Making Camping Knife

Making Camping Knife

Forging hard Old saw blade Safety gloves are essential when using angle grinders Curve Representation Work Belt Sander # 40 High Temperature Caution / Safety Gloves Required Knife bevel file jig cutting oil Drill bit 3mm->6mm 6mm hole Perilla harvest 1,472 ° F (800 ° C) Quenched Canola Oil Hardness tester Hardness test Temper 392 ° F (200 ° C) 60 minutes Sanding # 100-># 240-># 400-># 800 Zelkova Be careful when using a band saw 6 mm drill bit Epoxy Bond 5 Minute Curing Type Sanding Paper # 40-># 240-># 400-># 1000 Camellia oil Firewood Making Stem of radish Thank you for watching
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  1. 두꺼운 톱날 너무 부럽습니다.
    전에받은 톱날 드릴 기리가 안뚫려서 구멍을 못뚫네요… ㅋㅋ큐ㅠ

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