Meet @Cycle Baba Travel Partner “Dhanno”

Meet @Cycle Baba Travel Partner “Dhanno”

welcome to Cycle Baba’s Channel greetings This video is only for you guys . You ask me a lot about my bicycle and other stuff . i will show you each and every thing watch till end THis is my love my cycle “Dhanno” Dhanno is 54 inches Cycle brand name is SURLY chain system of dhanno is 10*3 Brand name of gear system is SHIMANO These are maranthon + tyres , puncture resistent THis is tubus brand carrier , you can carry 40 to 45 Kg weight easily . Clamp is used here to peg down bags This is water bottle Marked with Cycle baba logo. do subscribe cycle baba and writedown in comment how do you like the video i never bought water bottle till now in my whole journey of 50000 Km Whenever i got chance i refill it for my future use This is thermus for TEA because i drink lot of tea one more water bottle can be hanged here This is small water resistant cage for my mobile , powerbank and other tools required for cycle in emergency full cycle can be dismental with this key only this is Sigma 600 Lumin light price for this light is 100 US $ battery life is 6 to 7 hrs once fully charged i am using this light from last three years .. best part of this light is that it is water proof i have Butterfly Handle Bar my posture is slightly straight so its good for me i have put silicon band here . it helps me to get better grip This is Garmin’s GPS Garmin 1000 it has 3 three sensors one is at rear end of cycle it calculated the number of paddles i do in a day. second senser is here , it measures the speed of bicycle third sensor is tied on my chest to measure my heart beat during the ride GArmin’s Satellite maps are slightly expensive So i am not using them in Europe price for Europe Map is 100 US $ Most asked question is about my seat…. So here are the details of my seat seat is of BROOKS Brand this is made of pure leather three brands are there for this seat Titanium Copper and steel the seat i use is copper one. other’s are more expensive .. still it costs me of 22000 INR. Comment me the total price if you watched the video thoroughly ? next video will be about the baggage i carry with me during my ride Gear and Brake System is OF SHIMANO company brake plate is 3*10 Problem i am facing with this cycle right now is that mudguard of this cycle is of plastic these pedals are customised one this nut got broken in budapest when my cycle got hit with an pole So it hard for me to ride on this now i am using this cycle from last 3 Years if you have watched my malaysia video then you know about the accident . SO this part got bend after that accident These are the all reasons that i have to change my Dhanno This is Name Plate this is back light …. back light is neccessary in UK this is our national flag .. i was using flag in front when i had that accident. it hit me in my chest . i got 3 stitches in my chest. that is why i use flag at the back side of cycle so dont judge my nationalism with this only … i love my country proud INDIAN JAi HIND .. HAIL INDIA price of this cycle is roughly 1.4 lakhs INR excluding GPS GPS price is 60000 INR hope to see you guys again in my next VIDEO HIt LIKe , share with your friends … SUBSCRIBE CYCLE BABA

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  1. Boht bdiya mere bhai cycle baba Doctor saab garv h bhai aap pe aap haryana se ho mere padosi city se ho m bhi Haryana yamunanagar se hu
    Best of luck broo ????

  2. थोड़ी सी एक बात और बताना डॉक्टर साहब कि आपके मन में ये आइडिया आया कहां से वर्ल्ड टूर का

  3. भाई साहब सलूट आपको आप जिस देश में जाते हो हमारे हिंदुस्तान का नाम ऊंचा कर देते हो रही बात झंडे आपने बिल्कुल सही लगाया लहराते हुए और अपने दिल में होना चाहिए दिखावे की बात नहीं होनी चाहिए दिखावे की बात होती तो आप इंडिया छोड़कर वर्ल्ड टूर पर नहीं जाते प्रकृति को बचाने के लिए आपको धन्यवाद आपको

  4. Bro keep the ads starting or ending I will see so that you can get money for world tour if you keep in middle of the video my interest is to see the video not the ads in the same way every body will think and skip the video

  5. Hi cyclebaba…you have a very nice bike….but for your next bike upgrade you should get Rholhoff gearing system….this is a sealed system, no dirt can get inside so very little maintenance is required….But…this system is a little expensive…extra $600 to $700 compared to Deore XT.
    Many Round The World Cyclists are using this system ?

  6. बाबा, अब तक 16 लोगो ने आपको

    अनलाईक किया है । इस पर आप कुछ कहो

    या ना कहो ।। मै उन भड़वो को मामा जरूर

    कहूंगा । क्योकि मेरे मामा की सोच भी इन्ही

    मामाओ की तरह की है । ????????????जरूरी है । इन
    चुतीयो पर । ।।।। जयहिन्द ।।।

    मेरे मामा भी, मेरे पिता जी की बात को

    अनलाईक करते है, समाज सेवा के काम

    को ।

  7. Main aapki sari video dekhta hun per Meri Samajh Mein Nahin Aata ki aapko Itna Paisa Milta kahan se hai aap to ghumte rehte ho to Itna Paisa kahan se

  8. बाबा भाई यदि आप साइकिल बेचना चाहते हैं तो यह मैं खरीदना चाहता हूं मेरे छोटे बच्चे के लिए तो आप क़ीमत बता देना भाई

  9. लाइन आउट, हरियाणा रोडवेज की बस की तरह अगले टायर कहीं और पिछले कहीं

  10. I am sharing ur channel to all my friends and offcourse to all my valuable customers (Prashant from Patna Bihar India)

  11. जब भी आपकी विडियो देखतें बहुत अच्छा लगता है

  12. Dr sb desh Bhakti dil se hoti hi aage ya piche ya bolne se nahi hota aap ne whole universe change karne me lage ho isse bara universe desh bhakt kon hoga #cycle # environment#climate Acception!

  13. Dr sahib ram ram, kysa hai aap janaab kafi dino baad aap ka video dakha, really nice to see u hope all well. Jai hind

  14. Bohot sahi hai baba jii. Aapki jai ho. Aap mujhe bht inspire karte ho. Meri bhagwan se yehi prarthana hai ki aap sada salamat raho agey barte raho. Btw baba ji mere pas vi ek surly hai, uski model hai cross check.

  15. #cyclebaba bhai fatehabad disst. h apki mujhe aj patta chala apka interview dekha mene setup j star k channel par bhai bhuna saher k pass mera nanka h or bhuna k pass नाढोडी़ गाँव h gorakhpur h khajuri jatti me mera nanka h or bhai bhuna me sudhir dharnia ka jo petrol pump h woh mere mossa ji h re bhai ap to apne area k he nikal gaye channel subscribe kar diya or yaar dosta n bhi kah k karavanga subscribe bhai yu he he haryana or india ka naam roshan karda re bhai love u.

  16. Jo like nahi karsakte ho wo plz dislike bhi mat karo…kyun ki wo tumhare hasiyat nahi….kavi iss wande ke bareme akela socho…cycle me world tour ye mazak nahi he bhai

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