Maria Grazia Chiuri talks Dior Spring-Summer 2020 Haute Couture

Maria Grazia Chiuri talks Dior Spring-Summer 2020 Haute Couture

The starting point for this project was the relation
between art and motherhood. I read a book
that really interested me, called “The Mother” by Zermann, in which he reflects
on the role of women and their creativity. It seems to be paradoxical
but there’s this idea that, just because
a woman is a mother, she is able to
reproduce but not produce. Of course, as the first woman
to be in charge of a fashion house like Dior, as well as being a mother… these elements are very important. The idea of studying this type
of reference also allowed me to see how
in Antiquity the opposite was true, women were presented
as divine-like figures with their own power. But this divinity isn’t
only linked to motherhood, it has many different aspects. So, I’ve tried to bring
these elements to the collection and they are really prominent.
The goddess Athena… inspired me greatly
to introduce the peplum design. Because in some ways
it’s a garment that is constructed onto a woman’s body. Even more so with couture. So the garments from this collection are almost entirely made
from pieces of whole fabric. They tie together,
create braids that become straps, they fasten up but all of
them continue to be unique pieces. I also considered the colour palette
by thinking about the idea of divinity. Inserting the colour gold,
combined with a colour scheme and mille-fleur. The mille-fleur is also
a really important element in my opinion, which is greatly
linked to Dior’s history because it reminds me
a lot of Miss Dior. It’s really important for me
to be able to share my journey at Dior with women
from diverse backgrounds. So I found it really interesting to be able to get
Judy Chicago involved in this project, who is the most important artist
of the second-wave feminist movement, who among others
has invested great effort into promoting
the image of women in art. The questions raised by Judy
in her work are really important. Of course the most important is “what would happen if
women had more power?” We would have a more collective vision,
with more sharing and sisterhood… Or at least that’s what I’d like.

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  1. Siempre me ha parecido más enriquecedor escuchar el concepto y artesanía de la colección que verla en si misma, algo no cuadra… Buen trabajo de marketing 👍

  2. I just love how women are now taking over major fashion houses like Maria Grazia for Dior and Virginie Viard for Chanel.

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