MDOT Holiday Travel Event – Real ID

MDOT Holiday Travel Event – Real ID

I want to set the scene for you. Imagine
it’s Thanksgiving Day, the kids are all packed, you’ve got those non-refundable
tickets to visit your family, you get to the airport and you realize you don’t
have a Real ID compliant card. imagine Imagine – what this is as it could be
happening next year as we approach that October 1, 2020 deadline for federal Real
ID compliance. We don’t want any Marylander to be in that situation and
so we’re encouraging all of you to plan ahead. The Real ID Act is a federal law
that was passed by Congress after the tragic events of 9/11 to raise the
security standards for all state issued driver’s license and ID cards.
Enforcement will begin at TSA checkpoints October 1, 2020 and that is
for all Americans

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