Maui Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before Go

Maui Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before Go

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  1. Thx for the tips I'm going to Hawaii with my dad and sister in about three months and I can't wait I've wanted to go for four years🌴

  2. man you butchered Haleakala, its pronounced just like it reads. Ha-le-aka-la, & I cringed @ Kaanapali. Another great tip would be – Be respectful of locals, don't bring your entitled pretentious little attitude to the island, I don't give a shit how much money you spent to come here or how much your hotel cost – leave the tude on the mainland.

  3. At first my thinking was "great another haole (a word that means any foreigner not just a white person) butchering my mother language and giving tips." BUT after listening to the whole video, I must say kudos to you sir. Lots of good tips. Its baffling how many people come here thinking its all good times and sunshine and they get their plans rained on. The part I really appreciate is the ending. #ProtectTheLand because this may be some peoples vacation but this is my paradise and home. I have no where else if I lose this island. Mahalo.


  5. I don't know for your hawiaan pronunciation but i am french and i can say that your enghish pronunciation is awesome , really good because i understand everythings you say, thank you , you make a great job and you seems to be a verry kind person 👍💕

  6. I am a resident of Maui-your tips are pretty good and accurate, but you pronounce all the Hawaian names wrong, like Kaanapali and Haleakala.

  7. You can surely speak English, but, if you're going to pronounce Hawaiian words it would be good to learn the proper pronunciation. Your not doing that destroys your credibility.

  8. The one thing I would add..Even though we did rent a car, I am into photography. We took a tour van around Hana. Why? The tour people know where all the turn outs are. They Live, and Drive that highway probably every day. They can show you where some of the best views are. It is a rewarding feeling to not have to watch traffic,while looking for places to turn off, possibly missing something significant. The downside is, You are on their schedule. If they stop for 15 min, maybe you would like 30? well that's the way it is brudda.
    To sum it up. About all I had to worry about was camera equipment, and getting the scenery on memory stick. I know I would have missed it if I was driving, watching the road. 617 hairpin curves and 59 unforgiving one-lane bridges, not to mention
    an incredible number of blind spots along the way. And, since the speed
    limit is 25 mph or less the entire way, that puts the drive time, (with few to no stops), averaging about 2.5 hours — and that’s without encountering any traffic or other diversions. Hang loose

  9. Another tip: Locals don't lock their cars because broken windows are expensive to replace. Better to leave your car unlocked with nothing in it. Thieves see a locked car and bust the window to search since they know you must be a tourist and have valuables inside.I lived in Maui for 12 years.

  10. Cuz I live Maui if u go to Hana and u see a Hawaiian let the fukin Hawaiian go and a good place to go is the pier in Hana but their are barracudas

  11. 0:18 1. Microclimates
    1:17 2. Maui is Windy!
    1:43 3. Food is Expensive
    2:12 4. Slow Driving
    3:28 5. Hiking
    3:51 6. Snorkeling
    4:39 7. Clothing
    5:18 8. Crime
    5:40 9. Be Safe
    6:08 10. Protect the Land
    Awesome video!Thanks for sharing.

  12. I'm considering next September/Oct how is the weather at that time? Also I enjoyed your video your very chipper and ready to answer questions the best of your knowledge. Ive watched enough Dogthebounty hunter to be warned about the drug and theft problems im curious how much rental company will charge me for a low life busting the window..

  13. If you are going to watch the sunrise on Haleakala, make sure you register and pay for your spot. (yes, they get so many people that they had to do this)
    It's not expensive but you have to book in advance. I tried to book a month before our last trip, and there was no openings until two months after we left!
    I'll make sure to book early next time.

  14. Just got back from Maui and ALL of what he said is true. Hana can be a hassle to get to and from BUT it is worth it so start that trek early..

  15. Good tips! Learn the right pronunciations. It really takes away from your video. U have 85000 views and I only have a few thousand, so what do I know. #Mauinormalliving.

  16. I was considering visiting Maui, but from the comments I'm reading, the locals do not sound welcoming at all. In fact, you sound downright pompous and rude.

  17. Big Mountain is a dormant volcano. Pronounce it "holly-ah-kala. Now say it fast. You are standing at or near "ka-ah-na-Polly" or most say "Kahna-Polly". Trying to be helpful.

  18. Hi Chris, wanted to say this – THANK YOU!
    I had see most of your Maui videos before me and my husband visited Maui in the week of March 3. Your advice was very helpful from food (Cheap eats!), to clothing, to where and when to visit. I think our experience in Maui was made even better because of your inputs. And yes, you weren’t kidding when you spoke about the single lane roads!
    Hope to see your videos about Japan when we visit next year! Keep up the awesome work. We appreciate it. (And yes, you are terribly cute!)

  19. nicely done video with worthwhile tips. Too bad there are so many thieves in Maui. They don't deserve our business.

  20. Actually there are some really good tips here. I would emphasize a few things, among those being that Maui IS NOT Disneyland. It can be dangerous and like you MEANT to say in the video, people overestimate their abilities both snorkeling and hiking. When hiking in or near streams, people need to be aware of flash flooding which is very common. It is also common for people to get swept out to sea by rogue waves when standing on lava rocks near the shore. Don't stand on coral. Don't touch the turtles or I'll personally drown you. Finally, respect the land and police your trash, you filthy mainlanders.

  21. I like your guides, however you should please try to pronounce Hawaiian words a little more correctly. You are way off on some of them… Haleakala, Kaanapali etc.

  22. Good tips. BTW-the main volcano is Haleakala, not Halekala or Halekawa (couldn't understand what was said).

  23. I’m born and raised on Maui. Great video, very informative. The respectful tips at the end were the cherry on top. AND LET ME ADD IF ITS WHALE SEASON DO NOT SLOW DOWN KNOW THE ROAD JUST PULL OVER.

