Malaysia Tourism ?? 10 More Things You Should Never Do In Malaysia ?? DON’T DO THIS IN MALAYSIA

Malaysia Tourism ?? 10 More Things You Should Never Do In Malaysia ?? DON’T DO THIS IN MALAYSIA

In today’s video I’m going to talk about
ten more things you should never do in Malaysia. What is going on YouTube and
greetings from my apartment here in split croatia. This vlog is actually not
about split, it’s about Malaysia I had such a good response to my last Malaysia
video six things to never do in Malaysia that I figured I’d make a follow-up
video highlighting some of the things that the Malaysian people said these are
things that you really shouldn’t do in Malaysia I was overwhelmed by all the
views in the comments and the likes that I got from the Malaysian people I really
appreciate it and I really appreciate you watching and commenting the 10
things I’m gonna highlight that you should never do in Malaysia are things
that kept coming up in the comments over and over again or comments that got a
bunch of likes because people agreed with whatever the person said I’m also
gonna highlight a few of the people who made comments before I start this list
of 10 things I want to talk about one specific commenter because he got by far
the most likes and he mentioned five things that you should never do in
Malaysia his name is Darren Kwan and I’ll pull up his comment right now most
of the things that he mentioned are gonna be in the list of 10 things to
never do in Malaysia but I wanted to highlight him specifically because he
got the most likes by far and I really appreciate him taking the time to type
out that comment so thanks Darren okay without further ado let’s talk about 10
things that you should never do in Malaysia based on the inputs from
Malaysian viewers on my channel okay so the first thing you should never do in
Malaysia is never say you don’t like nasi lemak so I got this comment not
from a Malaysian but from a popular YouTube channel beer for breakfast
the ladies from beer for breakfast and they got so many inputs from Malaysia
people when one of them said that they didn’t like nasi lemak that that’s their
recommendation and other than Darren Kwan’s comment that comment got the
second most likes so that’s why it’s included in here even though beer for
breakfast or not Malaysian so that’s how that comment got here so many people
liked it that I figured I had to put it in here if you say you do not like nasi
lemak you better be prepared to tell the Malaysian people where you had it at
because most likely they’re gonna tell you that you had it at the wrong place
and you need to go try it again at a place that they recommend so yeah never
say that you do not like nasi lemak okay number two I had my own beer for
breakfast moment never say that you shouldn’t bring durian into someone’s
home and my six things you should never do in Malaysia video I said you should
never bring durian into hotel or somebody’s home
well that is definitely incorrect I received so many comments from people
saying that’s completely wrong you can definitely bring durian in somebody’s
home and I would love for you to bring it into my home so yeah you can
definitely bring durian to somebody’s house but make sure you bring enough
bring two or three okay the next one is another one of those cultural
sensitivities similar to some of the things from my last video never initiate
a handshake with a female if you’re male unless she initiates it first I got this
comment a few times as well and it got a lot of thumbs up so I figured I’d
included here again this is one of those cultural things that we might not
understand in the West but it’s something that you should be aware of
and be sensitive to just a quick little break if you’re enjoying this video if
you could hit that thumbs up button I’d really appreciate it it helps more
people find it and maybe more Malaysians will see this video and comment on more
things that you should never do Malaysia okay the fourth thing on my list is
never cross the street without using the power of the hand when you cross the
street I got this comment a lot and it got a lot of likes just like a lot of
places in Asia it can be pretty hazardous to cross the street if you
don’t know how to do it and the way to do it safely in Malaysia is to use the
power of the hand so hold your hand up and look at the person coming at you to
make sure they stop this probably has something to do with Malaysia having so
many scooters and mopeds they don’t really stop at the light they
slow down a little bit you need to let them know that they need to stop so you
can get across the street so use the power of the hand as
Malaysian saying okay this next one probably won’t apply to a lot of
tourists but it might apply to expats it’s never bring pets to restaurants or
shopping malls again I got this comment a few times and it got a lot of likes so
I figured it should make the list I was in Japan a few months ago and they have
a lot of animal cafes they have like an otter cafe a cat cafe monkey cafe all
kinds of cafes with different animals in them and so there it’s kind of
culturally acceptable to bring your animal I would see people in the
7-eleven with their dog in Malaysia that’s not acceptable so make sure you
leave your pet at home and you’re going to a restaurant or you’re going to a
shopping mall okay so the next thing that you should never do in Malaysia
kept coming up over and over again and it was in Darren Kwan’s comment as well
it’s never refused food in the Malaysian culture that’s a sign of disrespect you
should accept the food the only exceptions are if you have a health
issue or there’s some kind of religious reason that you can’t eat the food but
other than that you should accept the food it’s probably gonna be one of the
best things you’ve ever eaten anyway because there’s really not any bad food
in Malaysia other than durian I don’t like period although someone
recommended durian porch to me maybe I gotta try that out
okay the seventh thing to never do in Malaysia is never smoked or vape in a
public restaurant or cafe I actually really appreciate this one because I’m
in Croatia now and they smoke in every restaurant and every bar and every cafe
and it’s pretty horrible to be honest with you I’m allergic to cigarette smoke
so it really bothers me when there’s smoke in the air or the residue of
cigarette smoke all over everything it’s actually illegal to smoke in public
places in Malaysia and you’ll get fined if you’re caught doing it so this is one
of those things that I absolutely love and another reason that I’m going to go
back to Malaysia because I can sit in the restaurant or I can sit in a cafe
and not have to worry about a bunch of cigarette smoke okay the next one is
never possess drugs in Malaysia there are lots of countries in Southeast Asia
like Singapore that have strict drug laws and Malaysia is one of those places
the penalties for drug possession can be pretty severe just
like in Singapore Malaysia has the death penalty for some possession cases so
just don’t have that stuff don’t put yourself at risk go to some country that
that’s acceptable okay so the nice thing is something I wish I would have known
because I think I always do this but it’s never use your left hand to pay for
things or to hand food to people just don’t use your left hand use your right
hand the left hand is considered unclean and it’s a sign of disrespect to use
your left hand I’m pretty sure I almost always use my left hand to pull my money
out of my wallet and pay for things so now I feel pretty bad about it but it is
what it is and now I know so thanks for all the people that commented that that
was another very popular comment okay so the last thing is never walk with your
shoulder bag towards the street I guess there’s a lot of petty theft in Malaysia
I never experienced that but I got this comment a lot to make sure that you have
your shopping bag or your purse away from the streets so people on motorbikes
don’t drive by and try to snatch it that’s a really common thing throughout
the world not just Malaysia the u.s. you got to worry about purse snatchers as
well so that’s just a good piece of advice for anybody anywhere in the world
but Malaysians are saying to make sure you’re careful in Malaysia okay so those
were the 10 things that showed up the most but I got a couple bonus ones that
were pretty funny to me that I figured I’d share with you the next one is a
comment I got from a malaysian viewer they said their mother used to tell them
to never open their umbrella indoors or you’re inviting snakes in I thought this
was a great comment for us in the US if we open up umbrellas indoors it’s bad
luck but in Malaysia its snakes will come in your house so I thought that was
pretty funny the next one I got and I think this applies anywhere in the world
is never fart in public that one just kind of cracked me up so I figured I’d
share with everybody and the last one I don’t understand but maybe some of you
Malaysians can explain it to me never order crispy chicken or add egg I’ve got
a lot of thumbs up but no other comments so I don’t really understand it so if
you could explain it to me I’d really I figured that it included because it
got so many thumbs up and it seemed like everyone found it amusing okay so those
are 10 things that my Malaysian viewers said you should never do if you agree
disagree or you want to add some things please comment below also if you’re not
a subscriber please consider subscribing I make weekly videos hopefully to
inspire people to travel more I just want to say thank you one more time to
all the Malaysians that submitted comments hit that like button subscribed
all that stuff I really appreciate your viewership and hopefully you’ll keep
coming back and watching my videos thanks for watching

