Malanage Hotspring മലനേജ് ഹോട്സ്പ്രിങ്സ് | Flores | Malayalam travel vlog with English subtitles

Malanage Hotspring മലനേജ് ഹോട്സ്പ്രിങ്സ് | Flores | Malayalam travel vlog with English subtitles

Did you see the Ngada traditional villages at Bajawa, Flores in the last episode? Apart from traditional villages, there are hot springs in Bajawa Hot springs are manifestations of volcanic activity Taiwan, where I live, also has so many hot springs Today I am going to Malanage hot springs in Bajawa This is Dariwali village Need to walk a bit from here to hot springs This hot spring looks like a small river Actually hot springs are for enjoying rather than for sightseeing This river has cold water in some parts Hot water coming from the up stream is mixing with the cold water making different water temperatures at different parts of the river So that we can choose the preferred temperature The water level is so low that we can only soak the body I am going to dip in the hot spring Going back to Bajawa town after spending some time in the hot spring On reaching Bajawa need to catch a share-taxi to the next town Ende It will take 4 hours to reach there from here Planning to go from Ende to Moni, a small village situated in the valley of Mount Kelimutu, tonight If everything goes well according to the plan I will reach Moni around 10 pm Then only I can watch tomorrow’s sunrise from Mount Kelimutu Booked a homestay in Moni on the way My SIM card has no network, when I reached Moni So no internet I wasn’t sure about reaching Moni tonight So I didn’t book the tomorrow’s return flight to Bali Even the homestay does’nt have Wi Fi When I asked around, only a restaurant in this town has Wi Fi When I reached the restaurant a party was going on there Today is this restaurant’s anniversary So there is a free buffet dinner Going to book the flight ticket first Had food while listening to live music Stay there until 11:30 pm Need to wake up at 4 am tomorrow to watch the sunrise Otherwise I can stay here little longer So see you next time with sunrise from Mount Kelimutu

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