  24. Love Maui and everything about it. My first trip there we drove to Hana. Didn't think anything about the rain, I had read up on Maui and knew there would be rain in that area. Beautiful drive, unforgettable day. Next morning we read the paper and the road had flooded virtually behind us. A couple on their honeymoon had spent the night in a tree. So, when he says be prepared for changing weather——be prepared for changing weather.

  25. What a set up ! We had a cheap car and they're looking like a pile of junk and if they want it they will take it…
    Put your wallet in your front pocket carry less cash cards are better be careful …
    Like every place there's always thieves…
    Before it was alright but now it's not the same too much foreign too much people looking to steal from you not like before I'm 67 it's changed so drastically..

  26. Anyone who has experienced Hawaii over the course of the past few decades and who cares about the very things that make these islands special will tell you the islands are dying from an onslaught of monster homes, shopping malls, concrete and golf courses. Photographer and conservationist Robert Wenkam sounded the alarm in 1970 with the release of his book Maui the Last Hawaiian Place, in which he postulated Maui would only be able to handle a maximum of 1 million tourists a year – and here we are in 2015 with more than 4 million people visiting Maui every year. Clearly, Big Money is destroying these islands and grass root attempts to slow the rate of economic growth, while commendable, have proved very ineffective overall. I spent one month on Oahu in 2013, after an absence of 15 years. It was so sad to see what they have done to it. A truly massive Disney resort at Barber's Point, the on-going, never-ending battle over development of the Turtle Bay lands, the continuing spread of housing developments up the slopes, and the demise of the sugar and  pineapple plantations and associated loss of plantation culture, which had become such an integral part of the local culture.  In the next few decades the continued influx of mainlanders from the other 49 states not to mention rich Asians from Korea, India and China will further erode the local culture of the islands until nothing is really left of it.  And every year brings the intrusion of new exotic species that are wreaking havoc on the native flora and fauna on all the islands. Meanwhile the tiny state budget for eradicating or controlling these introduced animals and plants is, as always, totally not up to the task. And now, the location of every previously remote beach, reef and valley, every out of the way little local restaurant, and every hiking trail, is broadcasted on the internet  In 1973 I swam at the Seven Sacred Falls near Hana on Maui. Me, and the other three tourists who happened to be there. The place is now pretty much overrun with people. In 1981 I camped at the mouth of Waipio Valley on the Big Island and spent the following day hiking up the valley, where I passed maybe 4 people along the trail. Try doing that today and see how many people you come across. Newcomers do not know how much has already been lost. But this is nothing compared to what will come. Such a tragedy, such a damn shame. Goodbye to you, blue Hawaii.

  27. Awesome Video ✨ Thank you sooo much ✨❤️🙌 I’m going in September and I really need tips 😊 This Video helps 🙏

  28. Don't Plan Too Much on One Day!! this is the best I have heard. A lot of people saying the same thing. great video

  29. I learned the hard way about wading into the water barefoot. There are plenty of beach rocks and stubbing your toe is no fun. Now I wear dive boots anytime I go into the water. High top canvas shoes are good too, but way more expensive.

  30. So many people drown in Hawaii. You have to know before you go. When in doubt, don't go out.
    A lot of people get caught up in the beauty and leave their common sense at home.  
    A man was standing on rocks next to huge crashing waves. He was swept away right in front of his wife and newborn. It isn't a water park or Disneyland. Be smart

  31. I normally don’t burn from the sun. Only on my shoulders, for head , and some parts of my face. But very rarely. I want to live in Hawaii when I’m older.

  32. As a local I appreciate you mentioning to drivers to pull over to allow the locals through on the way to and from Hana. Especially when ones sightseeing holds up traffic.

  33. Make sure you bring your camera to a little beach so you can take pictures of beautiful naked girls they love to be photographed😂😂

  34. hi yellow productions its 11pm and im watching ur videos. please keep making videos on hawaii, going there next week, staying in the westin…. BTW u should do a vido in waikiki.
    pls reply i will be happy

  35. One of my nightmares is being the dude in the background bending over on camera for minutes at a time. Then clenching. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Honestly.. Tourists are fucking clueless morons. In recent years they have taken their stupidity to all time highs. Why crowd into other people while at the beach? Why can't you keep your children from screaming like they are being raped or murdered while doing almost anything? Taking selfies and all their photos for their social media accounts, while they impede and encroach upon others without a care in the world. Don't stand on the coral and stay away from the turtles.

    The biggest thing to know.. Pull your head out of your ass and quit being the person you always are. A stupid idiot.

  37. I just love your attitude, very informative as always. You bring me so much good energy and motivation to my life. I travel 300+ days a year and I always have to watch your videos before I'm heading to a new destination.

  38. I'm really glad you mentioned the be safe point. I slipped on a rock there and scraped the back of my head really bad. Was having a fever due to infection during the whole trip and couldn't get into the water again, and had a mild concussion as well. Hawaii was so beautiful and I only got in the water on the first day and that was it… The hospital bills were more than what I spent on the trip…

  39. Best tips I’ve heard, people very rarely think that Hawaii can be cold, and freeze when they go up to Haleakala. As someone who grew up on Haleakala, I can attest to this: it gets cold! Also thanks for talking about petty crime: the nicer your rental car, the more likely you are to be robbed. Just get a regular car, and pay attention to the locals in the area, they know which areas are more tourist oriented (and that's where you get robbed). There’s no one to show off to in Maui, anyway.
    That being said, enjoy our island!

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