Mangrove Ecotourism, Tugu – Tapak, Semarang, Indonesia – MRED Project

Semarang City has several options of interesting tourist attractions among others are Tapak Tugurejo Mangrove Forest and Tirang Island The mangrove forest is only 15 minutes away from the west of Kalibanteng Runabout Or to the east if you come from Mangkang Bus Station Visitors who want to get closer to nature have several options in discovering the mangrove area Nature trail is available for those who prefer walking Or by taking boat along the river mouth to see the mangrove canopy that becomes the frontline in protecting Semarang coast Tapak Tugurejo is a village of fisherman and fish farmer that is located at the coast of Semarang City Lately, Tapak Tugurejo received greater attention because it becomes mangrove conservation area that is currently being developed as an ecotourism area The beautiful view of mangrove forest and offshore, the diversity of flora and fauna, and the coastal local culture, become the tourist attraction of this area Never been in my mind that in the midst of Semarang city hustle and bustle, it turns out that a lush mangrove forest like this is still exist It is very nice to see greeny area at the coastal area because we don’t know that Semarang coast has a tourist attraction that can be visited like this, there is nature view with a lot of trees and moreover we received a warm welcome from local people here So, it is truly enjoyable for us as visitors There are many activities that can be done here Firstly, there is river boat activity Taking boat along the river, passing fishpond and we can see many mangrove plantings there, The tour guide also gives adequate information on mangrove varieties We gained a lot of knowledge from it Then we can discover more by taking the boat along the coast, We saw breakwater too Lastly, we also learned how to plant mangrove, We learned on what kind of ecosystem that is good for mangrove planting, also knowledge on its varieties Mangrove is useful and functions as natural breakwater, natural sediment binder, and a suitable habitat for fish and other animals This ecotourism is managed by Bina Tapak Lestari Tourism Working Group and supported by MRED program and Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN), in cooperation with Mercy Corps Indonesia, Bintari Foundation, and Semarang City Government Aside of developing mangrove potential in Tapak Tugurejo as tourist attraction, mangrove also becomes a sustainable source of income, a place for environmental education, and a form of disaster risk reduction for coastal community against various impacts of climate change From the environment side, this ecotourism activity can better help in preserving the coastal environment because from this ecotourism activity, we can promote environmental awareness to wider society Looking at the economy side, the ecotourism activity which leads to better environment condition helps to increase the fishpond productivity in this area In ecotourism, we look at 3 aspects Firstly, from the leisure activity aspect Secondly, from education aspect What knowledge can be gained from enjoying the tourism activity And lastly, from the conservation aspect Because that activity will raise an effort to develop conservation system in that location There are plenty of knowledge gained because we can learn what mangrove ecosystem is and its varieties, also what kind of animals that live in mangrove ecosystem If you would like to learn more about coastal, living environment about preserving our environment, Come here and you will be able to learn a lot more about coastal ecosystem, especially on mangrove

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