31 thoughts on “Malaysia Tourism ?? 10 More Things You Should Never Do In Malaysia ?? DON’T DO THIS IN MALAYSIA

  1. It’s awesome that your list was created by your Malaysian viewers! I’ll keep these tips in mind the next time I’m in Malaysia.

  2. Good vlog.. Comeback to Malaysia. About the crispy rendang thing, its originated from MasterChef UK show which the judge of that show make a comment about a dish made by a Malaysian born contestant (chiken rendang) that is not crispy. And the whole nation even the current Prime Minister at the time were so shock and mad because chicken rendang is never crispy. You should try chicken rendang to. Try it with 'lemang'. Its a glutinous rice cook in a bamboo. I'll bet u like it.

  3. Even I am Malaysian, I didn't know that saying never use left hand when pay/receive/change money, only I know is when eating a meal with use right hand.

  4. There was a foreign cooking competition and this girl made chicken rendang which wasnt supposed to be crispy according to our moms but the judges wanted the chicken to be crispy. Its a meme before which died out

  5. If you want to hang out with your Malaysian buddies do not believe if they says "wait im on the way" cuz it is pretty much means like this "i just woke up and i need to take a looong hour of relaxing shower first and have a breakfast then lunch and oh forgot i need to take my cat to a vet and drop my nephew off to school first" ?? i know i exaggerate it but just make sure to plan it first cuz my Malaysian people not really good at adjusting time ?

  6. I am Malaysian ,
    haha .. just to said out that our food very delicious and yummy

    Everyday different food to listed , breakfast , lunch, dinner neither then supper ..
    oh gosh ^^ five meal per day @@ hohoho

  7. 8:48 it’s just a joke im a Malaysian so I know this is a joke. Although some Malaysian rules I have never heard of until recently so I might be wrong who knows.

  8. Super engaging & acknowledging your viewers is a great way to keep growing your YouTube Channel. ?I like it & keep it up???

  9. Despites of all the "dont do" list given.. Majority of Malaysian are very tolerable and understanding especially for those who are not from local…if u did any of that accidentally just dont forget to use the sacred word of "sorry". Usually youll be forgiven with short explanation.

  10. This is a hidden gem – Never say "i hate this country!!" loudly in public. Come to think of it, this applies to all countries, especially russia. just joking folks.

  11. Hello… thanks for your tips; I am from USA and planning to retire in Malaysia. Any tips for prospective retirees regarding place to live, health care etc… And also, is the MM2H now simpler than before? A video regarding prospective retirees would greatly be appreciated. Thanks,

  12. I am pretty sure it is Darren Liew. Liew is the surname, Jia Quan (pronounced like ts-uan). Darren is just an English name some Chinese Malaysians add to the front of their names either for religious purposes, or personal reasons.

  13. actually what he meant by that is in our country never had a crispy chicken sauce (rendang) because it's our celebration food and the recipe never say it have to fry it

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