Marrying a Filipina lady in Australia on a tourist visa

Marrying a Filipina lady in Australia on a tourist visa

Marrying a Filipina lady in Australia on a
tourist visa I’ve got a question here from Paul. On the surface it looks like a simple question
but there’s a little bit of substance to it actually. Hi Jeff, can I marry my Philippines partner
in Australia on a visitor visa? Thanks. Okay, the first question about can you marry
on a visitor visa legally, yes there is no problem there. You need to speak to marriage celebrant make
sure that you have all the requirements to legally
marry an Australian, we cannot advice on that obviously, but people certainly do it all
the time. But
there is no problem there. If you want to marry, be aware that you need
to give notice etc 30 days I think it is 30 days or one month, something
like that. So make sure you get that part right. if the
question is do you then want to apply for a partner visa because I’m assuming this is
probably your next question, you’re probably not thinking
get married on a visitor visa and then board her on a
plane and send her back to the Philippines. You can apply for a partner visa in Australia
on a standard visitor visa as long as it doesn’t have a
Condition 8503 on it. That’s called a No Further Stay condition. Now I need to warn you about this
because if it does have it means you can’t apply for a further visa in Australia. However, I will say
that up until about three years ago, this was pretty standard. At Down Under Visa we do a lot of
visitor visas, we haven’t seen one for over three years. For us that’s more than 1000 visas
applications ago. I couldn’t tell you 100% that it will never
happen, it could happen. But it’s highly
unlikely then we work on that assumptions these days that it probably won’t. So yes, as long as you
don’t have that restriction applied, yes, you may apply it for a partner visa in Australia
if you meet all the criteria for applying for a partner visa. Yeah, but the thing that we are constantly
having to make people aware of, because people will say
to us, oh I’m going to get a visitor visa for her and then towards the end of the three
months stay, we want to get married, we might then apply
for a partner visa. They’re going to run out of time. Partner visitor application are a lot of work. In most cases they take a few months to get
all of the documentation and pay for it together to do
it properly. If you’re going to put a speedy application
together, the figures that are going around in the world basis is that partner visas you
have between a one in four to one in five chance of refusal. We do it right, because we do it right, we
have a success rate greater than 99%. What I’m saying, if
you want to do it right, you can’t do at the last minute. You need to be prepared. So please contact
us about that. As far as can you then apply for another visa,
you know you’re breaking some rules. You’re breaking rules as long as you’re not
being deceptive in any way and as long as her intention to
go to Australia on a visitor visa is to spend time with you to enhance your relationship. If you also
apply for a partner visitor while she’s there, it’s not breaking any rules. Okay, so depending on what
your intentions are, that could be maybe a simple question but maybe a complicated one. Certainly
if you’re intending on a partner visa, don’t rush into it. Don’t think that you can do it briefly at
the last minute because you will fail and you
will fail miserably and that’s going to be a lot of
disappointment and a lot of money lost. If you end up with a refusal because of a
badly prepared last minute rush job, partner visa application. Okay, thank you.

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  1. What are the step by step process in marrying at embassy? Because me my future husband are worrying about the processing.

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