100 thoughts on “Matt Damon Recounts Dangerous Vacation with Chris Hemsworth

  1. i had to laugh , Matt sounded just like Chris lol. Love byron bay . was all over the media here when Matts daughter went to hospital poor girl extremely painful.

  2. imagining seeing matt damon in byron bay that would be the most random thing ever

  3. I have met Matt before he was my client at a salon I used to work At he was SOOO sweet ! And gave me like 98% of the tip haha.

  4. There’s really no way to hide that Hemsworth jaw with just a hat, sunglasses, and beard. Luke might get away with it because he’s shorter but Liam and Chris, just no.

  5. Peeing doesn't do anything, in fact can cause more harm.
    Vinegar helps prevent more venom being released (sometimes help alleviate the pain).
    Hot water helps with the pain (cold water can potentially exacerbate the issue).

  6. Man, I've watched enough of 'Bondi Rescue' to be terrified of the beach there (especially those Portugese Man of War)

  7. Wow 3rd or 4th video of ellen and she just asks weird shit. Idk ellen maybe i should have gave my daughter a golden shower

  8. those jellyfish they most probably cane across were Blue Bottles.
    ellen ask Portia what they are like.
    she'd will know just by watching Bondi Rescue alone.

  9. Vinegar works well. At the entrance to a lot of Australian beaches that are not close to any thing else you will find 2L bottles of vinegar for this purpose. It is usually dyed purple so people don't put it on their chips.

  10. Perfect accent 🙂 gotta get the lingo right though, it's "wee" not "pee" in Australia, or you can "take A piss" or "take THE piss" – which are completely different things.
    Anyway, glad his daughter's ok, bluebottles are nasties 🙁

  11. Yeah, look.. I'm Aussie and the thing is, getting stung by a blue bottle (aka jellyfish) while at the beach is pretty bloody common down here.
    Sorry about that.
    HAHA 😀

  12. Don’t recommend pee is wrong information.. you just need put water of ocean for improve sensation of burn

  13. On Jellyfish stings… Pouring vinegar would somehow neutralize the toxins. Then when you're a little better, rinse it off. Then put ointments/lotion for soothing effects. If it's really bad, then go to the hospital. But the vinegar is a good first aid.

  14. When a jellyfish sting you, it is like cigarette burns. I was stung once. I have been afraid of the ocean ever sense.

  15. "Did you pee on her?". If anyone for some reason hadn't heard of that peeing on a jelly bite thing this would sound so weird XD.

  16. its called a Bluebottle, some days hundreds of thousands will wash up depending on the winds. i been stung by dozens, even across the face and eye lids , yep they hurt alright, more so the first couple of times as a kid when the pain and fact that it was a Bluebottle is realized. RUB THEM OFF WITH SAND, AVOID HANDLING THE TAIL, 1-4mtrs long

  17. Let this aussie educate you all

    The pee thing works because your pee is warm. Hence why a warm bath or shower work.

    When you're at the beach and need quick relief from a jelly fish sting you dont have a warm bath or shower just there waiting for you.

    That's how the pee thing started.

  18. I was just thinking how unlucky. 31 years old and never been bitten by a jelly fish! Hopefully I can stay lucky ??but I’d take a jelly fish sting over a croc or shark encounter ???

  19. Oh, Matt daughter got stun by a blue bottle, one of the least dangerous jellyfish like, not poisonous, holy a shit ton a of pain for 3 hours

  20. Thats true … you outta be careful in Australia …. even the spiders are venomous and you cant just jump on the ocean, always pay attention on the Warning Signs.

  21. Jelly fish attacks little girl the farther come into rescue her the jelly fish see the dad. "oh my god it's Jason Bourne!"

  22. There’s honestly not that I think it’s a definite waiting for the picture in real life there was enough around her chest that a lot of the Louisville actually call the paramedics because you can go into shock and so they showed up and I said actually hot water and a hot bath and just

  23. Ellen needs to tone down her fear of Jellyfish and maybe get better information with how you treat jellyfish stings. She sounded like a real idiot with her reaction & her info on what to do with a jellyfish sting. She's married to an aussie – you think she'd know better.

  24. Also the sand can help you to. When I was little i got sting by a jelly fish. I lived in Puerto Rico and i think summer is the season of them (don’t remember) anyways, and my dad used sand to calm the pain.

  25. Yep blue bottles… northerlies were blowing. Try rubbing aspirin on the area (wet the area so the aspirin dissolves on the skin)

  26. Man he did a impressions of Chris Hemsworth for 3 sec. But it was so right on hw makes me laugh for 5 minutes I was really surprised and impressed with this imitation ??????

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