Megan Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj’s “Hot Girl Summer” Explained | Song Stories

[HOST] Megan the Stallion enlists Nicki Minaj
and Ty Dolla $ign along with a slick City Girls sample for her hashtag come alive, “Hot
Girl Summer.” [HOST] “Hot Girl Summer” is produced by
The Bone Collector, Crazy Mike & Juicy J. Juicy also produced Megan’s other lowkey
summer anthem, “Simon Says.” [HOST] Ty Dolla $ign kicks off the chorus
on “Hot Girl Summer,” interpolating JT from the City Girls’ hit, “Act Up.” [HOST] Ty then follows it up with the track’s name and Megan’s trademark phrase–besides
“drive the boat,” of course. [HOST] “Hot Girl Summer” has become a
2019 meme, thanks to Megan and her Hottie fan base. [HOST] Megan explained that it’s about quote. [HOST] ….being unapologetically YOU, having
fun, being confident,living YOUR truth , being the life of the party
[HOST] …which lines up with one of her nicknames… MEGAN: ‘Hot girl Meg’ that’s like the
party girl, the college girl, she like to turn up she like to have fun. [HOST] And she exemplifies it perfectly on
the pre chorus, while giving a nod to T.I.’s 2007 track. [HOST] Nicki Minaj breaks out on the second
verse with some bars about Megan’s ongoing college courses – something the two spoke
about in their late July livestream. NICKI: What’s your major? MEGAN: Healthcare administration. Yea, nothing to do with music I just wanted
to open up some facilities in my city. [HOST] Next up Nicki may include a few thinly
veiled shots at Drake after the two unfollowed each other on instagram following Drizzy’s
collaboration with Minaj’s ex, Meek Mill. [HOST] This also appears to line up with some
lines from her remix of Mill’s track “Barbie Going Bad.” [HOST] Megan runs anchor, shouting out her
ongoing effort to eat less meat to save the environment. [HOST] “Hot Girl Summer” has the hotties
*excited,* and has jumped into the top 5 of the Genius Top Songs Chart. [HOST] If you’d like to learn more about
“Hot Girl Summer,” check out the song page on [HOST] I’m Delisa with Genius News, bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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