Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Swap Airstream Camping Stories

Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Swap Airstream Camping Stories

-Before we get going,
I want to echo your sentiments on this day, September 11th, mournful day of remembrance,
yes. But also a day where we shine
a light on great resilience. [ Cheers and applause ] A city, a people, and a nation. -Absolutely. Absolutely. -Howdy, howdy. -Very, very happy
to have you here and lucky to have you here,
back. I want to talk to you
about the movie. I want to you about life. I want to talk about Mom, but I really want to
talk about Airstreams. -Yes. -Because I know
you have Airstreams. -I have four. -What? This is insane. Here’s a picture of
one of your Airstreams. I’m obsessed with these things. Look at this guy.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah. That was when I was
parked in Malibu Beach, yeah. -So, yeah, I actually rented
an Airstream this summer because I wanted —
I’m from — I’m from — I was born in Brooklyn,
New York. Sorry, I got to say it. I’m not a real camper. -Was it intimidating
to start with? A little bit?
-Yeah. I mean, just even making the
choice to camp is a big deal. [ Laughter ] That was never brought up
in my household. It was never — At one point I
think I camped in my backyard. I got a tent at a garage sale. And I put a tent up
in my backyard and I go, “I’m camping out, Mom.” And she goes, “Okay.” She’s almost like in tears
that I was doing that. [ Laughter ] In Brooklyn,
we just stay inside. We don’t like the outdoors.
And I go, “I’m doing it.” And then I was there.
I was very brave. And then in the middle of
the night, she came out. She goes, “Come back inside.”
That was it. -Half the night?
[ Laughter ] -She was, “I feel like there’s
a raccoon or something.” -I’ve got a feeling you finally
did it though in an Airstream. Did you stay a full night
till sunrise? -Full night. Full night.
-Mom didn’t come over at all? -Mom didn’t come over.
No, not at all. I had — I had the greatest time
ever on the Airstream. I tell you right now,
I recommend it. I highly recommend doing it. It is one of
the coolest, best things ever, and I ended up doing it. I got it on the beach as well
for a couple of days. I go, “I don’t know.
Can I just –” -It’s outstanding, isn’t it? I mean, the lack of options are part of what’s great about
it because it’s small. [ Laughter ] -You’re right.
That’s kind of the magic of it. -The magic is, you look around. You can have one of everything
if you have that. -Including people. -Yes, including people. If you’re gonna throw
your clothes down on the couch, it’s messy. So it’s like one of everything. Keep it, you know, nice
and in line. But it’s —
You can take them anywhere. I’ve traveled all over. I’ve been to 49 states in mine. Stayed in 49 states.
-Wow. -Only thing I missed
was North Dakota. Also I have them on the property
as live-in guest houses. And you can also
Airstream to go. You can rent them now
in Vegas and L.A. where they will give you a track
and a place to go and places to camp and set it up
for you to just head out and your
campground is already set up where you’re gonna go,
when you want to. -They did that with me
because I — I could barely open the door.
[ Laughter ] I was like,
“I need someone to get me — how do I get out and into this
thing, because it’s –” But the thing is,
it’s just gorgeous. -They’re a great piece of
architecture, yeah. -And do you have
air-conditioning in yours? -I do, on the top. -Yeah, I had a little
air-conditioning, and that little awning thing
came out. -Yes.
-I had the awning out. -In case you want some shade
or if it’s raining. -Yeah. I had two chairs —
-Open up the back windows. You see that beach
in the morning. There you are, and the great
thing about them is whenever you’re tired
of a location you just put them on the trailer and pull out and find
a new backyard the next day. -That’s exactly right. I did not do that.
[ Laughter ] But I really —
I thought about it. I thought about it. I go, “Well, I can’t –”
I can barely drive. I mean,
I’m a very cautious driver. I have a truck. -But you stayed the full night. -Yeah.
-That was the brave thing. [ Laughter ] Did you do more than one night? Did you two nights?
-Did I do two nights? -Did you do two nights? -I cooked on a fire
with a cast-iron pan. [ Cheers and applause ] I caught a fish. -With his bare hands! -It was unbelievable! With my pot holder hand,
I grabbed the pot out of there. -Straight out of Brooklyn, baby! [ Laughter ] -It was unbelievable. And I had the greatest time. I highly recommend it to anyone. I’ve never been camping. Try it. It’s so rad.
My kids loved it. I had a great thing.

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  1. they have good chemistry.

    fun fact: Opposite astrological sun and moon signs, these two.

    MM: Scorpio sun, Virgo moon
    JF: Virgo sun, Scorpio moon

  2. You suck Fallon Show/NBC

    Pulled Norm like some bitches. Can’t have opinions anymore apparently. Should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. Love our Airstream. Love it and doubt I'll ever sell it. Wish I had Matthew's money and ability to wander at his age. It'd be cool to run into him out there somewhere. I wonder if he tows it himself? I'll bet he does. Tom Hanks does with his Airstream, who would also make a pretty cool neighbor. Get riveted !

  4. Meanwhile, you can only afford renting a bike to move around the city…

    …When you hear wealthy people talk about things you could never afford like they were so naturally unexpensive “everyone could do it” …#ThatThingLooksSuperExpensive

  5. Jimmy didn't rent one of my glampers (glamorous camper), but I towed his rented airstream and generator off the beach in Southampton. He was super cool and took pics with everyone. Hopefully he will rent one of my luxury beachfront rvs next year. Google LIglampers (long island glampers).

  6. My heart dropped at 1:32. You could tell it kind of hurt jimmy a little, not Matthews fault of course he probably doesn't know.

  7. so he's been to 49 states, and the one he hasn't been to is… North Dakota??

    what did he drive the airstream to Hawaii?

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