50 thoughts on “Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem

  1. As one of our Apostles alluded to, if they had money, there might have been made room for them. But all is well,as they recievedf witness from God with the arrival of the shephards.

  2. i saw this in a comedy…: Of course there was no room at the inn…..everywhere was crowded..It was christmas !' that was funny!

  3. I'm glad they don't show Mary as already in labor when they pull into Bethlehem, like most movies do.  the scripture says "while they were there the days were accomplished that she should be delivered."  that implies they were there some time before the birth.

  4. This is so impressive. As a muslim, people judge us why we wear the hijab or the head scarf? But now i am glad that u realize the people of the book used the same way we do now. We pray, wear hijab and respect men , lower our voice and have respect for our self. Let people judge us by our charecters and our deeds rather than our immoral and our desires and our body as meterial object.

  5. So cool, its really real lovely people that God made and everybody in the world need help from GOD, GOD made us to believe and be honest and HAPPY???

  6. The lord you may not able to see him but if you believe in him you can here a little voice whispering and he said. I will always be with you

  7. ??Jesus is Waiting for You??
    Lord Jesus I know I'am a sinner, I believe you die on the cross to save my soul, I repent of my sin's, Please forgive me for my sin's, I accept you as my Lord and Savior, I hear you knocking on my Heart's Door, Please come in and be Lord of my life, In the name of Jesus, amen

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