? – Look at him, his twisted mind delights in imagining the sticky,
sweet flesh of the beekeeper. Saint Valentine protect us! – Oh, Valentine, ye!
– Oh, protect us, yes! – Ooh, Saint Valentine!
– Saint Valentine! – You guys really aren’t
doing anything sexy tonight? – Well, I mean, if you must get personal, I do plan on making love.
– Okay! There we go!
– By which I mean, I will create a general
feeling of love within myself and send it up towards God in Heaven. – And I will make myself grow hard. So hard against temptation.
– And I will grab a bottle of oil and strip myself of pride and anoint the
icon Saint Valentine on this holy day!
– No! It’s Valentine’s Day!
– Valentine, ye! – All the kinky shit
that you guys were doing on every other day,
that’s what today is for! Find someone you love.
– We have! – Light some candles.
– We will. – Put on some music.
– We did! – And get nasty! – (scoffs) You disgust me.
– Disgusting? – Now, if you’ll excuse
me, I have to think about how bad I’ve been
while I flog myself. – But that’s the kind that turns you on. – Perhaps, yes. But today will be the
one day I don’t enjoy it. – Oh! You’re all impossible. – Raph, if you could just respect this religious holiday today, and if you want to talk about sex, wait until March 5th.
– What is that, Fat Tuesday? – It’s Thick Tuesday.
– Oh, Thick Tuesday! – Thick and slick, baby!
– Oh! – Thick, slide on in!
– Good job! – There we go.
– Do it, do it, do it to me! Do it to me, oh, yeah! Oh yeah!
– Stick it up there. – Okay, that’s too far.
(bright music) – Oh yeah, oh yeah!
– My man melting! – All right, we don’t need
to get into this again. It’s still Valentine! It’s still Saint Valentine’s Day! (bright music) – Hey, it’s Grant, if
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I need it.

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