MeetnGreetMe – Changing the way people travel

MeetnGreetMe – Changing the way people travel

Life is a journey. While all travelers have unique needs, the challenges they face are often the same. Travelers invest time, energy, and money trying to plan the perfect trip. Meet Kate, a verified local MeetnGreeter who speaks several languages, understands your interests, and is ready to help you with anything you need before and during your trip. Kate could meet you at the airport, coordinate your stay, organize your bachelor party abroad, enjoy the nightlife, eat authentic food and personalize your own adventure. MeetnGreetMe is a travel concierge service platform where every traveler can request services tailored to their travel needs and budget. Services are delivered by local people like Josh, Akari and Kate. Empowered by blockchain technology, MeetnGreetMe creates an ecosystem where desirable interactions are incentivized and rewarded, a costly payment middleman is no longer needed and every transaction is very transparent with no space for uncertainty. The service is fueled by WelcomeCoins, a token issued by MeetnGreetMe, to welcome, incentivize and reward community for their contributions to the world travel People are traveling more than ever now. And they want more out of their travel than just booking flights online. MeetnGreetMe not only brings you peace of mind and saves valuable time. It lets you individualize adventures, savor authentic experiences, and benefit from a wide range of tailor-made services. Traveling moms and friends, business delegations and largish teams can benefit from services delivered by motivated local people. Altogether we aim at complementing existing travel and hospitality industry and bring it to an absolutely new level. We invite you to become a part of the future of traveling and hospitality. Join our ICO to revolutionize the way we travel together.

44 thoughts on “MeetnGreetMe – Changing the way people travel

  1. this is good idea for people who want to travelling with local taste.this will make traveling be unique,personal,and will much more fun inside the adventure

  2. is very promising project and I believe this is great opportunity for everyone and investors. don't miss this chance guys

    Giving you exponential returns for your investment

  3. I really love to travel and communicate with new interesting people. It's a beautiful application I'm happy to join you

  4. This is very good ideas that would help people around the world take an easy and helpful on their trip to anywhere in the world!

  5. I think this makes it easy for us to travel to any country. with the help of the Meet & greet offer, this becomes an interesting idea especially for those who like to travel.

  6. I am an extremely amateur in this digital currency world and exceptionally energized with your venture. Digital money turn into an exceptionally proficient stage, and you all are the ones who make it more noteworthy and more prominent. expect best outcome later on. Good fortunes!

  7. Great concept. Amazing project. Wish a success future to MeetnGreetMe. Tokensale has already opened so everybody can participate in ICO.

  8. Service that can be tailored to the needs and travel budget of the tourists, this is one of the advantages of MeetnGreetMe platform

  9. I find it as a great idea. I love traveling and being able to have an "advisor" in each destination is wonderful. No doubt I will use MeetnGreetMe when I travel. I did not know him. Good luck with the ICO.

  10. MeetnGreetMe is a very attractive idea. I have been looking at your website and currently the project is working, you can find a companion in your destination city, it is very interesting because you receive local help. Now try to unite all this with blockchain. I am very interested in this ICO. I wish you an excellent future.

  11. Great project dev, I love what you are doing and I want to be a Part of this great project and ready to make investments. I want to know of the prospects on investments.

  12. this is a very good project, with a very remarkable concept.
    until now the token penjulan is already 80% it is a very fantastic figure

  13. Meetngreetme really unique concept ICO happenig in recent time where lots of vloggers and bloggers definitely get benefit from this platform

  14. I was very impressed with the MeetnGreetMe project has a theme of the global ecosystem in which every traveler can request services tailored to the needs of travel and their budget. Moreover, by changing the way people travel that really help a lot of people obviously

  15. I Will invest in this ICO because there is a great team behind the project, I have made a Video in Spanish And I rate it on things such Team, Pain they cure, I do not know any other service like this where you can hire someone who lives on the place where you want to visit and you can verify every single cost for each activity you need, and speaks the local language, and knows the place, this could bring a lot of new investors on cryptocurrrency, It has a long term potential to multiply at least 30X

  16. отличная идея! неужели никто не развивал такую раньше? это продолжение каучсёрфинга

  17. This is very good ideas that would help people around the world take an easy and helpfully on their trip to anywhere in the world!

  18. This video explains it all. Anyway, in words this is a very good project catered towards the traveler where he or she could enjoy the trip without any hassle or being cheated by un-reputed agents or travel guides. Super project, invest while you can.

  19. Excellent project!! The real blockchain based P2P platform for travel services tailored to your needs and budget, it will have a great future!!

  20. I am glad to join your project. Based on the new blockchain technology, the world is getting better. Trust between people is greater, and therefore more good singles are waiting for us ahead.

  21. MeetnGreetMe is very promising project and I think that this is great opportunity for every investor. I believe in this project.

  22. This is very interesting, its all in one.
    Save time & taking advantage of blockchain. Engaging masses & creating services.

  23. I find it as a great idea. I love traveling and being able to have an "advisor" in each destination is wonderful. No doubt I will use MeetnGreetMe when I travel. I did not know him. Good luck with the ICO.

  24. As a digital nomad, I can finally say that this is the real deal. Because I love to travel in different places, it seems that safety and protection of the travelers in meeting strangers is always the concern. It is why MeetNGreetMe comes into play, and I am so excited in using their app once and for all. Available on both Android and iOs, it seems that MeetNGreetMe is ready to go no matter what country am I going to travel. This is a must-have application for travelers around the world, and I have no doubt that MeetNGreet me is going to be a huge success!

  25. MeetnGreetMe is a perfect project that I follow long.This project is one of those few where you can invest and be confident of success.I advise everyone.There is a little time left !!

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